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 All Good Things:


Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions

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All Good Things: Jerry Garcia box set -  review Jerry Garcia

All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions

After going through the Garcia box set All Good Things, we are left very impressed; it is very, very well done. Garcia left behind a plethora of musical treasures. Box sets are not cheap, but if funds allow, you will not be disappointed with this purchase. 

The sonic quality of the re-mastering is excellent, particularly Jerry's voice. The bonus music is quite varied that ranges from jaw dropping to just ok. Pianist Nicky Hopkins performed with Garcia in 1975 and is present on half of the album Reflections. He is also featured on several bonus songs  and they are a treat. The additional material from Cats Down Under the Stars is gorgeous with Donna and Jerry singing their hearts out and Keith throwing in beautiful melodic piano fills. The ten tracks to round out Compliments is perhaps the best bonus material from the box set.  It is interesting how different the five albums are from each other. 

The booklet that is included is great. It includes an overview of Garcia's career as well as has separate commentary about each album and good details of credits. 

The six disc box set features all five original solo albums, plus 4 hours of previously unreleased material. The original albums reviews have been amended with coverage of the bonus material, as well as our rankings, with Compliments getting the biggest upgrade.  

The Jerry Garcia box set package with the expanded bonus material, and book is exceptionally well done.  by Barry Small © 

Outtakes, Jams, and Alternates review
The All Good Things box set's sixth disc, Outtakes, Jams, and Alternates was previously unreleased. Taken in context of the whole box set, it is an excellent supplement. 

The last six tracks on the album are heard here for their first time, and each has something special to enjoy. The two songs with the longest instrumental sections are both from the Reflections sessions. Listening to Jerry and Nicky Hopkins jam is a sure thrill, so it is no surprise that "Hully Gully / Rockiní Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu" is our most treasured track on this disc. Track 11, "Hey Bo Diddley / Hide Away" features Larry Knechtel on keyboards. On the "Hey Bo Diddley" portion Jerry experiments with some guitar tone effects that don't match blues material well. It segues into the Freddie King classic  "Hide Away."  It appears as an impromptu jam, and the rendition is good. However, the song offers the potential for explosiveness, and if they had rehearsed the song, it would be a classic rather than an interesting note. 

The charm of "My Sisters and Brothers" and "Accidentally Like a Martyr" would be the singing. The former includes Donna Jean Godchaux, and excellent live versions of this gospel song are plentiful, including his live album Don't Let Go, and the forthcoming live release Theater 1839.

Among the first six tracks, the three songs from Compliments are quite different renditions from the original versions, particularly "Lonesome Town." This gorgeous version is acoustic based and features David Grisman and Vassar Clemmons; sort of Old and in the Way like, but with Jerry singing rather than Peter Rowan.

The other three songs do not reveal much from the original versions, but sound great and add to the flow of the album. And in the later years when this album can be bought individually it may have appeal to someone who doesn't have the other albums. by Barry Small © 
Grade  B +

The Jerry Garcia Studio albums
Garcia 1972
Compliments 1974
Reflections 1976
Cat's Under the Stars 1978
Run For the Roses 1982
Outtakes, Jams, Alternates 2004 

All Good Things: Jerry Garcia box set -  track list
Track List

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Bird Song
Late For Supper
Eep Hour
To Lay Me Down
An Odd Little Place
The Wheel

Bonus Material
Sugaree (Alternate Take)
Loser (Alternate Take)
Late For Supper / Spidergawd / Eep Hour
The Wheel (Alternate Take #1)
The Wheel (Alternate Take #2)
Study For ďEep HourĒ
Dealiní From The Bottom (Studio Jam)
Study For ďThe WheelĒ

Recorded at Wally Heider Recording, San Francisco (7/71)

Let It Rock
When The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
Thatís What Love Will Make You Do
Russian Lullaby
Turn On The Bright Lights
He Ainít Give You None
What Goes Around
Letís Spend The Night Together
Mississippi Moon
Midnight Town

