Michael Falzarano
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Michael Falzarano
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Michael Falzarano - Reviews, Discography


Michael FalzaranoMichael Falzarano

Michael Falzarano

Boris GarciaMichael Falzarano

Michael Falzarano - Reviews, Discography
Michael Falzarano 

Latest release Oct. 2008 - We Are All One review

Michael is a member of the New Riders of the Purple Sage
Where I Come From review - June 2009 release date

Bio from official Michael Falzarano website.
Guitarist/singer/songwriter Michael Falzarano has been a working musician for the past 35 years, most notably in The New Riders of the Purple Sage, Hot Tuna, the famed offspring of The Jefferson Airplane, and The Memphis Pilgrims, a Memphis-style rock ‘n’ roll band which he founded. 

Falzarano is currently a member of The New Riders of the Purple Sage, a spin-off of the Grateful Dead, which features original members David Nelson and Buddy Cage. This seminal cosmic outlaw country band tours extensively and is recording a CD of new material, some of which was co-written with Robert Hunter, famed lyricist for the Grateful Dead.

Recently signed with Woodstock Records, Falzarano will release his third solo CD entitled We Are All One in October 2008. Joining Falzarano on the dozen original songs and two cover songs is a collection of musicians he likes to call The Extended Family -- Vassar Clements, Melvin Seals, Buddy Cage, Jorma Kaukonen and Garth Hudson, to name a few.

The King James Sessions, Falzarano’s prior release on Blues Planet Records, includes the song "Last Train Out" which he wrote in memory of The Allman Brothers’ and Gov’t Mule’s late, well-known bass player Allen Woody. Mecca is a CD that Falzarano and The Memphis Pilgrims released on Relix Records with guests Jorma Kaukonen, Pete Sears and Harvey Sorgen of Hot Tuna and Danny Lewis of Gov’t Mule. Both have garnered rave reviews (see below).

Falzarano has performed on and contributed many original compositions for Hot Tuna releases such as Pair A Dice Found (Epic), Live at Sweetwater I and II (Relix), …And Furthurmore (Grateful Dead) and Hot Tuna—Live In Japan (Relix), as well as the Jorma Kaukonen releases Land of Heroes (American Heritage), Too Many Years (American Heritage) and The Jorma Kaukonen Trio Live (Relix). A partial list of his other recordings include Professor Louie & the Crowmatix’s Live and Flyin’ High (both on Woodstock Records), Kerry Kearney’s Trippin’ on the Psychedelta (Relix) and Alexis P. Suter's Shuga Fix (Hipbone).

A live show veteran of more than 20 years, Falzarano has toured with Hot Tuna, The New Riders of the Purple Sage and The Jorma Kaukonen Trio (Kaukonen, Falzarano and Pete Sears) throughout the United States, Europe, Scandinavia and Japan. These bands have shared billings with The Allman Brothers, Black Crowes, Rusted Root, The Other Ones, Bob Weir’s Ratdog, Mickey Hart’s Mystery Box, Bruce Hornsby, Los Lobos, Dave Mason, Poco, Railroad Earth, Yonder Mountain String Band, moe and The Commander Cody Band, among others.

Falzarano has also appeared live or recorded with such musical greats as Bob Weir; Robert Hunter (Grateful Dead); Donna Jean Godchaux (Grateful Dead);Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead); Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead); Levon Helm, Rick Danko and Garth Hudson (The Band); John Lee Hooker; Johnny Copeland; Hubert Sumlin (Howlin’ Wolf); Vassar Clements; Paul Simon; Dr. John; Graham Parker; Merl Saunders; Steve Kimok; Bill Keith; Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule, The Dead); Warren Zevon; Greg Allman (Allman Brothers); David Crosby; Eric Anderson; Reid Genauer (Assembly of Dust); Jeff Austin (Yonder Mountain String Band; Tony Trischka; Maria Muldaur; Arlo Guthrie; John Sebastian (Lovin' Spoonful); Kenny Kosek (Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band); Geoff Atchison; Bruce Hornsby; Eric Weisberg; Pete Sears; Jonnie Johnson (Chuck Berry); Buddy Cage; Bob Matthews (New Riders); David Gans; Peter Rowan; Derek Trucks (Allman Brothers); Paul Kanter (The Jefferson Starship); Trey Anastasio (Phish); Guy Davis; Peter Mulvey; Melvin Seals (The Jerry Garcia Band); Jeff Chimenti and Mark Karan (Rat Dog); John Popper (Blues Traveler); John "Marmaduke" Dawson; Commander Cody; GE Smith; and Pinetop Perkins.

When not performing with his band The Extended Family, Falzarano can be seen with The New Riders of the Purple Sage. Falzarano also produces other artists and teaches guitar workshops at Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch.

