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Grateful Dead tablature and Jerry Garcia songbooks

Grateful Dead tablature and songbooks Grateful Dead tablature and songbooks Grateful Dead tablature and songbooks Grateful Dead tablature and songbooks Grateful Dead tablature and songbooks

Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band tablature and songbooks

J. Garcia Band | Garcia Grisman |Old and in the Way 
Grateful Dead tablature and Jerry Garcia songbooks Garcia/Hunter songbook
Garcia/Hunter Songbook: Songs of the Grateful Dead
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Paperback: 216 pages 
Publisher: Alfred Publishing Company (November 1, 2005) 

Songs included are;

Alabama Getaway 
Attics of My Life 
Believe It or Not 
Bird Song 
Black Muddy River 
Black Peter 
Blues for Allah 
Brokedown Palace 
Brown-Eyed Women 
Built to Last 
Casey Jones 
Cats Under the Stars 
China Cat Sunflower 
China Doll 
Comes A Time 
Cosmic Charlie 
Crazy Fingers 
Cumberland Blues 
Days Between 
Dire Wolf 
Doin' That Rag 
Dupree's Diamond Blues 
Eyes of the World 
Foolish Heart 
Franklin's Tower 
Friend of the Devil 
Help on the Way 
Here Comes Sunshine 
He's Gone 
High Time 
If I Had the World to Give 
Keep Your Day Job 
Lady With A Fan 
Lazy River Road 
Loose Lucy 
Might As Well 
Mission in the Rain 
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo 
Mountains of the Moon 
New Speedway Boogie 
Ramble on Rose 
Reuben and Cherise 
Row Jimmy 
Run for the Roses 
St. Stephen 
Scarlet Begonias 
Shakedown Street 
Ship of Fools 
So Many Roads 
Stagger Lee 
Standing on the Moon 
Stella Blue 
Tennessee Jed 
Terrapin Station 
They Love Each Other 
Till the Morning Comes 
To Lay Me Down 
Touch of Grey 
U.S. Blues 
Uncle John's Band 
West L.A. Fadeaway 
Wharf Rat 
What'll You Raise 
What's Become of the Baby 
The Wheel 
When Push Comes to Shove 

Grateful Dead tablature and Jerry Garcia songbooks G.Dead Anthology
Grateful Dead Anthology I
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Warner Brothers - 1979
Contains 260 pages of music, 48 songs: The Golden Road, Cream Puff War, The Other One, Cryptical Envelopment, New Potato Caboose, Born Cross-Eyed, Alligator, St. Stephen, Mountains of the Moon, China Cat Sunflower, Cosmic Charlie, Dark Star, Uncle John's Band, Casey Jones, Box of Rain, Friend of the Devil, Sugar Magnolia, Truckin', Operator, Wharf Rat, Bertha, Playing in the Band, Deal, Sugaree, One More Saturday Night, Cassidy, He's Gone, Jack Straw, Brown-Eyed Woman, Ramble on Rose, Tennessee Jed, Row Jimmy, Stella Blue, Eyes of the World, Scarlet Begonias, Ship of Fools, U.S. Blues, The Music Never Stopped, Franklin's Tower, It Must Have Been the Roses, Estimated Prophet, Passenger, Sunrise, Terrapin Station Part 1, Lady with a Fan, Terrapin Station, At a Siding, Shakedown Street, Fire on the Mountain, France and If I Had the World to Give. Plus discography.

Grateful Dead tablature and Jerry Garcia songbooks G. Dead Anth. II
Grateful Dead Anthology II  

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Warner Brothers - 1996
Contains the following songs: Ripple, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Candyman, Dire Wolf, Cumberland Blues, Attics of My Life, Bird Song, Black Peter, The Wheel, To Lay me Down, Brokedown Palace, Loser, Black-Throated Wind, Looks Like Rain, Mr. Charlie, Weather Report Suite; Part I, Weather Report Suite; Part II (Let it Grow), Unbroken Chain, China Doll, Crazy Fingers, Lazy Lightning', They Love Each Other, Comes a Time, Might as Well, Mission in the Rain, I Need a Miracle, Stagger Lee, Alabama Getaway, Althea, Easy to Love You, Far From Me, Feel Like a Stranger, Lost Sailor, Saint of Circumstance, Touch of Grey, West L.A. Fadeaway, Black Muddy River, Victim or the Crime, Believe It or Not, Foolish Heart, Standing on the Moon, Corrina, So Many Roads, Wave to the Wind, Way to go Home, Days Between, Liberty, Lazy River Road, Easy Answers and Childhood's End.

