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Go to Nassau Go to Nassau Go to Nassau - Live Grateful Dead - 1980

Nassau, NY May 15 and 16, 1980



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Go To Nassau review

The Grateful Dead's CD Go to Nassau is a compilation of the Grateful Dead's May 15 and 16, 1980, performances at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Uniondale, NY.  The first CD is set one material and disc two covers second set material. Important, the sound quality is superb!

I intentionally did not review the set lists of the actual concerts till after hearing the CD's. That way, I could judge the Go to Nassau release as to what it contains, rather than having preconceived opinions about what songs were left off.  My conclusion is that  the flow of the CD runs seamless, as if it is one dream concert. The only unusual sequence is "Alabama Getaway" between "Saint of Circumstance" and "Playing in the Band."

The first disc of Go to Nassau has numerous highlights. It starts off  with a powerful "Jack Straw" that segues into an even better "Franklin Towers." The version of "High Time" that appears a few songs later shows that Garcia's vocals are so much clearer in 1980 compared to the version of the song released on DP21 (11/2/85).  Other extraordinary moments on disc one include "Lazy Lightning" > "Supplication," and "China Cat Sunflower" > "I Know You Rider."

Disc two of Go to Nassau is divided into two main sections: the first four songs from May 16, and the last six songs from May 15. The disc begins with Bob Weir's "Feel Like a Stranger" that certainly competes for the strongest moment of the release.  It is not a version overshadowed by an incredible Jerry Garcia solo, but a total band effort that has perfect clarity which highlights each musicians contributions. The song really takes off  beginning with an outstanding vocal "rap"  featuring Weir, Mydland, and Garcia. What follows is some outstanding soloing that includes a brief hint of the Beatles "Eleanor Rigby," that melts effortless from Garcia's fret board, before taking hold of the melody of song. After a few minutes of jamming, Phil comes center stage with his chops signaling for the band to wrap up the first song of the set, yeah!   There is much more to enjoy about the remaining ten songs, notably the best version of "Uncle John's Band" that has been released by Grateful Dead Merchandise to date.

Go To Nassau is superb both musically and sonically with few weak moments. 
by Barry Small  
Grade  A + 

Track List

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Disc One  
1 Jack Straw Weir, Hunter 6:34  May 15 
2 Franklin's Tower Garcia, Kreutzmann, Hunter 11:58  May 15 
3 New Minglewood Blues Traditional Arr. Weir 7:35  May 16
4 High Time Garcia, Hunter 8:52  May 16
5 Lazy Lightnin' Weir, Barlow 3:44  May 15 
6 Supplication Weir, Barlow 6:41  May 15 
7 Peggy-O Traditional Arr. Grateful Dead 7:37  May 15 
8 Far From Me Mydland 4:02  May 15 
9 Looks Like Rain Weir, Barlow 8:12  May 16
10 China Cat Sunflower Garcia, Hunter 5:16  May 16
11 I Know You Rider Traditional Arr. Grateful Dead 6:30  May 16
Disc Two  
1 Feel Like A Stranger Weir, Barlow 9:29   May 16
2 Althea Garcia, Hunter 8:22   May 16
3 Lost Sailor Weir, Barlow 5:49   May 16
4 Saint Of Circumstance Weir, Barlow 6:45   May 16
5 Alabama Getaway Garcia, Hunter 4:50  May 15 
6 Playing In The Band Weir, Hart, Hunter 8:03  May 15 
7 Uncle John's Band Garcia, Hunter 8:25  May 15 
8 Drums Hart, Kreutzmann 5:26  May 15 
9 Space Garcia, Lesh, Weir 2:46  May 15 
10 Not Fade Away Petty, Hardin 4:52  May 15 
11 Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad Traditional Arr. Grateful Dead 6:49  May 15 
12 Good Lovin' Clark, Resnick 7:23  May 15 

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Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Brent Mydland - keyboards vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Mickey Hart - drums


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Released - October 2002

Tape Archivist - Davis Lemieux

Mixed by Jeffrey Norman

From 24 track master reels

Notable omissions from the release:
May 15 - "Terrapin Station"
May 16 - "Eyes of the World" > "Drums" > "Space" > "Truckin' " > "Morning Dew" > Around and Around" > Johnny B. Goode"

The Grateful Dead performed at the same venue on May 14. Apparently that was not recorded in multi track format.  It is rumored to be the best of the three shows. 

Photos by Jim Anderson

CD Design by Bob Minkin

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