Michael Falzarano - Reviews, Discography
Michael Falzarano Discography - Solo
Michael Falzarano - Reviews, Discography
We Are All One Audio CD

Release Date Oct. 2008
Label Woodstock records

Track Listing
1. Why I Love You I Can't Explain (f/Melvin Seals) 
2. Sweet Marie (f/ Melvin Seals) 
3. It's My Own Fault (f/Vassar Clements) 
4. Candy Man (f/Vassar Clements) 
5. We Are All One (f/Melvin Seals and Kane Daily) 
6. It's Just My Way (f/Jorma Kaukonen and Dave Castiglione) 
7. How Long Blues (f/Melvin Seals) 
8. New Shirt (f/Buddy Cage) 
9. When There's Two There's Trouble (f/Vassar Clements, Buddy Cage and Kerry Kearney) 
10. Crazy Days (f/The Memphis Pilgrims with Jon Marshall Smith) 
11. To Let The Fire Die (f/Buddy Cage and Jimmy Fleming) 
12. We Are All One (f/Jimmy Fleming and Kerry Kearney) 
13. Last Train Out :In Memory of Allen Woody (f/Professor Louie & The Crowmatix with Garth Hudson) 
14. Gonna Power Down Now Instrumental (f/Buddy Cage) 


We Are All One  Review

Rhythm guitarist Michael Falzarano has a vast musical resume including stints in Hot Tuna, over 20 years, and the New Riders of the Purple Sage, for the past four. His third solo release is entitled We Are All One. Before spinning the CD I was expecting a heavy blues tone to the recording. While there are a few blues tracks and patterns it is much more of a rock album. The mood is very upbeat and positive. Falzarano takes lead vocals throughout. His voice has a sound like similar to Elvis Costello and is not the draw of the recording.

The personnel is not the same throughout the disc as there are numerous guests that add their charms to the release. With the various musicians dropping by, the material flows well very well, a credit to Falzarano's leadership and orchestration. This diversity offers some distinct sounds spread throughout the CD. A few examples, three tracks with some outstanding fiddle by Vassar Clements, mandolin on two tracks by Jimmy Flemming, pedal steel on four tracks by Buddy Cage, among other things like  acoustic guitars, accordion, slide guitar, harmonica, all used sparingly and smartly.

Some of the above guests names are more well known than others. Klyph Black and Tommy Circosta of Donna Jean and the Tricksters and the Zen Tricksters have a small role. Check out their self-titled cd if you haven't yet had the opportunity. 

From the CD cover:
Vassar Clements, Melvin Seals, Buddy Cage, Jorma Kaukonen, Garth Hudson, Professor Louie, Kerry Kearney, Kane Daily, Jimmy Fleming, Jimmy Eppard and Dave Castiglione

Harvey Sorgen, Pete Sears, Jon Marshall Smith, Ray Grappone, Peter Bennett, Chris Matheos, Charlie Wolfe, Eileen Murphy, Frank Celenza, Vicki Bell, Klyph Black, Tommy Circosta, Miss Marie, Mike Dunn, David Malachowski and Gary Burke

The three tracks with Vassar Clements (April 25, 1928 – August 16, 2005) are among his last recordings before his passing, and are certainly among the high points on the album. The first, "It's My Own Fault," offers a nice groove, with a searing to the point guitar solo by guitarist Kerry Kearney that Vassar follows; tying it all together, Falzarano lays down some nice underneath passages. The Reverend Gary Davis cover, "Candy Man" sounds nothing like previous acoustic versions I've heard. This electric take has a different feel than the original; the soloist's do their thing separate rather than following one another. Both the guitar and fiddle solos are quite effective, and Vassar has fills throughout. The third track featuring Vassar is a slightly larger band adding organ and pedal steel. 

During the track "It's Just My Way" you get a sweet sounding saxophone opener and melodic riffs throughout. Topping that is a blazing guitar solo by Jorma Kaukonen. Certainly one of the albums best cuts. The introduction starts out jazzy, but after that tease, it is full throttle overdrive rock 'n' roll. 

The most pure blues track is "How Long Blues." It's slow blues and well played. Lead guitar duties by Jimmy Eppard are well done,  complimented by Melvyn Seals. Seals is on several other tracks too, making his organ soar, whether taking a solo, or adding fills. His statement on the record is noticeable immediately as he plays on the first two cuts with even little things adding enhancements like the cool tone on the organ as they fade out on track one.

Buddy Cage plays pedal steel riffs on "New Shirt." He's got some effects hooked up to it giving a non-traditional tone, almost Flying Burrito Brothers like. I can't say this song is one of my favorites. A completely different pedal steel guitar approach is given to "To Let the Fire Die." This is much more my style. The harmonica introduction sounds like it could be a Neil Young song from his Harvest days, with a nice instrumental section of mandolin and pedal steel. 

The title track is played twice, an electric and an acoustic version. The acoustic rendition gives the album a different feel to what is otherwise an electric album. The electric version has a slide guitar, while the acoustic rendition offers a country blues tone to it. I like the orchestration of the two acoustic guitar playing off of each other throughout the track, with the solo being a mandolin.

We Are All One is a solid release. It won't be a classic, but there are some good sounds indeed. The songwriting is strong and diverse offering a good time feel that rocks. The songs offer different moods and surprises. With so many different players and guests helping out, the albums flow and consistency does hold up very well. The tones and sounds are quite diverse showering the speakers with mandolin, pedal steel, saxophone, acoustic guitars, slide guitar, loads of electric guitar, organ, piano, and even accordion, all backed with a solid rhythm section. 

