Deep Purple
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Deep Purple - Reviews and recommendations


Deep PurpleDeep Purple

Deep Purple

Deep PurpleDeep Purple

Deep Purple - Reviews and recommendations
Deep Purple

The page highlights some of Deep Purple's live releases with Steve Morse. I've followed several of Steve Morse's line-ups and have been a Deep Purple fan too. 

Regarding Morse, I was lucky to see him in the early days with the Dixie Dregs, I think it was 1983. After that show, how could I not be a fan? This band was excellent, playing rock, country, jazz, blues, you name, all brilliantly. After the Dregs, I saw a solo line-up or two also.
What If The Best of the Dregs: Divided We Stand Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1978 (DVD)

Deep Purple have released several live releases with Steve Morse through the years. Now, with so many formats, DVD, Blu-Ray, and HD. regular release or extra tracks, etc., I've put this page together to organize options. 

Regarding early Deep Purple, I hope to add a page on some of my favorite Blackmore era releases. Machine Head is one of my favorite hard rock releases. Until I can expand I've added some links some of my favorites; Machine Head: 25th Anniversary Edition, and Made In Japan: The Remastered Edition.

Deep Purple - Reviews and recommendations
Machine Head: 25th Anniversary Edition Made In Japan: The Remastered Edition The Very Best of Deep Purple ('68 - '84)
2010 Deep Purple Two for One releases.

Also, Beyond Purple
Product Description
Limited 10cd box, remastered and includes 120 page booklet. Includes the albums 'Concerto For Groupl And Orchestra', 'In Rock', 'Fireball', 'Machine Head', 'Made In Japan', 'Who Do We Think We Are', 'Burn', 'Stormbringer', 'Come Taste The Band', and 'Made In Europe'. 

Fireball/in Rock Machine Head/Who Do You Think We Are Perfect Strangers/Under The Gun
Deep Purple - Reviews and recommendations
Deep Purple: Hits, History and Highlights 69 - 76  DVD
June 2009 Release Date 
Product Description

Deep Purple are one of the most successful and evered British rock bands of all time. This new two-disc set covers the initial phase of the band’s existence through four different line-ups from 1968 to 1976. This era produced the classic Deep Purple albums such as “In Rock”, “Fireball”, “Burn” and “Machine Head” that created their legend and still provide the backbone of their live sets today despite the ongoing commercial success of the band post their 1984 reunion. Combining full performances and a small number of archive interviews featuring much rare and previously unreleased live, studio and TV footage this superb set is the definitive collection of the early years of Deep Purple.

DISC ONE – 2hrs 24mins

HISTORY – 20 minute history of Deep Purple from 1968 to 1976.

HITS – full performances

Mark One Line-Up (Mar 1968 to Jul 1969): Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), Rod Evans (vocals), Jon Lord (keyboards), Ian Paice (drums), Nick Simper (bass)

1) Help
2) Hush
3) Wring That Neck

Mark Two Line-Up (Jul 1969 to Jun 1973): Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), Ian Gillan (vocals), Roger Glover (bass), Jon Lord (keyboards), Ian Paice (drums)

4) Hallelujah
5) Mandrake Root
6) Speed King
7) Black Night
8) Child In Time
9) Lazy
10) Strange Kind Of Woman
11) Fireball Writing Session
12) Fireball
13) Demon’s Eye
14) No No No
15) Into The Fire
16) Never Before
17) Highway Star
18) Smoke On The Water

Mark Three Line-Up (Jun 1973 to May 1975): Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), David Coverdale (vocals), Glenn Hughes (bass & vocals), Jon Lord (keyboards), Ian Paice (drums)

19) Burn
20) Mistreated

Mark Four Line-Up (Jun 1975 to Mar 1976): Tommy Bolin (guitar), David Coverdale (vocals), Glenn Hughes (bass & vocals), Jon Lord (keyboards), Ian Paice (drums)

21) Love Child
22) You Keep On Moving

DISC TWO – 2hrs 23mins 
HIGHLIGHTS – bonus performances and interviews

Mark One Line-Up
1) And The Address (Playboy TV)

