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 Animals  Pink Floyd Animals - cd review




Pink Floyd Animals  Review

Animals review

The follow up to Pink Floyds classic album Wish You Were Here is Animals. This is academically not their best album, that would be Dark Side of the Moon; however, we enjoy this one just as much. From a purely guitar perspective this is the best Pink Floyd album.

An important distinction between Animals and their previous two is that it does not have any stand alone songs that make for frequent radio play resulting in an even seamless flowing album. The theme of the album comes from George Orwell's book Animal Farm. The album begins and ends with short acoustic guitar tracks that have the same chord sequence, but different lyrics. Between are three lengthy tracks that have great cohesion to their structure, and all have great musical passages. The song "Sheep" is the best song on the album; it includes one of David Gilmour finest constructed guitar solos leading up the lyrics. "Dogs" is another wonderful listening experience, beginning with the keyboard/guitar intro, leading to Waters' powerful vocals, and just as significant is another scorching Gilmour guitar solo.

Pink Floyd's 1977 album Animals is a perfect flowing forty plus minutes of one of a kind sonic creations. Barry Small
Grade  A

Pink Floyd Animals track list
Track List

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1. Pigs on the Wing, Pt. 1 (Waters) - 1:25
    Vocals by Waters
2. Dogs (Gilmour / Waters) - 17:08
    Vocals by Gilmour and Waters
3. Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Waters) - 11:28
    Vocals by Waters
4. Sheep (Waters) - 10:20
5. Pigs on the Wing, Pt. 2 (Waters) - 1:25

Pink Floyd Animals Musicians

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Roger Waters - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
David Gilmour - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Mason - Percussion, Drums
Richard Wright - Keyboards, Vocals
Snowy White - Guitar

Pink Floyd Animals - Credits

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Released - 1977
Label - EMI

Pink Floyd Animals - Ordering


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