Dave's Picks Vol. 2
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Dave's Picks Vol. 2 - July, 31, 1974 Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT - Grateful Dead Road - New release

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Dave's Picks Vol. 2 Dave's Picks Vol. 2 July 31, 1974
July 31, 1974
Dillon Stadium 
Hartford, CT
Order: GDM
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Dave's Picks Vol. 2 - July, 31, 1974 Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT - Grateful Dead Road - New release

Dave's Picks Vol. 2
July 31, 1974
Dillon Stadium in Hartford, CT

The second volume of Dave's Picks is a complete Grateful Dead concert from July 31, 1974, at Dillon Stadium in Hartford, CT. Tape traders have long raved about this classic show, myself included and I've ranked this as a favorite. This is an extremely long concert with 3.5 hours of music, which doesn't include the 20 minute Phil and Ned electronic music set or intermissions. 

The first set begins with "Scarlet Begonias" which is a rarity to begin a concert, hinting at a special performance. The set includes a version of "Mississippi Half Step." While the song would hit its peak in 1977 with its extended outro jam, the 1974 versions of "Half Step" do hold a nice charm to them, and this rendition segues nicely into "It Must Have Been the Roses," play this one again! At the ninth song of the set they launch "Jack Straw" and I was seeking something upbeat so it helps the set flow. They follow with a solid version of a 1974 classic, "China Cat Sunflower" > "I Know You Rider" and add one more to close the set, Chuck Berry's "Around and Around." 

Disc two includes the entire second set and the first three songs of the third set. Set two is quite good. It doesn't include anything that hasn't been released before, but its song selection is quite to my liking. "Bertha" and "Big River" get things going. The set contains two jam songs, "Eyes of the World" > "China Doll" and "Weather Report Suite." The 1974 "Ship of Fools" are not to be missed so don't overlook it, and Bob takes another dive into Chuck Berry's song book with "The Promised Land."

The third set begins with four warm-up tracks before the meat of the set. Topping these is the disc three opener "To Lay Me Down," I do not recall hearing such an awesome version since Dick's Picks Volume 12. Jerry's voice sounds so nice and the accents and fills by the band, especially Keith are perfect. What follows is "Truckin'." The climatic jam between the 7:30 to 8:15 time period offers some very nice instrumental interplay. If you liked that, do pick up the Jerry Garcia Band classic live release Don't Let Go, especially take note of the "Mission in the Rain" ending. They follow with a jam, Phil lays down a blues shuffle tone to the chord progression, but Jerry leans more towards noodling. As a result, it lands into to a full blown "Mind Left Body Jam," > "Spanish Jam" with more hints of "Mind Left Body" before segueing into "Wharf Rat." For fans hoping to hear  "Dark Star" not many were not disappointed with that musical creation. They close with a duo of rock 'n roll numbers, Jerry sings "U.S. Blues" and Bobby adds "One More Saturday Night," both played tightly, and they sing us back home with "Uncle John's Band." 

There have been a number of 1974 releases, many of them superb, my favorites being Dick's Picks 12 and Road Trips Vol. 2 Number 3, both from June, and on DVD or soundtrack from October, The Grateful Dead Movie. Where does this rank up with those? The two June releases are compilations so nearly everything on them is really strong. The most definitive parts of Dave's Picks Vol. 2 is hearing the plethora non-jamming vehicle songs, a nice mastering, and having the context of a whole show. I really loved hearing the Jerry Garcia songs from both the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band catalogues like "To Lay Me Down" and "Mississippi Half Step" > "Maybe it Was the Roses," "China Doll," and "Ship of Fools." Perhaps a bit boring, but Jerry's ballads really do shine on this release. Even songs that debuted on Europe '72 like "Brown Eyed Women," and "Ramble On Rose" sound fresh.

With the last several 1974 releases I've always wanted more of the first set material and we finally have it. Dave's Picks Vol.2 is the first complete 1974 release, with 30 songs! The 1974 Wall of Sound (WOS) monstrosity has a certain uniqueness to the recordings so enjoy these arrangements.