 Grateful Dead tablature and Jerry Garcia songbooks G. Dead Auth. Guitar
Grateful Dead Authentic Guitar Classics: 
Authentic Guitar-Tab Edition 
Includes Complete Solos

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The ten tunes in this folio represent the best-known and most enduring songs from the Grateful Dead's Workingman's Dead and American Beauty CD's. The songs include: Black Peter, Box of Rain, Casey Jones, Cumberland Blues, Friend of the Devil, New Speedway Boogie, Ripple, Sugar Magnolia, Truckin', Uncle John's Band.

Grateful Dead tablature and Jerry Garcia songbooks
Songbooks of Jerry Garcia
Grateful Dead tablature and Jerry Garcia songbooks Garcia Songbook
Garcia Songbook  

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Arranged for Guitar Tablature with Chords and Lyrics
Guitar lead-line arrangements of over 70 songs written and/or recorded by Jerry Garcia. 

Includes: Deal * Bird Song * Sugaree * Loser * Friend of the Devil * Tore Up Over You * That's All Right, Mama * How Sweet It Is * He Ain't Give You None * Let It Rock * The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down * After Midnight * Tangled Up In Blue * Knockin' on Heaven's Door and many, many more. Folio will have photos, bio, liner notes on the artist and legend.

Grateful Dead tablature and Jerry Garcia songbooks

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman

Grateful Dead tablature and Jerry Garcia songbooks Shady Grove Guitar ..
Shady Grove:
Acoustic Guitar Solos by Jerry Garcia 
Mel Bay Publications; (August 26, 2002)

Transcribed by Dix Bruce


Jerry Garcia / David Grisman / Shady Grove transcriptions

Musix is proud to announce the publication of Shady Grove: Acoustic Guitar Solos by Jerry Garcia transcribed and annotated by Dix Bruce (Mel Bay MB97073). 

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"Shady Grove: Acoustic Guitar Solos by Jerry Garcia" includes all the songs, lyrics, melodies, chords, plus transcriptions in standard notation and guitar tablature of Garcia’s amazing acoustic guitar solos.

A mandolin book with David Grisman's solos is also available,
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Like someone who thinks a manual is more suggested reading material than it is instructional scripture, I skipped straight to my pre-determined test drive — “Jackaroo” (a.k.a. “Jack-a-row”). With guitar and remote in hand, I cued up the track on my CD player. Several things became quickly apparent: 1) Jerry’s seemingly effortless lines belie their actual complexity; 2) I’m clearly better served in front of a computer than a microphone; and 3) with a little practice and patience, and Dix Bruce’s help, you, too, can play bona fide folk like Jerry Garcia.

One of the nice things about “Shady Grove” is that the book doesn’t just leave you to your own devices, giving you sheets of music and nothing more. Instead, each song has accompanying tips, tricks, pearls of wisdom that serve as a running commentary to help the reader better understand what Garcia is doing, as well as to give that extra push toward reaching Jerry-folk satire. Another nice touch is that on tracks such as “The Sweet Sunny South,” Dix transcribes Garcia’s banjo parts so we six-stringers don’t feel neglected.

This tab book should appeal to players at just about any level. For beginners, who are likely to be concentrating on learning songs in general," Shady Grove” is a resource they can grow into, learning the chord progressions and overall feel of the songs at first, and later tackling the lead lines when they’re ready. Those who will find the most utility in the book, however, will be intermediate players looking to bolster their lead skills, as well as more advanced players who wish to expand their repertoire to include folk and bluegrass lines.”

"Shady Grove: Acoustic Guitar Solos by Jerry Garcia" and "Shady Grove: Mandolin Solos by David Grisman" is available from Amazon:


Shady Grove Mandolin

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman's CD's were primarily compiled by David Grisman. Their their musical partnership ventured into so many diverse styles.  Grisman smartly organized each release by category giving each album a strong theme and warm flow.  

We have full reviews of each CD.

Grateful Dead tablature and Jerry Garcia songbooks

Old and in the Way Banjo Songbook 
(Play Along CD)

Grateful Dead tablature and Jerry Garcia songbooks Old and in the Way

Publisher: Alfred Publishing (2005) 

Easy-to-follow lead sheet style arrangements of all the songs on the original Old & In The Way album. 

Note-for-note tablature transcriptions of all Jerry Garcia's banjo breaks.

A CD that includes demonstrations performed by Alan Dalton. 

Track list
Pig in a Pen 
Midnight Moonlight 
Old and in the Way 
Knockin' on Your Door 
The Hobo Song 
Panama Red 
Wild Horses 
Kissimee Kid 
White Dove 

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Searching for the Sound: My Life with the Grateful Dead

Searching for the Sound: My Life with the Grateful Dead


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