Dead Set
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Dead Set
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Dead Set Dead_Set_Grateful_Dead

9/25 - 10/14, 1980 Warfield

10/22 - 31, 1980 Radio City 


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Dead Set Review  
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Dead Set Review

Dead Set Review

The music from Dead Set was recorded live in 1980 from the following dates: September 25 through October 14, at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco, CA, and October 22 through October 31, at Radio City Music Hall in New York, NY. It was originally released as a double album in 1981 and then released as a single disc with "Space" omitted to allow the contents to fit onto one CD. In Oct. 2004 the Grateful Dead re-mastered Dead Set and included a second disc of previously unreleased material. 

In current times bands commonly release complete concerts, however, when the original Dead Set album was released in 1981, it was unheard of, so an attempt was made to make it marketable. It is not easy to trim two electric Grateful Dead sets onto one disc without some comprises. They did attempt to add a concert flow by switching the singers. An emphasis is on set one and short tracks (for Grateful Dead standards) and they include edits, and they also give a flavor of the second set with "Franklin's Tower" through "Fire On The Mountain," and even the punchy "Greatest Story Ever Told" sort of flows as the second set closer, followed by an encore of "Brokedown Palace." 

Enter the expanded double disc version, the HDCD re-mastering gives a huge boost to the sound quality. A listen in headphones reveals superb separation of the instruments, you can really hear each musicians part clearly. Then at loud volumes the fidelity has a good bounce to it, and all of the parts just jump out at you, such as Brent's bouncing and ricocheting organ during "C. C. Rider," or the dynamics of "Candyman," to the power generated in "Passenger." 

The first disc we'll call a trimmed down set one and two combined. Their performance of “Loser” is a real highlight of disc one. Also worthwhile are Jerry's others ballads, “Friend of the Devil,” ”Deal,” “Candyman,” and “Brokedown Palace.” Weir delivers more diversity in the type of songs performed covering a few rockers, blues, and the funky "Feel Like A Stranger." Overall everything sounds really precise, almost too perfect, which is a bit un-Grateful Dead like.  

The bonus material includes a few tracks that allow the band to stretch out the jamming a bit that is absent on disc one, and this starts right away with solid takes of Weir's "Let It Grow," and Garcia's "Sugaree." While not 1977, this was a good year for  "Sugaree" both for the Grateful Dead and JGB, and this rendition is no exception.   

I am a huge fan of a good "Shakedown Street" and that is the first thing I listened to upon opening the re-mastered copy of Dead Set. While this is not a definitive version, a juicy 1980 multi-track soundboard cranked up will surely pump you up. But even more so, "Jack Straw" is blistering with power and is surely one of the highlights of the two discs. 

One of the things I enjoy about 1980 is that it is a period of the Brent tenure that Jerry's voice sounds really good, his guitar chops are solid as well. Since Dead Set is not a concert, it provides a different listening experience than a Dick's Picks release. However, all of the song renditions are generally enjoyable and multi-track source sound quality give it an extra plus. 

Dead Set track list
Track List

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Disc 1
1. Samson and Delilah (Traditional) - 5:02
2. Friend of the Devil (Dawson/Garcia/Hunter) - 7:28
3. New Minglewood Blues (Traditional) - 4:41
4. Deal (Garcia/Hunter) - 4:35
5. Candyman (Garcia/Hunter) - 7:15
6. Little Red Rooster (Dixon) - 4:31
7. Loser (Garcia/Hunter) - 5:45
8. Passenger (Lesh/Monk) - 3:21
9. Feel Like a Stranger (Barlow/Weir) - 5:41
10. Franklin's Tower (Garcia/Hunter/Kreutzmann) - 5:22
11. Rhythm Devils (Hart/Kreutzmann) - 3:55
12. Space
13. Fire on the Mountain (Hart/Hunter) - 6:30
14. Greatest Story Ever Told (Hart/Hunter/Weir) - 4:04
15. Brokedown Palace (Garcia/Hunter) - 5:41

1. Let It Grow (Weir / Barlow) - Live, 10/26/80
2. Sugaree (Garcia / Hunter) - Live, 10/26/80
3. C.C. Rider (Rainey) - Live, 10/13/80
4. Row Jimmy (Garcia / Hunter) - Live, 10/80
5. Lazy Lightnin' (Weir / Barlow) - Live, 10/13/80
6. Supplication (Weir / Barlow) - Live, 10/13/80
7. High Time (Garcia / Hunter) - Live, 10/80
8. Jack Straw (Weir / Hunter) - Live, 10/10/80
9. Shakedown Street (Garcia / Hunter) - Live, 10/7/80
10. Not Fade Away (Petty / Holly) - Live, 10/4/80

Dead Set musician list

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Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Brent Mydland - keyboards vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Mickey Hart - drums

Dead Set notes

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Released - August 1981
From thirty-two track multi source master tape.
Label - Rhino (Original label - Arista)
Liner notes - Steve Silberman

Most CD versions of this album omit "Space" to allow a single CD release, 2004 rendition included it.

Some songs were edited (shortened) versions of the live performances.

Original album produced by Dan Healy, Betty Cantor-Jackson, and Jerry Garcia.

Re-mastered album produced for release by David Lemieux and James Austin.

Executive Producer Cameron Sears

A re-mastered version was initially released as part of the box-set, Beyond Description on Oct. 26, 2004, on Rhino , and released individually April 2006.

Dead Set Review