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Grateful Dead downloads:

030105GratefulDead iTunes downloads 

Select links about The Dead

Official Web Sites

Dead.net The official web site of the Grateful Dead. Order your Dick's Picks here.
Jerry Garcia Lots of graphics, art, current events. 
Phil Lesh The latest on Phil (Lesh) and Friends. 
Grateful Dawg A site about the movie regarding Jerry Garcia and David Grisman's special music connection and friendship. 
RatDog News, tour info, stats, reviews, photos, CD releases, forums, and more!!!
Ken Kesey Of the Merry Pranksters; the official Ken Kesey web site. 
Grateful Resources Samples Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia photographs from  many professional and amateur photographers. Links to their sites are provided. Plus more. 
Performance Impressions Concert photography galleries feature bands from all the Bonnaroo Music Festivals, Jam Bands, and other tours. 
Grateful Dead guitars The guitars of the Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia's guitar auction This site has some gorgeous free photos of Jerry Garcia's custom guitars

Music Down Loads 

Music Archive An archive of shows to stream and download. All music in this collection is from trade-friendly artists and is strictly non-commercial.

Stream thousands of GD shows, download audience performances.

Wolfgang's Vault Beginning in the late ’60s, rock impresario Bill Graham recorded thousands of performances by these and hundreds of other artists, and stored the tapes in the basement of the Bill Graham Presents headquarters, where they sat undisturbed until acquired by Wolfgang’s Vault in 2003.

More background

Entrepreneur Bill Sagan, named it in honor of Graham, who was born Wolfgang Grajonca. Graham died in a 1991 helicopter crash.

GDLive It seems this site has disbanded around May of 2006, http://www.gdlive.com.

Download live Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia concerts, SHN and MP3. They also have FAQ for new traders and links to download free software tools.

Tune Tree Free shn music downloads. Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Phil and Friends, Bob Weir and RatDog, Allman Brothers Band, and More.
PhilZone.com A comprehensive site about The Dead.  There are several super concerts downloads of Phil and Friends and The Dead on this site.  
Nugs Net Grateful Dead and other bands.
etree.org Download live concerts. If you use a modem this site is impossible.
Furthurnet A site to share music files of live music from bands that allow tape trading.  It is a file sharing, a la Napster community.  
mkw Audio The mkw Audio Compression tool for decompressing shorten  (.shn) files.
Deadboots MP3 only. I never sampled any. 
Easynews.com Haven't tried it, but I've heard good things. 

Music Trading 

Shinburn Lots of vines at this site if you are looking to build a collection. There are also  discussion forums and more.

CD Covers and Art 

Cd Covers Create your own CD covers at papercdcase. 
Dick's CDR Page   This site is a good resource for those who download shn and mp3 files. Details on how to download, what software to use, links to resources, and cover art. 
Bryan's CD Covers Great art work for printable CD covers.
Covers by Ptchfork Grateful Dead and Max Creek CD covers.
gdcovers Great art work for printable CD covers.

Forums and Discussions 

Some official sites have good forums. Dead.net |Phil Lesh
Deadhook Grateful Dead discussions. See also this section.
GD Forum  Grateful Dead discussions.

Set Lists and Lyrics

DeadLists Set lists of GD concerts from the Dead List Project.
Whitegum Whitegum.com is a great site. Type in your favorite song and it will bring back the lyrics and a list of all releases that the song appears on.  Other discography information is provided.
Setlist.com Set Lists of GD and other bands.
Dead Base Set lists, forums and more. 
The Jerry Site Great Site! Photos, set lists, discography, more.
Grateful Dead lyrics Lyrics and more of the Grateful Dead and other bands.
The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics Lyrics and more. 

Guitar Tab

Garcia / Grisman Tab Original Guitar tab books of Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, as well as other related books.  The author's web-site is here Musix
Dead Stein Excellent tab site featuring Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Beatles, David Grisman, and related artists.
Kevin's Grateful Dead Page Tablature on the music link.
Max's Guitar Tab Some songs from several music artists such as The Grateful Dead, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Hot Tuna, Allman Brothers Band, Doc Watson, and more.
RU Kind  Chords and notes to Grateful Dead and other artists.

Fan Sites 

The Grateful Dead Music on Jango
The Dead and The Other Ones  A super resource for information about The Dead and The Other Ones
Grateful Resources Photos and a Grateful Dead library are the contents of this site. 
SWPCA Grateful Dead Caucus Grateful Dead at the Southwest Texas Popular Culture Assoc. Conference 2008.
Dead Disc Discography of the Dead and related bands.
Truth and Fun David Gans, host of the long standing Grateful Dead Hour and Dead to the World.  
Grateful Dead Hour The nationally syndicated shows website, it includes logs.
Writings by David Gans  Some articles and writings by David Gans.
The Berkeley Project Lots and lots of different archives related to the Grateful Dead. 
Roots of the Dead An expansive site dedicated to the origins and evolution of songs that were not written by the Dead.
Bokomaru Links A very long list of Grateful Dead links
Dead News A blog and what's new portal.
Cosmic Charlie  Check out his reviews of dead shows.
Grateful Dead reviews Zach Smith's review site of commercial Grateful Dead releases.
Dick Latvala Some writings of the late Dead tape archivist.
Grateful Dead Ghost Stories A site to help locate Grateful Dead fans that are missing.
Dye the Sky Licensed GD & Garcia designs + Nature, Tribal &Celestial on T's, Hoodies, Kids, Stickers and more!
Gecko Graphics They created the graphics and CD covers for many Dick's Picks, Grateful Dead, and Jerry Garcia releases.
The Music Archive Well done!  Great photos of the Dead, Garcia, and other artists.
Weir Heads A grate Bob Weir site with photos, facts, and fun.
Ward A collection of Grateful Dead links. 
Psilo.com A ticket stub collection from Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia concerts.


Dozin' The have some good information about the equipment of the Grateful Dead
Dancing Bear Pictures of five of Garcia's guitars from the rock 'n roll hall of fame.
Jerry's Guitar auction Photographs from the Guernsey's auction catalogue

Non Dead Sites

Dark Star Orchestra An official site. - Our DSO section
David Grisman An official site.
Grateful Dead Tribute Bands (UJB's) The ULTIMATE List of Grateful Dead tribute bands from coast to coast!
Tony Rice An official site.
Wilson and Alroy's They listen to lousy records so you don't have to.  



Garcia Songbook
Garcia Grisman Guitar  and Mandolin Tab





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