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Nuthin' Fancy review

Lynyrd Skynyrd Lyve 

From the Lynyrd Skynyrd website:

As their "VICIOUS CYCLE" tour continues to move across
America, LYNYRD SKYNYRD announces the release of their
new double live album titled LYNYRD SKYNYRD LYVE, due
June 22 on Sanctuary Records. The two-disc set
features the band's triumphant show before 17,000
heartland fans last July 11 at the AmSouth
Amphitheatre in Nashville.

"Live shows are really what this band is about," says
the band's founding guitarist GARY ROSSINGTON. "We
love to play live, there's nothing else like it. We
don't know anything else to do. We got it down now,
people are enjoying it so were enjoying doing it for

Performed on a stage made up like a mock whiskey still
with wooden kegs strewn all about, LYNYRD SKYNYRD
LYVE's 19 songs kick off in a big way with the roar of
"That's How I Like It," a strong new tune from last
year's VICIOUS CYCLE (Sanctuary Records) that packs a
pounding, visceral wallop.

Highlights abound on LYNYRD SKYNYRD LYVE, including
the addition of a string section on such classics as
"Tuesday's Gone," "The Way" and Freebird," plus a horn
section on several tracks, including "What's Your
Name" and "Call Me The Breeze."

The rocking "What's Your Name'' features a fiery solo
by the maniacal guitarist RICKEY MEDLOCKE. HUGHIE
THOMASSON smokes his six string on the intro to "I
Know A Little,'' and soon MEDLOCKE's searing slide
solo falls into ROSSINGTON's wicked break--his warm,
liquid tone is to die for and his phrasing and
left-hand vibrato deadly.

While the band's secret weapon is long-time member,
pianist BILLY POWELL, who plays perfect fills and
aggressive solos as he pushes the tunes higher and
higher, the ringleader is JOHNNY VAN ZANT, who sings
with power and conviction to the crowd like they were
family friends over for a BBQ.

Fancy guitar licks fly on "I Know A Little," and the
emotional "Simple Man'' hits hard, while last year's
hit radio anthem "Red White & Blue'' is a moving
moment, stocked with country, common man themes--the
same as they've been singing since day one.

"Gimme Three Steps'' is a guitar party straight from
Jacksonville, with rhythm section members EAN EVANS
(bass) and MICHAEL CARTELLONE (drums) digging deep,
wide grooves. Classic tune "Free Bird'' is pure drama.
POWELL and ROSSINGTON raise a million goosebumps in
the sweet sentimental intro, VAN ZANT hits home during
the powerful verse, and the entire band shows power in
the majestic double time triple guitar outro. The
sheer intensity and overall sense of abandon is

LYNYRD SKYNYRD-who celebrated their 30th Anniversary
last year with 1.3 million album sales (a combination
of VICIOUS CYCLE and classic catalog units)--sound
fresh and renewed while still staying true to their
roots. Not just going through the motions, they nail
the material, and play with passion and
conviction--all while having the time of their lives.
VAN ZANT recognizes the powerful role the audience
plays at shows, stating "I attribute the success of
the band to the fans--my hat's off to them.''

Meanwhile, ROSSINGTON was quoted in USA TODAY's recent
cover story about classic rock bands that attract
teenage crowds (3/30/04), telling the paper's Edna
Gundersen: "We started out appealing to the
working-class blue-collar audience, and now we see
their kids at our shows.They know the words to every
song, old or new, and they know our whole history.I
hear from younger fans who learn about us from the
Internet or VH1 or their parents or maybe something
Kid Rock said about us."

The 19 tracks of LYNYRD SKYNYRD LYVE are a testament
to free spirit, survival and timeless tunes that have
now become a part of Americana.

Nuthin' Fancy  Song List
Track List

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Disc 1
1. That's How I Like It
2. What's Your Name
3. I Know A Little
4. Pick 'Em Up
5. Simple Man
6. That Smell
7. Red White & Blue
8. Down South Jukin'
9. Gimme Back My Bullets
10. Double Trouble
11. The Ballad Of Curtis Loew
12. Tuesday's Gone
13. Mississippi Kid

Disc 2
1. Workin"
2. Gimme Three Steps
3. Call Me The Breeze
4. Sweet Home Alabama
5. The Way
6. Free Bird

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Released - 6/2004
Label - Sanctuary Records

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