This is a top tier release. Get this one. 

By Barry Small© 

Dave's Picks Volume 2 came with a bonus disc for subscription orders, 7/29/74 Landover, MD.

Dave's Picks Vol. 2 - July, 31, 1974 Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT - Grateful Dead Road - New release
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Dave's Picks Vol. 2 - July, 31, 1974 Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT - Grateful Dead Road - New release
Track List

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Track list 

1. Scarlet Begonias
2. Me And My Uncle
3. Brown-Eyed Women
4. Beat It On Down The Line
5. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo>
6. It Must Have Been The Roses
7. Mexicali Blues
8. Row Jimmy
9. Jack Straw
10. China Cat Sunflower>
11. I Know You Rider
12. Around And Around

1. Bertha
2. Big River
3. Eyes Of The World>
4. China Doll
5. Promised Land
6. Ship Of Fools
7. Weather Report Suite
8. El Paso
9. Ramble On Rose
10. Greatest Story Ever Told

1. To Lay Me Down
2. Truckin'>
3. Mind Left Body Jam>
4. Spanish Jam>
5. Wharf Rat
6. U.S. Blues
7. One More Saturday Night

8. Uncle John's Band

Bonus CD:
Venue Capital Centre
Location Landover , MD
Date 7/29/74

01 – Sugaree
02 – Weather Report Suite
03 – He’s Gone
04 – Truckin’
05 – Nobody’s Fault But Mine
06 – The Other One
07 – Spanish Jam
08 – Wharf Rat

Dave's Picks Vol. 2 - July, 31, 1974 Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT - Grateful Dead Road - New release

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Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Mickey Hart - drums
Donna Jean Godchaux - Vocals
Keith Godchaux - Piano

Dave's Picks Vol. 2 - July, 31, 1974 Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT - Grateful Dead Road - New release

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Release date - May. 2012 
Photos - Jim Anderson and John Cantamessa
CD Mastering - Jeffrey Norman
Produced by Grateful Dead
Produced for release by David Lemieux
Executive Producer Mark Pinkus

David Lemieux sits down for a seaside chat about his favorite moments on Dave's Picks, Volume 2: Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT - 7/31/74 and sheds a little light on how Dave's Picks are selected. Watch the video here: Bottom of the page.

Listening Party feature prior to the release - “China Cat Sunflower" > "I Know You Rider” and “Wharf Rat.”

From Deadlists 

From Dead lists

Bonus disc
Venue Capital Centre
Location Landover , MD
Date 7/29/74 - Monday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One The Promised Land ; Sugaree [6:43] ; Black Throated Wind [6:08] ; It Must Have Been The Roses [5:09] ; Cumberland Blues [5:38] ; Scarlet Begonias [6:52] ; Jack Straw [4:21] ; Deal [4:37] ; El Paso [3:58] ; To Lay Me Down [7:29] ; Weather Report Suite Prelude [1:21] > Weather Report Suite Part 1 [4:36] > Let It Grow [12:58]
Two Seastones
Three He's Gone [13:21] > Truckin' [8:35] > Nobody's Fault But Mine [2:49] > The Other One [14:39] > Spanish Jam > Wharf Rat [9:26] ; Around And Around [5:11] ; Peggy-O [6:05] ; U.S. Blues [5:34] ; Sugar Magnolia [8:56]
Encore Casey Jones [6:44]
Comments Spanish Jam timing included in the Other one.

Bold - Bonus disc

Dave's Picks Vol. 2 - July, 31, 1974 Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT - Grateful Dead Road - New release
Review by Ramble on Joe

Is it just me, or do they play like they have all day? Well, it's only appropriate that they do, because they did in fact have all day. Gotta love the idea of a hot summer afternoon with the Dead!

