Blood On The Tracks
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Bootleg Series Vol. 1 - 3


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The Bootleg Series Volume 6 - Bob Dylan

Blood On The Tracks

  Bob Dylan - London 1965
Bob Dylan - London 1965  


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Review -Blood On The Tracks - Bob Dylan

Blood On The Tracks review

Blood On The Tracks  is many fans favorite Dylan album. Certainly it showed that Dylan was back to greatness after a mixed output of offerings that followed Blonde On Blonde

Blood On The Tracks offers a fairly straight forward band focusing on background and rhythm, keeping instrumental fills and solos to a minimum. The bass work by Tony Brown is exceptional throughout. Another highlight of the album is Dylan's voice as it is in sensational form throughout, and really elates Blood On The Tracks to greatness.

Blood On The Tracks starts with a bang with the epic "Tangled Up In Blue" and doesn't lose a beat with "Simple Twist Of Fate." While not in the same league, "You're A Big Girl Now" offers superb singing as well as with some nice acoustic guitar fills and piano runs.  Blood On The Tracks ends just almost as strong as its start with the straight forward "Shelter From The Storm" and melodic "Buckets Of Rain." Really, that is enough great material to grade the album a stunning success.

However, in-between the first class start and close, Blood On The Track's material is less than sensational. Two tracks that exceed seven minutes are included, and while "Idiot Wind" has its share of fans, it comes across as monotonous to me. The other lengthy track "Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts" is painful to sit through. The blues track "Meet Me In The Morning" is a pretty enjoyable listen.  

Blood On The Tracks offers a strong collection of material  displaying some of Dylan's classic material. His voice is in fine form for sure. 
by Barry Small
Grade A -

Musicians - Blood On The Tracks - Bob Dylan
Track List

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1. Tangled Up in Blue (Dylan) - 5:40
2. Simple Twist of Fate (Dylan) - 4:18
3. You're a Big Girl Now (Dylan) - 4:36
4. Idiot Wind (Dylan) - 7:45
5. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (Dylan) - 2:58
6. Meet Me in the Morning (Dylan) - 4:19
7. Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts (Dylan) - 8:50
8. If You See Her, Say Hello (Dylan) - 4:46
9. Shelter from the Storm (Dylan) - 4:59
10. Buckets of Rain (Dylan) - 3:29

Musicians - Blood On The Tracks - Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan - Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals

Tony Brown - Bass
Buddy Cage - Steel Guitar
Paul Griffin - Organ, Keyboards
Eric Weissberg - Banjo, Guitar
Charlie Brown - Guitar
Bill Berg - Drums
Barry Cornfield - Guitar
Richard Crooks - Guitar, 
Gregg Inhofer - Keyboards
Tom McFaul - Keyboards
K Odeguard - Guitar
Bill Peterson - Bass
Chris Weber - Guitar, (12 String)
Barry Kornfeld - Guitar

Blood On The Tracks - Bob Dylan

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Label - Sony  

Much of Bob Dylan's catalogue was reissued with SACD with significant sonic upgrades. Be sure to get that version of the Blood On The Tracks.

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