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Jerry Garcia and David Grisman -  review

Weir Here review

Bob Weir's Anthology Weir Here is an excellent package containing two discs, one studio and one live, of songs that he wrote both with the Grateful Dead and his solo outings. 

The first disc is a compilation of studio material smartly including five of the eight tracks from '71's Ace, which is really a Grateful Dead album of strictly Weir penned tunes. Keith really shines though out these tracks. The version of "Playing in the Band" is arguably the Grateful Dead's best studio effort; it certainly captures the feeling of jamming and exploration that is not easy in the studio.  

Throughout the remaining eleven tracks, the material is chronologically represented and strongly showcase a guitarist and songwriter that has the ability to perform in an wide range of genres. Next up, "Lazy Lightning" > "Supplication" was originally a King Fish song, before being adapted by the Grateful Dead; this version doesn't capture the intensity of the Dead's output, instead, it effectively offers a softer approach. 

Plenty of other treats to round out the disc. "I Want To (Fly Away)" has a reggae style feel, but what makes this unique is the jazz inferences incorporated into it. Then "Shades of Grey" is a mellow song with some good dynamics to it, and it could wind up on an easy listening station . 

From the second disc, the live material is a mix of released and unreleased material. Strong renditions of "Me and Bobbie McGee," and "The Music Never Stopped" stand out. The former has all the band contributing, with Phil hitting some really creative runs. 

We finally get an audio only official release of "Man Smart, Women Smarter." This version is effective with a tight instrumental section and solid vocals to close the track with Bobby, Jerry, and Brent trading off verses; a lot is packed into this four and a half minutes of music. 

Bob Dylan tracks have been a big part of Weir's live repertoire since the late 1980's. No Grateful Dead versions are included, instead they selected an unreleased rehearsal version by RatDog of "Masters of War."  

If asked to make suggestions to improve this release, a slightly better representation of eras would make a minor upgrade. My thoughts would be to use a version of "New Minglewood Blues" from 1977 when that track rocked hard. Second, there are plenty of 1973 versions of "Sugar Magnolia" that have me hitting the rewind button. How about Bruce?, "Jack Straw" from 9/19/90, comes to mind as a must hear version.  These changes would increase the number of unreleased songs that is also appealing to those that have them already. 

Sometimes when listening to a Grateful Dead release the anticipation of getting to a favorite Garcia track has me hitting the skip button over some great Bob Weir material. Having a Weir only disc forces one to listen through the tracks. After hearing them it would be difficult not to be impressed with the diversity and quality of his music. 

Weir Here includes over 150 minutes with no clunkers. While many fans may have much of this material already (I had half), this package is excellent. While the album has two discs, it is priced as if it were one. Barry Small
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The local San Francisco paper had two good articles to coincide with the Bob Weir anthology release, Weir Here.
Dead Man Talking  and  Weir finds his ...

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - track list
Track List

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Disc: 1 - Studio 

1. Cassidy - Bob Weir
2. Mexicali Blues - Bob Weir
3. Looks Like Rain - Bob Weir
4. Playing In The Band - Bob Weir
5. One More Saturday Night - Bob Weir

King Fish
6. Lazy Lightnin' - Kingfish
7. Supplication - Kingfish

Go to Heaven
8. Feel Like A Stranger - Grateful Dead

Heaven Help The Fool
9. Easy To Slip - Bob Weir
10. Wrong Way Feelin' - Bob Weir
11. Shade Of Grey - Bob Weir

Bobby and the Midnites
12. I Want To (Fly Away) - Bobby & the Midnights

13. Easy Answers - Rob Wasserman / Bob Weir / Neil Young

Evening Moods
14. Two Djinn - RatDog
15. Ashes And Glass - RatDog

Dan Zanes and Friends House Party
16. Wabash Cannonball - Dan Zanes & Bob Weir

Disc: 2 - Live 
1. Truckin' - Grateful Dead - 4/29/71 - Ladies and Gentlemen
2. Estimated Prophet - Grateful Dead - 3/21/89  *
3. Hell In A Bucket - Grateful Dead - 10/12/89 *
4. Me & Bobby McGee - Grateful Dead - 3/72 *
5. New Minglewood Blues - Grateful Dead - 10/14/89 *
6. Man Smart, Woman Smarter - Grateful Dead - 7/4/89 *
7. Jack Straw - Grateful Dead - 5/26/72 - Steppin' Out ...
8. Sugar Magnolia - Grateful Dead - 4/25/71 - Ladies and Gentlemen
9. Throwing Stones - Grateful Dead - 7/26/87 - View From the Vault IV
10. The Music Never Stopped - Grateful Dead - 7/17/89 - Fallout From ...
11. Masters Of War - RatDog - *

* previously unreleased

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - Musicians

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Bob Weir - Guitar, Vocals

Since this is a compilation, the musicians vary. Though, over half is with the Grateful Dead

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - Notes

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Label - Hybrid Recordings
A nice booklet is included with liner notes, photos, and credits written by Grateful Dead publicist Dennis McNally. Be sure to check out his book, A Long Strange Trip; The History of the Grateful Dead

It is interesting that of the numerous photos in the booklet that they show his solo bands, but the photos with the Grateful Dead the rest of the band is cut out. After all, around 65% of the music on this disc is the Grateful Dead.

Newspaper review
The local San Francisco paper had two good articles to coincide with the Bob Weir anthology release, Weir Here.
Dead Man Talking  and  Weir finds his ...

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - Buy