Mark Two Line-Up
2) Wring That Neck (Bilzen Jazz Festival 1969)
3) Mandrake Root (“Pop Deux” Paris Concert 1970) 4) Wring That Neck (“Pop Deux” Paris Concert 1970) 5) Black Night (Promo Clip)
6) No No No (Take 1) (Rockpalast Rehearsal Session)
7) No No No (Take 2) (Rockpalast Rehearsal Session) Mark Three Line-Up
8) “Jt Nuit” – French TV 1974
9) Burn (Leeds Polytechnic Project 1974)
10) Interview (Leeds Polytechnic Project 1974)
11) Space Truckin’/Interview (Leeds Polytechnic Project 1974) Mark Four Line-Up
12) New Zealand TV Documentary (Nov 1975)
13) Smoke On The Water (New Zealand TV)
14) Tony Edwards (Deep Purple’s manager) French TV Interview 1976
Deep Purple - Reviews and recommendations
Live Deep Purple 
Releases featuring Steve Morse in the band.
Deep Purple - Reviews and recommendations
Live at Montreux 2006  
  1. Pictures of Home
  2. Things I Never Said
  3. Strange Kind of Woman
  4. Rapture of the Deep
  5. Wrong Man
  6. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  7. When a Blind Man Cries
  8. Lazy
  9. Keyboard Solo
10. Space Trucking
11. Highway Star
12. Smoke on the Water
Live at Montreux 2006: The Complete Version  
Disc: 1
1. Pictures of Home
2. Things I Never Said
3. Strange Kind of Woman
4. Rapture of the Deep
5. Wrong Man
6. Well-Dressed Guitar
7. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
8. When a Blind Man Cries
9. Lazy
10. Keyboard Solo
11. Space Truckin'
12. Highway Star
13. Smoke on the Water
14. Hush
15. Too Much Fun
16. Black Night

Bonus Material
London Hard Rock

Disc: 2
1. Fireball
2. I Got Your Number
3. Strange Kind of Woman
4. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
5. Lazy
6. Rapture of the Deep
7. Wrong Man
8. Perfect Strangers
9. Highway Star
10. Smoke on the Water

2007 Japanese edition of the legendary heavy metal band's 2006 appearance at the famed Montreux Jazz Festival. This version includes the entire 90 minute set, including 5 songs that do not appear in equivalent editions around the worldl. This one adds "Well Dressed Guitar", "Perfect Strangers", "Hush", "Too Much Fun" and "Black Night".
Deep Purple - Reviews and recommendations
Deep Purple - They All Came Down To Montreux: Live At Montreux 2006 (2DVD)  DVD
There are several DVD formats to select from including Blu-Ray and HD.

Track listing: 

Disc One -
Live At Montreux 2006 : 

1) Pictures Of Home 
2) Things I Never Said 
3) Strange Kind of Woman 
4) Rapture Of The Deep 
5) Wrong Man 
6) The Well - Dressed Guitar 
7) Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 
8) When A Blind Man Cries 
9) Lazy 
10) Keyboard Solo 
11) Space Truckin' 
12) Highway Star 
13) Smoke On The Water 
14) Hush 
15) Too Much Fun 
16) Black Night 

Disc Two 
London Hard Rock: 

1) Fireball 
2) I Got Your Number 
3) Strange Kind Of Woman 
4) Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 
5) Rapture Of The Deep 
6) Wrong Man 
7) Lazy 
8) Perfect Strangers 
9) Highway Star 
10) Smoke On The Water

Almost 40 years after the band's original formation, Deep Purple is in fine form in They All Came Down to Montreux. The band's history is intimately connected with the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival (which also includes rock music), so it was only fitting that DP was invited to headline the closing night of the festival's 40th anniversary on July 15, 2006. On disc 1 of this two-disc set, DP's 100-minute Montreux gig is included in its entirety, and even those who prefer the band's earlier "Mark II" lineup (which included previous keyboardist John Lord and guitarist Ritchie Blackmore) will agree that this band can still rock your socks off. By the time keyboardist Don Airey launches a playfully jazzy prologue to the band's biggest hit "Smoke on the Water" (a song inspired by a spectacular fire that occurred while the band was preparing to record Machine Head in Montreux in 1971), DP has the packed Montreux in an arm-waving state of hard-rock bliss.
While it's obvious that lead singer Ian Gillan's voice is not what it used to be (he's obviously struggling with the high notes in "Highway Star"), he still makes it through the set with his vocal cords intact, and he's got stellar support from Airey, bassist Roger Glover, drummer Ian Paice, and guitarist Steve Morse (the latter joined DP in 1994), all delivering the kind of ace musicianship that can only come from years of diligent touring. Morse is especially strong in this concert, while Glover and Paice achieve a flawless symmetry of rhythm. And while this is essentially a "greatest hits" gig, the performance of tracks from DP's 2005 release Rapture of the Deep suggests that this band could be going strong for years to come, if fans don't mind the occasional misstep and a stage full of aging rockers with expanding waistlines. As a bonus feature, 25 minutes of band interviews are also included. Disc 2 features an hour-long gig from London's Hard Rock Café, recorded earlier in 2006. With the exception of two tracks ("I Got Your Number" and "Fireball"), it's a shorter version of the Montreux set-list, more intimate in its club setting, but equally indicative of Deep Purple's impressive longevity. --Jeff Shannon

Product Description
Few bands are more closely associated with Montreux than Deep Purple and there was simply no other contender when it came to choosing the act to headline the closing night of the 40th Montreux Festival in 2006. The band duly delivered one of their finest live performances, sprinkling songs from their latest album "Rapture Of The Deep" through a set chock full of their classic tracks. There was even a brand new song "Too Much Fun" written especially for the occasion and, of course, a show-stopping performance of "Smoke On The Water".