Barry Small ©


* All songs written by Michael Falzarano
* Except tracks 4 (Reverend Gary Davis), 7 (Leroy Carr), 11 and 12 (Falzarano / Kearney)
* Tracks 1, 2, 7, 10 and 13 recorded by Professor Louie at LRS Recording Studios
* Tracks 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11 and 12 recorded by Vicki Bell at Hipbone Studios
* Track 6 recorded by Dave Cook at Dreamland Studios
* Track 14 recorded by Mike Birnbaum at Applehead Studios
* Produced by Michael Falzarano
* Mixed by Michael Falzarano and Jon Marshall Smith
* All songs Lawdy Miss Clawdy Publishing (BMI)
* Except tracks 4, 7, 11 and 12

Product Description 
Michael Falzarano's third solo album, "We Are All One", is a 14-song CD featuring a collection of musicians he likes to call The Extended Family. For 20 years Falzarano was a member of the legendary band Hot Tuna and for the past four years has been touring with the seminal cosmic outlaw country band The New Riders of the Purple Sage which grew out of The Grateful Dead. He has toured and played on stages all over the world. We Are All One contains 12 songs penned by Falzarano along with some of the last known studio recordings of the late fiddle virtuoso Vassar Clements. 
Michael Falzarano - Reviews, Discography
The King James Sessions Audio CD MP3

Release Date: October 17, 2006 
Label: Blues Planet 

Track Listing
  1. Catfishin'
  2. I Know You Rider
  3. Crossroads Avenue (Crossroads Revisited)
  4. New Season
  5. These Colors Don't Run (A Good Ol' Boy's Lament)
  6. Honey I Just Want You
  7. The Long Road Home
  8. Oh Kathleen
  9. Soul Searchlight
10. I Ain't Taking My Boots Off Here
11. Last Train Out (In Memory of Allen Woody)
12. One More Round (A Requiem For the New Yorker)

Kerry Kearney, Pete Sears, Professor Louie, Alexis P. Suter, Amy Helm, Kane Daily and Jimmy Flemming.

Michael Falzarano - Reviews, Discography
by Michael Falzarano And The Memphis Pilgrims
Audio CD

Release Date: August 6, 1996
Label: Relix

Track Listing

01 | It's Over
02 | I Was The One
03 | I Want You Back
04 | Everything Changes
05 | Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't
06 | You Haunt My Soul
07 | Love Gone Flat
08 | Kathleen
09 | Just My Way
10 | Kept on Keepin' On
11 | Judge, I'm Not Sorry
12 | Saturday Night

The Memphis Pilgrims Are: Michael Falzarano, Harvey Sorgen, Steve Rust and Jimmy Eppard; With Special Guests: Jorma Kaukonen, (Hot Tuna / Jefferson Airplane) Danny Lewis (Goverment Mule), Pete Sears (Hot Tuna) Larry Packer (Cat Mother And The All Night News Boys), and Dave Castiglione.

Product Description
2 versions of "Bad As I Wanna Be"/ The Memphis Pilgrims formed several years ago under the leadership of Michael Falzarano. Within six months of their debut on the club circuit, they were hailed by the press as one of New Yorks "best new bands" who are "simply and wonderfully a real rock n roll band." Mecca is The Memphis Pilgrims current release on Relix Records. Also available is the groups EP, Bad As I Wanna Be, which was the title song for the ABC-TV "Movie of the Week" based on Dennis Rodmans best-selling autobiography. Michael Falzarano, a member of Hot Tuna since 1983 and a prolific songwriter, has contributed many songs to Hot Tunas releases, Pair A Dice Found (Epic), Live At Sweetwater (Relix) and its most recent release, And Furthurmore (Arista/Grateful Dead). He also co-produced and wrote several songs for Kaukonens solo releases, Land of Heroes (American Heritage) and Christmas (American Heritage), and remastered many of the Hot Tuna recordings on Relix Records. As a member of the Jorma Kaukonen Trio, he is featured prominently on Too Many Years (American Heritage). Guitarist Jimmy Eppard is a mainstay of the Woodstock, New York music scene, and has performed and recorded with Levon Helm and other members of The Band, New Bohemians, Pete Seeger and Orleans, to name a few. An accomplished lead guitarist, Eppard is also known for his outstanding talents on the lap steel and slide guitar. Steve Rust comes from a family of performers/musicians and is continuing the legacy. Highlights of his career include appearances with Hubert Laws, Sam and Dave, and the great sax player Nick Brignola. An active composer, Rust has had many pieces recorded and published, including scores for the theater and solo bass compositions.
Michael Falzarano - Reviews, Discography
New Riders of the Purple Sage 

Michael Falzarano Photo
Source: Official Michael Falzarano website
Michael Falzarano - Reviews, Discography
 Michael Falzarano
Michael Falzarano - Reviews, Discography
 Michael Falzarano
Michael Falzarano - Reviews, Discography
 Michael Falzarano
Michael Falzarano - Reviews, Discography

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