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The Deadhead's Taping Addendum 
Ordering The Deadhead's Taping Compendium and the Taper's Addendum
The Deadhead's Taping Addendum
by Michael Getz, John Dwork and  Brian Dyke

The first three volumes The Deadhead's Taping Compendium

Ordering The Deadhead's Taping Compendium and the Taper's Addendum

The following is a press release from the authors:

Orders are now being accepted for The Deadhead's Taping Addendum, the final installment of the critically acclaimed, award winning series, The Deadhead's Taping Compendium (Vols. 1-3). This final addition specifically addresses the onslaught of newly circulating music that has surfaced since our last publication, and is an essential companion to the first three volumes, containing a wealth of information and new data for both new tapers and old school veterans alike. It also stands quite tall as an enjoyable read by itself.

The Addendum will include in-depth reviews and analysis of over 175 newly circulating performances. The majority of these shows are derived from the highly sought after pre-1975 period of the Grateful Dead's career, an are all reported on by the community's most prized writers and scholars. 

Additionally, the Addendum will include an interview and step by step historical recounting with the Legendary Marty Weinberg. After being reported MIA for the past 25 years, Marty recently resurfaced after reading about himself and his legendary status in Volume 1. Marty shares the remarkable stories of his East Coast taping experiences from 1969-1971 in great, glorious detail. You'll be amazed to hear the lengths that this pioneer of our community went to capture this experience and preserve it for all of us. Of course, also included will be the long awaited definitive listing of Marty's Master Reels, thus allowing tapers and traders alike to correctly identify the source of their until now questionable audience recordings. 

Didn't bid high enough on eBay? Well, here's the next best thing. Join us while we take a tour of the Grateful Dead's Vault with Jeffrey Norman. Come walk through the fabled Vault with us while Jeffrey shares his knowledge of each historical section, down every eye-popping aisle. Very rare photographs, by Eliza Bundledee, provide a sumptuous background to Jeffrey's illuminating interview.  

The Addendum also features a very special Tribute To Dick Latvala. Long known as the Taper's Best Friend, Dick is given the red carpet treatment he deserves here. Heartfelt recollections, amusing stories and touching insights permeate each recollection from those that knew Dick best: Robert Hunter, Mickey Hart, Dennis McNally, Steve Silberman, Nathan Wolfson, Pat Lee, Eddie Claridge, Carol Latvala, Rich Latvala, Kevin Shapiro (Archivist for Phish), Rob Bertrando, Kirk West (Archivist for The Allman Brothers Band), Harvey Lubar, Jeffrey Norman, Dr. Bob Wagner, Kidd Candelario, and Christi Lamb Vogel. 

Ever wonder exactly what Dick felt were THE hottest, most interesting songs and jams? Culled from Dick's own well-worn Deadbases, J-cards and notebooks, here is a list of what Dick felt were the Dead's most distinguished song versions and exciting, unique instrumental passages 

Have you ever wondered how the Vault Archivist himself notated his recordings? You'll find many examples of exactly how Dick marked and measured a show's performance with this sampling from his own private collection. You won't help but be moved by the illustration of passion captured in these rare reproductions.  

Due to the influx of new data since Volume 1's publication in 1998, we have carefully updated and corrected all of the first three volumes, bringing the entire series up to date in one chapter enclosed here in our Addendum. 

Curious about where Dick might be these days? Then check out "Dick's Jam In The Afterlife" and read about how Dick goes toe to toe with an afterlife guardian in this provocative, humorous and touching what-if fable 

Of course, the Addendum wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of ticket stubs, rare photographs, and the updated Resources section. 

Ordering The Deadhead's Taping Compendium and the Taper's Addendum


The Illustrated Trip 
An excellent book.


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