A companion CD with highlights from this show is being simultaneously released.

Deep Purple - Reviews and recommendations
Live at Montreux, 1996 - Audio Audio Extra Tracks
Track listing: 

1. Fireball
2. Ted The Mechanic
3. Pictures Of Home
4. Black Night
5. Woman From Tokyo
6. No One Came
7. When A Blind Man Cries
8. Hey Cisco
9. Speed King
10. Smoke On The Water

From Montreux 2000
11. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
12. Fools

Only on the "Extra tracks"
13. Highway Star (Bonus Track)
14. Rapture Of The Deep (Bonus Track)

Product Description
Deep Purple need no introduction as one of the all-time great British rock bands. Their association with Montreux goes back to the early seventies when their attempt to record their album "Machine Head" at the Montreux Casino was thwarted when it promptly burnt down forcing them to make the album in the rooms and corridors of the Grand Hotel instead. The story was of course immortalised in their classic song "Smoke On The Water" which is the climax of this 1996 concert from the Montreux festival. 

Line-up features: Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Jon Lord, Steve Morse & Ian Paice.

Live at Montreux, 1996 - DVD DVD
1. Fireball
2. Ted The Mechanic
3. Pictures Of Home
4 Black Night
5. Woman From Tokyo
6. No One Came
7. When A Blind Man Cries
8. Hey Cisco
9. Speed King
10. Smoke On The Water

Bonus Tracks From Montreux 2000:
A. 1. Sixty-Nine (69) 2. Perfect Strangers 3. When a Blind Man Cries 4. Lazy 5. Highway Star
B. 1. Spoken intro describing story behind Smoke On The Water

Deep Purple - Reviews and recommendations
Around the World Live  DVD TOTAL ABANDON AUST. '99
Product Description
This stunning set features three full Deep Purple concerts, highlights of a fourth, interviews with the band members and a new documentary telling the full Deep Purple story from their beginnings up to the present day with an emphasis on the Steve Morse era. The four full length DVDs are packaged within a hardback cover that also contains a 32 page specially commissioned book written by Joel McIver of Classic Rock magazine and illustrated with photographs from the era covered by the concerts. The discs cover concerts in India, South Korea, Australia and the UK across a seven-year period. Packed with rare and previously unseen material this is the ultimate Deep Purple collection.

DISC 1 - BOMBAY CALLING - INDIA 1995 1) Fireball 2) Maybe I'm A Leo 3) Black Night 4) The Battle Rages On 5) Woman From Tokyo 6) Perpendicular Waltz 7) When A Blind Man Cries 8) Perfect Strangers 9) Pictures Of Home 10) Child In Time 11) Anya 12) Space Truckin' 13) Guitar Solo 14) Lazy 15) Speed King 16) Highway Star 17) Smoke On The Water
Line-up - Gillan, Glover, Morse, Lord, and Paice

Bonus Feature: Live In Seoul - South Korea - 1995 1) Black Night 2) Woman From Tokyo 3) When A Blind Man Cries 4) Perfect Strangers 5) Child In Time 6) Speed King 7) Highway Star 8) Smoke On The Water

DISC 2 - TOTAL ABANDON - AUSTRALIA 1999 1) Ted The Mechanic 2) Strange Kind Of Woman 3) Bloodsucker 4) Pictures Of Home 5) Almost Human 6) Woman From Tokyo 7) Watching The Sky 8) Fireball 9) Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming 10) Guitar Solo 11) Smoke On The Water 12) Lazy 13) Perfect Strangers 14) Speed King 15) Black Night 16) Highway Star

*Includes both Don Airey and Jon Lord sharing keyboard

Bonus Feature: A Band Down Under - Documentary 1999

DISC 3 - LIVE AT THE NEC - ENGLAND 2002 1) Fireball 2) Woman From Tokyo 3) Mary Long 4) Ted The Mechanic 5) Lazy 6) The Well Dressed Guitar 7) When A Blind Man Cries 8) Space Truckin' 9) Keyboard Solo 10) Perfect Strangers 11) Speed King 12) Guitar Solo 13) Smoke On The Water 14) Hush 15) Black Night 16) Highway Star

Bonus Feature: Ian Gillan & Roger Glover interview 2002

DISC 4 - ACCESS ALL AREAS The definitive documentary of Deep Purple in the Steve Morse era

Deep Purple - Reviews and recommendations
Dixie Dregs 

Deep Purple - Reviews and recommendations
Deep Purple 

Deep Purple - Reviews and recommendations

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