Common opinion holds that first sets weren't very interesting in 1974, but the opening "Scarlet Begonias" doesn't seem to know that: the band leaps into action, brought back to earth only by Weir's valiant effort to return to the riff. "Just an aberration," you might think ... then comes the most ass-kickin' "Me & My Uncle" you've ever heard, thanks partly to Keith but especially to Garcia. Mike failure on "Beat it on Down the Line" gives him more solo time, and "Roses" lets him share harmonies with Donna. Cowboy Bob takes us to Mexicali, then Bill & Phil do their damnedest to make "Row Jimmy" interesting behind Jerry's liquid solos, and arguably succeed. 

By the time "China > Rider" arrives, things get a little looser; Phil follow Jerry into some note flight, the "Groovy" jam is a nice reminder of 1974. The tracks I most want to revisit? "Scarlet" - "Me & My Uncle" - "Jimmy" - "China > Rider"

After a couple leftover first-set songs, "Eyes of the World" begins what really feels like set two. Phil is really the captain of the pre-lyric jam, and Jerry likewise leads afterwards; it's 16 minutes before they even get to the post-Eyes riffs, so you know you're getting your money's-worth of jam-time. But it's the "Weather Report Suite" where the band really takes wing: long, strong and deep. After that stormy ride, it's no surprise to that the band takes a break.

Essential track: "Weather Report Suite" 

"El Paso" finds Jerry not yet burned out on Country & Western music, and his growl on the last verse of "Ramble On Rose" satisfies just the way it should. You should get a chuckle out of "Greatest Story" during the vocal part, and a smile from Donna's wail during the jam, but that's about it. Then "To Lay Me Down" does what "Ship" did in the 2nd set, and "Roses" in the first; despite the ragged harmonies, it manages to do it a little better, thanks to Keith's piano & Jerry's dynamics.

Then the moment we've been waiting for: "Truckin'" and all that follows. WRS stood out for me because I listened to the 7/29 bonus disc first, which also features WRS and a long "Truckin'" [> etc] sequence. While those are very good, it's no accident that 7/31 is the featured show here. "Truckin'" finds Billy messing up at least twice before the bridge, but from such minor gaffes do major performances grow, and Jerry launches into the post-jam as if everything before this had just been a warm-up. It seems this was just what Phil was waiting for, and the Big Wave Build-Up that so often follows "Truckin'" is singularly thrilling, even as it evaporates rather than hits.

After that, it's almost as if the band members wanted to see how unpredictable they could be without derailing. Since this is precisely what the Dead excelled at in 1974, this disc is the main entree of what appears to be a 30-course meal, and there's going to be plenty of it; the CD names "Mind Left Body" and "Spanish" jams, but there are more besides which simply don't have names. "Wharf Rat" and "U.S. Blues" complete the show, and "Saturday Night" already feels like an encore, so "Uncle John's Band" truly feels like a bonus: a band that would willingly play all day, and still come out to do one more. Those were the days!

Memorable moments: TLMD & all the jams, of course :) 

From the Grateful Dead Website:

Dave's Picks, Volume 2
(7/31/74) Now Available to Everyone!

We warned you. We said there was a chance that the limited edition Dave’s Picks releases could sell out. And sure enough, Volume 1 is a goner. No copies left. (OK, even we were a little surprised it sold out so quickly.)

Which brings us to Dave’s Picks, Volume 2. The thousands of you who bought the full-year Dave’s Picks subscription have nothing to worry about. Your CDs (and the bonus disc that comes with this one for subscribers) will be winging their way to you shortly. But NOW is the time when all you other good people who are interested in purchasing this potent slice of Dead history can submit your orders.

The show in question is a three-set wonder from Hartford’s Dillon Stadium during the heart of the Wall of Sound era, July 31, 1974, four days after the release of the Dead’s fine Mars Hotel album. Dwarfed by the Wall’s irregular columns of speakers on a hot and humid Wednesday afternoon, the band thrilled the sold-out crowd of 20,000 with a far-ranging collection of tunes and jams that showed how far they’d come as musicians, songwriters and interpreters of others’ songs in their decade together.

