The Pizza Tapes
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 The Pizza Tapes

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - The Pizza Tapes

2000 release

Jerry Garcia
David Grisman
Tony Rice
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Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - The Pizza Tapes -  review

The Pizza Tapes review

Legend has it that the title of this CD came about because a pizza deliveryman snatched some tapes while dropping off food at Jerry Garcia's. Copies were then made and distributed among tape collecting fans. Finally in 2000 a professional sounding release of these sessions was released. Now everybody has access to this masterful music and with much better sonic clarity than the "Pizza Tape bootlegs."

This CD features the only meeting of guitar greats Jerry Garcia and Tony Rice. They dive into a wealth of diverse songs that includes folk, country, blues, jazz, gospel, and dawg. You'll hear a superb emotional version of Bob Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Doors." Their segue into jazz includes a Garcia and Rice duet "Summertime" as well as their interpretation of Miles Davis' "So What." Their bluegrass chops are exceptional, and they treat us to several traditional folk and blues classics.

The Pizza Tapes runs neck and neck for tops honors from the Garcia Grisman collaboration. Sure there are imperfections, but they are far out shined by the one of a kind gems. by Barry Small 

Updated April 2010
David Grisman launched a new website called Acoustic Oasis. Check out the radio and the daily download. A download 170 minute extra large version of The Pizza Tapes is available. 

The Pizza Tapes - Extra Large Edition

The informal once-in-a lifetime jam session that brought guitar icons Jerry Garcia and Tony Rice together with their mandolin-picking host David Grisman was recorded in Dawg Studios on two successive evenings in February, 1993. The Pizza Tapes CD (2000) soon became an acoustic classic and one of Acoustic Disc's most popular releases.

Now here's the Extra Large 170-minute edition of this legendary session, including 16 previously unissued alternate takes in addition to the original master takes in their original sequence. This unique collection also features more of the personal repartee, which made the original release so endearing and insightful - the anatomy of this very special jam. 

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - The Pizza Tapes - track list
Track List

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Note: The tracks titled "Appetizer" is talking between songs.

 1. Appetizer  - :13
 2. Man of Constant Sorrow (Trad. Garcia / Grisman / Rice) - 5:06
 3. Appetizer - :29
 4. Louis Collins (Hurt) - 5:57 
 5. Shady Jam (Garcia / Grisman / Rice) - 3:41
 6. Shady Grove (Trad. Garcia / Grisman / Rice) - 4:45
 7. Always Late (Frizzell) - :54
 8. Guitar Space (Garcia / Rice) / 
    Summertime (Gershwin)  - 8:41
 9. Appetizer - :26
10. Long Black Veil (Dill / Wilken) - 4:30
11. Rosa Lee McFall (Trad. Garcia / Grisman / Rice) - 3:12
12. Appetizer  - 1:13
13. Drifting Too Far from the Shore  (Moody) - 4:54
14. Amazing Grace (Trad. Garcia / Grisman / Rice) - 4:54
15. Little Sadie (Trad. Garcia / Grisman / Rice) - 3:13
16. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Dylan) - 5:47
17. Space Jam (Garcia / Grisman / Rice) - :59
18. So What (Miles Davis) - 6:28
19. Appetizer  - :22
20. House of the Rising Sun (Trad. Garcia / Grisman / Rice) - 8:05

Hidden Tracks:
Appetizer and Jams

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - The Pizza Tapes - Musicians

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Jerry Garcia - guitar
David Grisman - mandolin
Tony Rice - guitar

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - The Pizza Tapes - Notes

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Label -  Acoustic Disc
Recorded on February 4th and 5th, 1993 at Dawg Studios.

Here is a track list I located from the Pizza Tape sessions.

SBD > RR > DAT(3)
Panasonic SV-3800 > Monster Coax > Audigy Soundcard > 

Portions of this recording will eventually be released as "the pizza tapes"

Disc 1
1. Man of Constant Sorrow
2. Man of Constant Sorrow
3. Louis Collins// ?
4. Louis Collins
5. "ah sh*t"
6. Shady Grove//
7. Jam
8. Shady Grove
9. "oh gosh"
10. Shady Grove
11. Shady Grove (ending only, twice)
12. "shall we noodle?"
13. Jam
14. Long Black Veil//
15. Long Black Veil//
16. Long Black Veil
17. Rosa Lee McFall 
18. "i'm sorry man"
19. Rosa Lee McFall 
20. Addams Family Theme
21. false start
22. Drifting Too Far from the Shore 
23. false start
24. Long Black Veil

Disc 2
1. "really fukkin good"
2. Amazing Grace
3. Little Sadie 
4. false start
5. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
6. So What 
7. So What 
8. So What
9. House of the Rising Sun (false start, thrice)
10. House of the Rising Sun//

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