Planet Waves
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Bootleg Series Vol. 1 - 3


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The Bootleg Series Volume 6 - Bob Dylan

Planet Waves

  Bob Dylan - London 1965
Bob Dylan - London 1965  


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Review -Planet Waves- Bob Dylan

Planet Waves review

Bob Dylan’s Planet Waves is an underrated album. The biggest negative I find with it, is that for the reformation of Bob Dylan and The Band for their only true studio album, it could have been better. Especially considering what each of them had accomplished up through this point of their careers.

The album starts strong with three outstanding songs with "Going, Going Gone" offering the best guitar riffs on the album not to mention great singing. Following is "Tough Mama" that offers an upbeat well balanced blues shuffle. After, Planet Waves is a mixed offering. The albums most popular track, “Forever Young” is performed twice with the first take a definitive version, where the latter is a quicker paced version that is less successful (There are acoustic renditions of “Forever Young" including Bob Dylan at Budokan and Biograph.).

A few acoustic tracks are included, the albums last track, “Wedding Song,” a solo performance, while “Dirge,” is primarily piano and acoustic guitar accompanying Dylan’s vocals with some nice guitar riffs throughout. Worth mentioning is “You Angel You,” a nice upbeat track with strong Robbie Robertson closing riffs.

The question is do you get disappointed by the fact that Planet Waves could be a better product if they had taken their time (the album was completed in three days), or enjoy the output? For Bob Dylan fans there is enough good material to recommend Planet Waves, and for fans of The Band it is a strong recommendation.  
by Barry Small ©
Grade A -

Musicians - Planet Waves- Bob Dylan
Track List

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1. On a Night Like This (Dylan) - 2:59
2. Going, Going, Gone (Dylan) - 3:28
3. Tough Mama (Dylan) - 4:16
4. Hazel (Dylan) - 2:49
5. Something There Is About You (Dylan) - 4:43
6. Forever Young (Dylan) - 4:57
7. Forever Young [Cont.] (Dylan) - 2:48
8. Dirge (Dylan) - 5:37
9. You Angel You (Dylan) - 2:54
10. Never Say Goodbye (Dylan) - 2:53
11. Wedding Song (Dylan) - 4:42

Musicians - Planet Waves- Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan - Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals
Robbie Robertson - Guitar, Vocals, Assistant Engineer
Rick Danko - Bass, Violin, Vocals
Levon Helm - Mandolin, Drums, Vocals
Garth Hudson - Organ, Keyboards, Saxophone
Richard Manuel - Piano, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals

Planet Waves- Bob Dylan

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Label - Sony 1974

Much of Bob Dylan's catalogue was reissued with SACD with significant sonic upgrades. Be sure to get that version of the CD.

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