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Jerry Garcia - The Bluegrass Years - by Sandy Rothman

Bill Monroe

Sandy Rothman Bluegrass Duets

Flatt Scruggs

Stanley Brothers

Bill Monroe Sandy Rothman Flatt Scruggs Stanley Brothers
Jerry Garcia - The Bluegrass Years - by Sandy Rothman

Sandy Rothman

Sandy Rothman is a musician and occasional writer. His musical endeavors are numerous and include Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys. And related to this chapter, Sandy was a band mate of Jerry Garcia in the Black Mountain Boys and the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band.

Sandy Rothman on CD
Bluegrass Guitar Duets: Steve Pottier & Sandy Rothman

with Jerry Garcia 
Almost Acoustic
Jerry On Broadway

Sandy wrote an excellent first-hand account article about Jerry Garcia's musical roots entitled The Banjo Years. (8/1/96, slightly revised 6/17/05). He graciously allowed it to be published on for your enjoyment, along with some vintage photos. A great read indeed.

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Tape collectors should be able to locate all of the noted Garcia bluegrass incarnations discussed in the article.

Jerry Garcia - The Bluegrass Years - by Sandy Rothman

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band - Photo by Gregg Nixon

Left to right - Kenny Kosek, Sandy Rothman, John Kahn, David Nelson, and Jerry Garcia. 

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band photo 10/31/87

Jerry Garcia - The Bluegrass Years - by Sandy Rothman


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