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Single album
Eric Clapton Eric Clapton's first solo album


Order:   Single album
Deluxe Edition
Eric Clapton - Review Deluxe Edition

The self-titled Eric Clapton album is the first to fall under his name. The CD that followed took on the band name Derek and the Dominoes, even though the primary back up band is essentially the same for both. Though, this album has a heavier Bramlett influence and some session players. Then after Derek and the Dominoes disband, Eric Clapton resumed recording under his own name.

The tone of this album is rock 'n' roll with a heavy blues influence. His back-up band is super and there are some strong songs including hits such as "Let it Rain," and "Blues Power." Though in addition to the hits many less known songs such as, "Easy Now," "Slunky," "Bad Boy," and "Bottle of Red Wine" grace this album with brilliance. Eric Clapton's self-titled album is still great after all these years and is easily one of his best recordings. ~ by Barry Small  
Grade  A

As the liner notes reveal, there are three mixes of the album, Clapton's, Bramlett's and Tom Dowd's. The original release is from the legendary producer Tom Dowd. That is included with some bonus material. Also included is Bramlett's unreleased mix along with even more bonus material. 

Eric Clapton - Track List
Track List

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1. Slunky (Bramlett / Clapton) - 3:34
2. Bad Boy (Bramlett / Clapton) - 3:34
3. Lonesome and a Long Way from Home (Bramlett / Russell) - 3:29
4. After Midnight (Cale) - 2:51
5. Easy Now (Clapton) - 2:57
6. Blues Power (Clapton / Russell) - 3:09
7. Bottle of Red Wine (Bramlett / Clapton) - 3:06
8. Lovin' You, Lovin' Me (Bramlett / Clapton) - 3:19
9. Told You for the Last Time (Bramlett / Clapton) - 2:30
10. Don't Know Why (Bramlett / Clapton) - 3:10
11. Let It Rain (Bramlett / Clapton) - 5:02

Deluxe Edition

Disc: 1 

1. Slunky    
2. Bad Boy    
3. Lonesome and a Long Way from Home    
4. After Midnight    
5. Easy Now    
6. Blues Power    
7. Bottle of Red Wine    
8. Lovin' You Lovin' Me    
9. I've Told You for the Last Time    
10. I Don't Know Why    
11. Let It Rain    

Bonus tracks
12. Blues in "A"    (10:25, session outtake) 
13. Teasin'    (with King Curtis)
14. She Rides    (... "Let it Rain")

Disc: 2 
Delaney Bramlett's mix

1. Slunky    
2. Bad Boy    
3. Easy Now    
4. After Midnight    
5. Blues Power    
6. Bottle of Red Wine    
7. Lovin' You Lovin' Me    
8. Lonesome and a Long Way from Home    
9. Don't Know Why    
10. Let It Rain    

Additional tracks
11. Don't Know Why    
12. I've Told You for the Last Time    
13. Comin' Home    
14. Groupie (Superstar)    

Eric Clapton - Musicians

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Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals
Carl Radle - Bass
Bobby Whitlock - Organ, Vocals
Jim Gordon - Drums

Bonnie Bramlett - Vocals
Delaney Bramlett - Arranger, Guitar,  Vocals
Leon Russell - Piano
Rita Coolidge - Vocals
Sonny Curtis - Vocals
Jim Price - Trumpet
John Simon - Piano
J.I. Allison - Vocals
Bobby Keys - Saxophone

Eric Clapton - Notes

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Label - Polydor
After this album Eric Clapton, Carl Radle, Bobby Whitlock, and Jim Gordon formed Derek and the Dominoes.  Previously, the three other musicians were members of the Bramlett's band that disbanded.  The trio also set the foundation for George Harrison's  classic All Thing's Must Pass.  

Deluxe Edition released May 2006

Deluxe edition has excellent packaging with a handful of photos, an essay by Scott Schinder, excerpts from a 1970 Melody Maker Magazine interview with Eric Clapton, and credits. 

Eric Clapton album review


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