The 12-song first set kicks off with the still-new “Scarlet Begonias” (opening a show for the first of just three times in the Dead’s entire history), and includes such other early ’70s favorites as “Jack Straw,” “Brown-Eyed Women,” a pairing of “Mississippi Half-Step” and “Must’ve Been the Roses” and “Row Jimmy.” The ’74 versions of “China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know You Rider” have a unique character, and this one exemplifies that nicely.

Things start to open up a bit more in the second set. An expansive “Eyes of the World” is partnered with a particularly fragile “China Doll” mid-set, and the concluding take on the complete “Weather Report Suite” is filled with impressive shifts in dynamics and purposeful jamming during a 12-minute “Let It Grow.” That set also has a good “Big River” and an excellent “Ship of Fools” (another new song that year).

Set Three starts with a couple of short selections, hits an early emotional peak with one of the better versions of “To Lay Me Down” from that era, and then really goes into gear with the onset of “Truckin’,” so often a gateway to wondrous possibilities. This one rumbles and wanders and flits and crashes and dashes all over the place during a half-hour exploration that includes what is popularly called the “Mind Left Body” jam and a full-blown Spanish jam, before eventually winding up at the docks for a deep “Wharf Rat.” The set closer, “U.S. Blues,” was one of the anchors of the Mars Hotel album (and an FM radio hit at the time); a perfect summer anthem.

All Dave’s Picks releases are mastered to HDCD specs from the original vault tapes by Jeffrey Norman, and include a booklet containing an essay about the show and period photos. The Digipak is made of 100% recycled and PCW materials on heavier paper stock due to high demand. The limited edition consists of 12,000 numbered copies and we've only got 2500 copies left!

So order your copy of the 3-CD Dave’s Picks, Volume 2 today! We’re pretty sure you do not want to be left out in the cold on this one. For more info and a complete listing of the songs on each CD, click here.

— Blair Jackson 

From the Grateful Dead website.

Get on the bus back to the summer of '74 as we explore the exceptional 7/31 show from Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT - the selection for Dave's Picks Volume 2 - with a groovy gallery of photos taken by Jim Anderson and John Cantamessa. One of the longest, most exceptionally well-played shows of the entire year, the limited-edition 3-disc set will feature the complete performance and is due early May. 

Dave's Picks Volume 2 will feature a complete Grateful Dead performance from the Wall of Sound tour, recorded live on 7/31/74 at Dillon Stadium in Hartford, CT. This was one of the final East Coast appearances by the Grateful Dead for almost two years, and is one of the longest, most exceptionally well-played shows of the entire year. The big jams stand out, of course, including "Weather Report Suite," "Eyes Of The World>China Doll" and "Truckin> several thematic jams," but the smaller songs, including a rare show-opening "Scarlet Begonias," "Mississippi Half-Step," "Big River," "Greatest Story Ever Told," "Uncle John's Band" and countless others are also excellent at this A+ show. (Editor's note, this is an A+ show)

Along with Dave's Picks Volume 2, subscribers will receive the highly-collectible, 7/29/74 Capital Center, Landover MD bonus disc featuring hand-picked selections including "Sugaree," "Weather Report Suite," "He's Gone>Truckin'>Nobody's Fault But Mine>The Other One>Spanish Jam>," and "Wharf Rat." This disc will not be available anywhere else ever again.

Introducing Dave's Picks

The New Limited Edition Numbered Archival Series

What happens when you take the spirit of Dick's Picks and combine it with the very best aspects of Road Trips? Dave's Picks! Esteemed archivist, vaultmeister, and all-around Dead fiend David Lemieux will curate the finest unreleased shows from the master tapes, brought to life with HDCD sonics by Jeffrey Norman, period photos, and informative liner notes. All four CD releases in 2012 will be limited to 12,000 individually numbered copies and each will come in a digipak printed on Orford stock. The entire packaging, including the trays, will be made of 100% recycled and PCW materials. Here's a sneak peek of the packaging:

Dave's Picks Vol. 2 - July, 31, 1974 Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT - Grateful Dead Road - New release
Dave's Picks Vol. 2 - July, 31, 1974 Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT - Grateful Dead Road - New release