Nashville Skyline
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The Bootleg Series Volume 6 - Bob Dylan

Nashville Skyline

  Bob Dylan - London 1965
Bob Dylan - London 1965  


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Review -Nashville Skyline - Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline review

Nashville Skyline is part of his Bob Dylan's country faze from the late 60's and early 70's, and his strongest output from that genre. Dylan's voice is a bit different in tone, but it sounds great to me. Many claim his voice tone is a result of the fact that he recently quit smoking, while others theorize it is a result of Johnny Cash's influence on Dylan from their 1969 sessions, of which one song is included on this album. His back-up band is made up of first-rate musicians that offer plenty of tasty steel guitar as well as the expected piano and guitar fills and solos. One way to characterize the writing style is a combining folk, blues, and rock into a country feel.

The first three tracks really define this output, a country theme with excellent soloing, with a touch of rock. The album begins strong emphasizing vocals with "Girl From the North Country," a track featuring Johnny Cash as they trade off verses and harmonize, laid back indeed. Next, the band shows that they have musical chops as they perform an instrumental and take turns trading licks with acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica, steel guitar, etc. Next up, they switch to an electric tone providing a more upbeat feel with "To Be Alone With You."

"Peggy Day" is a perfect example of Dylan's ability to write a folk/blues track and give it a country feel with fine steel and acoustic guitar soloing as well as strong vocals. The big hit from the album, "Lay Lady Lay," with its mesmerizing rhythm and catchy melodies and familiar steel guitar riffs debuted here, while also appearing on numerous compilations and a rousing live version with The Band on Before the Flood.

The album closes with two electric guitar based tracks where on both songs the guitar, piano, and steel guitar delight the listener. The latter song, "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" is more developed and is every bit as good of the albums best known tune, "Lay Lady Lay."  The guitar style on both of these tracks is reminiscent of Robbie Robertson.

Nashville Skyline may not have as many hits as some of his classic albums. However, it does offer a first class band of musicians backing Dylan spilling out gorgeous riffs and solos over Dylan's compositions. If you like this style music, Nashville Skyline is essential.
by Barry Small


Musicians - Nashville Skyline - Bob Dylan
Track List

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1. Girl from the North Country 
    performed by Dylan / Johnny Cash - 3:41
2. Nashville Skyline Rag (Dylan) - 3:12
3. To Be Alone With You (Dylan) - 2:05
4. I Threw It All Away (Dylan) - 2:23
5. Peggy Day (Dylan) - 1:59
6. Lay Lady Lay (Dylan) - 3:20
7. One More Night (Dylan) - 2:25
8. Tell Me That It Isn't True (Dylan) - 2:45
9. Country Pie (Dylan) - 1:35
10. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (Dylan) - 3:23

Musicians - Nashville Skyline - Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals
Norman Blake - Guitar
Johnny Cash - Vocals
Pete Drake - Guitar (Steel)
Kenneth A. Buttrey - Drums
Charlie Daniels - Bass, Guitar
Bob Wilson - Organ, Piano
Charlie McCoy - Guitar, Harmonica

Norman Blake has a full catalogue of excellent material, including a few albums that feature Tony Rice and his classic Whisky Before Breakfast.

Bob Wilson performed with J. J. Cale, Roy Buchanan, and Charlie Daniels.

Peter Drake - He has performed on a list of albums way to long to begin list here in the country, rock, folk, etc. genre. A few artists include Elvis Presley, George Harrison, Leon Russell, Kenny Rodgers, and so many others.

Ken Buttrey - His list of credits is too long to include, but includes many Dylan line-ups, Neil Young, Loe Kottke, Dan Fogelberg, Elvis Presley, Waylon Jennings, Earl Scruggs, and many others. 

Nashville Skyline - Bob Dylan

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Label - Sony 1970

Much of Bob Dylan's catalogue was reissued with SACD with significant sonic upgrades. Be sure to get that version of the Nashville Skyline.

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