The Last Waltz
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The Last Waltz  The_Last_Waltz_The_Band  


Remastered in 2003

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Last Waltz DVD

The Last Waltz review

The farewell performance of The Band was at The Winterland in San Francisco on Thanksgiving Day 1976.  In 1978 a film produced by Martin Scorsese was released, accompanied by a three record set (later 2 CD's) was released.  Now, a deluxe four CD set is available that includes rehearsals and additional live tracks. 

This legendary concert had over a dozen guests sitting in with them. One item that one will take away upon enjoying The Last Waltz is how appropriate the name The Band is. It describes their original material with the numerous genres they cross. More striking though is how they succeed as a supporting cast to the all-star list of music legends, astonishing.  

Often when guests sit in with a musical group the performance doesnít quite meet the expectation or match the original. That is not the case here. Rather, they even enhance many songs here making The Last Waltz a highly regarded classic years after itís release.

I ponder how stunning tours would be by some of these music legends with The Band as the supporting cast. We know what the results are with them backing Dylan in both 1966 and 1974. Their set together on this magical evening is monstrous. Dylan is in great form both vocally and as a band leader, while Robbie's guitar solos really soar and seem to get better on each song. 

Upon listening or viewing this release which artist would you enjoy seeing a tour with The Band backing them? The energy level during Van Morrison set is stunning. How about some New Orleans Honky Tonk with Dr. John! The blues is electicfying whether with Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, or Paul Butterfield. Their take on Neil Young's "Helpless" is superbly arranged, Robertson hits some nice underneath riffs, not getting in the way, rather adding gentle fire. We can only dream of The Band cranking up some of Neil's electric classics like "Down by the River." The implementation of horns and various vocalist into the arrangements is sensational bringing back memories or Rock of Ages

The Last Waltz is among the top tier music films ever, both the film and soundtrack.  We invite you to visit our Music Video page; this film is ranked in our short list of all-star music videos.
by Barry Small © 
Grade  A +

Last Waltz Formats:
Three options, which format? The Last Waltz is available on DVD as well as two options in audio.  If funds aren't an issue, it is worth owning both the DVD and box-set.

DVD - One of the best music videos of all time.

Two-disc audio - A sensational representation of the best material from the show.

Four-disc audio - Lot's of gems are included that were not released on the other formats along with some non-essentials.

Additional information and external reviews. S.F. Chronicle |MGM 

DVD Blu-Ray DVD Blu-ray
Track List

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Bob Dylan CD's 

Disc 1  

 1. Theme from the Last Waltz (Robertson) - 3:40
 2. Up on Cripple Creek (Robertson) - 4:35
 3. Who Do You Love? (McDaniel) - 4:16
 4. Helpless (Young) - 5:47
 5. Stage Fright (Robertson) - 4:25
 6. Coyote (Mitchell) - 5:50
 7. Dry Your Eyes (Diamond/Robertson) - 3:57
 8. It Makes No Difference (Robertson) - 6:48
 9. Such a Night (Rebennack) - 4:00
10. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Robertson) - 4:20
11. Mystery Train (Parker/Phillips) - 4:59
12. Mannish Boy (Diddley/London/Waters) - 6:54
13. Further on up the Road (Medwick/Robey) - 5:08

Disc 2

 1. Shape I'm In (Robertson) - 4:06
 2. Down South in New Orleans (Anglin/Wright) - 3:06
 3. Ophelia (Robertson) - 3:53
 4. Tura-Lura-Lural (That's an Irish Lullaby) (Shannon) - 4:15
 5. Caravan (Morrison) - 6:02
 6. Life Is a Carnival (Danko/Helm/Robertson) - 4:19
 7. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (Davis) - 3:00
 8. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We... (Dylan) - 3:33
 9. Forever Young (Dylan) - 4:42
10. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (Reprise) (Davis) - 2:46
11. I Shall Be Released (Dylan) - 5:25
12. The Well (Robertson) - 3:27
13. Evangeline (Robertson) - 3:17
14. Out of the Blue (Robertson) - 3:08
15. The Weight (Robertson) - 4:38
16. The Last Waltz Refrain (Robertson) - 1:28
17 . Theme from the Last Waltz (Robertson) - 3:22

Guest List

1. Theme From The Last Waltz
2. Up On Cripple Creek
3. Who Do You Love - (with Ronnie Hawkins)
4. Helpless - (with Neil Young)
5. Stagefright
6. Coyote - (with Joni Mitchell)
7. Dry Your Eyes - (with Neil Diamond)
8. It Makes No Difference
9. Such A Night - (with Dr. John/Bobby Charles)
10. Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, The
11. Mystery Train - (with Paul Butterfield)
12. Mannish Boy - (with Muddy Waters/Paul Butterfield)
13. Further On Up The Road - (with Eric Clapton)

1. Shape I'm In
2. Down South In New Orleans - (with Dr. John)
3. Ophelia
4. Tura-Lura-Lural (That's An Irish Lullaby) - (with Van Morrison)
5. Caravan - (with Van Morrison)
6. Life Is A Carnival
7. Baby Let Me Follow You Down - (with Bob Dylan)
8. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) - (with Bob Dylan)
9. Forever Young - (with Bob Dylan)
10. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Reprise) - (with Bob Dylan)
11. I Shall Be Released - (with Bob Dylan)
12. The Last Waltz Suite: Well, The / Evangeline / Out Of The Blue / Weight, The / Last Waltz Refrain, The / Theme From The Last Waltz - (with Emmy Lou Harris/Mavis Staples/Roebuck Staples)

DVD track list
Theme From The Last Waltz (with Orchestra)
Up On Cripple Creek
The Shape I'm In
It Makes No Difference
Who Do You Love
Life Is A Carnival
Such A Night
Down South In New Orleans
Mystery Train
Mannish Boy
Further On Up The Road
Dry Your Eyes
Tura Lura Lural
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Baby Let Me Follow You Down
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
Forever Young
Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Reprise)
I Shall Be Released
The Well
Out Of The Blue
The Weight
The Last Waltz Refrain
Theme From The Last Waltz


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Richard Manuel - keyboards, vocals
Rick Danko - bass, vocals
Levon Helm - drums, vocals
Robbie Robertson - guitar, vocals
Garth Hudson - keyboards, vocals


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Released - 1978 (Performance Thanksgiving 1976)
Remastered in 2003  by Rhino

DVD notes
The DVD includes an eight page liner note booklet written by Robbie Robertson. His description of the different styles they pay respect to reinforces The Band's diversity. 

In addition to the film the DVD offers bonus material:

Available subtitles: English, Spanish, French

Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo)

Commentary by Robbie Robertson and Martin Scorsese (quite extensive and interesting)

New 5.1 audio remix and new transfer

Featurette: "Revisiting The Last Waltz"

Archival outtakes: Jam 2

Photo gallery

8-page booklet written by Robbie Robertson

Original promotions


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