Bonus Material
Thatís A Touch I Like
(Iím A) Road Runner
Itís Too Late
Iíll Forget You
I Know Itís A Sin
Lonesome Town
Cardiac Arrest (Studio Jam)
Back Home In Indiana

Recorded Feb. 74 at Devonshire Studios, Los Angeles

Might As Well *
Mission In The Rain 
They Love Each Other *
Iíll Take A Melody 
It Must Have Been The Roses *
Tore Up Over You
Catfish John
Comes A Time *

Bonus Material
Mystery Train (Studio Jam) 
All By Myself (Studio Jam)
Oh Babe, It Ainít No Lie
You Win Again
Orpheus *

*Recorded at Ace's (8/75 - 9/75)
Recorded at His Masters Wheels (10/75 - 11/75)

Rubin And Cherise
Love In The Afternoon
Palm Sunday
Cats Under The Stars
Rhapsody In Red
Down Home

Bonus Material
Magnificent Sanctuary Band **
Iíll Be With Thee *
The Way You Do The Things You Do **
Mighty High **
Donít Let Go **
Down Home (Rehearsal Version) *
Palm Sunday (Alternate Take) *

*Album Outtakes
** Master Wheels Studio (11/76)

Run For The Roses
I Saw Her Standing There *
Without Love *
Midnight Getaway
Leave The Little Girl Alone
Knockiní On Heavenís Door

Bonus Material
Fennario **
Alabama Getaway **
Tangled Up In Blue 
Simple Twist Of Fate **
Dear Prudence **
Valerie (Alternate Mix)

Album Outtakes
*Originally recorded for Compliments
**Club Front Studios (Various 1979)

1. Deal (Alternate Take)
2. Letís Spend The Night Together (Alternate Take)
3. Mississippi Moon (Alternate Take)
4. Lonesome Town (Acoustic Version)
5. Catfish John (Alternate Take)
6. Iíll Take A Melody (Alternate Take)
7. My Sisters And Brothers
8. Hully Gully / Rockiní Pneumonia And The Boogie
    Woogie Flu (Studio Jam)
9. Streamlined Cannonball (Studio Jam)
10. Iko Iko (Studio Jam)
11. Hey Bo Diddley / Hide Away (Studio Jam)
12. Accidentally Like A Martyr

1 - Garcia
2 - 4 - Compliments
3 - 6, 8, 9, 11 - Reflections
7, 10 - Cats Down Under the Stars
12 Recorded 8/3/77

Bonus disc

All Good Things: Jerry Garcia box set -  Musicians

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Jerry Garcia 

See the individual albums for credits.

All Good Things: Jerry Garcia box set -  Notes

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All Good Things book - 100 page book with comprehensive liner notes, excellent photos, and more. The chapters and contributors are as follows: 
Introduction - by Robert Hunter
Revisiting the albums - Blair Jackson
Garcia - by Robert Hunter
Compliments - by Gary Lambert
Reflections - by Steve Silberman
Cat's Down Under the Stars - by Blair Jackson
Run For the Roses - by Dennis McNally
All Good Things - Outtakes, Jams, etc. -  by Blair Jackson

Label - Rhino records April 20, 2004.

Other Garcia studio information
Garcia with James Booker 1976 
Reflection Outtakes Beyond the box set

Jerry Garcia box set bonus disc
For a limited time, orders placed directly at will receive bonus material:
All Good Things Redux
Contains four additional unreleased studio tracks, including performances of "I Saw Her Standing There" and "Russian Lullaby," an extensive studio exploration dubbed the "T.L.E.O. Jam," and a breathtaking 17-minute studio rendition of "Visions of Johanna."

Live Sampler from the 1st installment of the JGB live series Pure Jerry.
Theater 1839, San Francisco - 7/29 and 7/30 1977
Mystery Train (10:14)
Gomorrah (6:33)
My Sisters and Brothers (7:48)

All Good Things: Jerry Garcia box set -  Buy
All Good Things: Jerry Garcia box set -  Buy

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