Bob Seger
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Bob Seger
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Bob Seger - cd reviews and discography


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Bob Seger

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Bob Seger - cd reviews and discography

Bob Seger Smokin' O.P.'s review

Bob Seger's Smokin' O.P.'s is primarily a CD of cover versions of primarily straight forward rock and blues standards. Seger is backed by a three piece band of organ, guitar, drums, with Seger serving  primarily as the singer and front man. Though he does play guitar and piano on a few tracks.

Seger's interpretations of the material is all very good resulting in a worthwhile album or better. They certainly nail the Chuck Berry cover "Let it Rock" exceptionally, with "If I Were a Carpenter" being a close second. For the blues standards, both "Bo Diddley" and "Turn On Your Lovelight," two good timer rockers are perfect for this line-up. The latter serves up some good soloing that is split between guitar and organ.

Several tracks include female vocal contributions, One is on the Stephen Stills cover "Love the One You're With." It starts with a nice guitar introduction, but then goes down hill as this song doesn't exactly fit this band. Perhaps it will grow on me. 

A few originals close the disc; "Someday" is a pretty ballad track that features Seger on piano. The disc closes with the upbeat "Heavy Music," another very good song that unfortunately suffers  in the fidelity area. 

All in all, Bob Seger's Smokin' O.P.'s offers strong versions of some great songs. For Seger fans, these may among your favorite renditions of these standards. by Barry Small

Bob Seger Smokin' OP's

Track List
1. Bo Diddley  
2. Love The One You're With  
3. If I Were A Carpenter  
4. Hummin' Bird  
5. Let It Rock  
6. Turn On Your Light  
7. Jesse James  
8. Someday  
9. Heavy Music  

Bob Seger - vocals 
  (Piano on "Someday," guitar on "Jesse" and "Carpenter."
Skip "Van Winkle" Knape - organ and organ bass, piano on "Hummin'"
David Teegarden - drums and maracas
Michael "Monk" Bruce guitar on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

Pam Todd and Crystal Jenkins vocals on 2, 4, 7
Eddie Bongo - Congos
Jim bruzzese - Tamborine on "Carpenter"
Al Yungton - String arrangement on "Someday"

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Bob Seger - cd reviews and discography
Bob Seger - cd reviews and discography


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