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A Decade of Steely Dan Steely Dan's A Decade of Steely Dan cd review



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Steely Dan Pretzel Review

A Decade of Steely Dan review

Steely Dan's compilation A Decade of Steely Dan is a fantastic collection of songs from their first seven albums, Can't Buy a Thrill through GauchoThis album gives a nearly perfect overview of Steely Dan's music and if you are want a one album snapshot this is it.  Sure one can argue this song or that song was left off.  They grabbed two great songs from each album, except The Royal Scam has only one song representing it; also included is the track "FM" from the film by the same name.  

 A Decade of Steely Dan is about as good as one disc could be.  by Barry Small
A +

If you are looking for a Steely Dan compilation do consider their two disc option Showbiz Kids: The Steely Dan Story.

Steely Dan A Decade of Steely Dan Song List
Track List

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1. FM (Becker / Fagen) - 4:50
2. Black Friday (Becker / Fagen) - 3:33
3. Babylon Sisters (Becker / Fagen) - 5:51
4. Deacon Blues (Becker / Fagen) - 7:26
5. Bodhisattva (Becker / Fagen) - 5:16
6. Hey Nineteen (Becker / Fagen) - 5:06
7. Do It Again (Becker / Fagen) - 5:56
8. Peg (Becker / Fagen) - 3:58
9. Rikki Don't Lose That Number (Becker / Fagen) - 4:30
10. Reelin' in the Years (Becker / Fagen) - 4:35
11. East St. Louis Toodle-Oo (Ellington / Miley) - 2:45
12. Kid Charlemagne (Becker / Fagen) - 4:38
13. My Old School (Becker / Fagen) - 4:46
14. Bad Sneakers (Becker / Fagen) - 3:16

Steely Dan A Decade of Steely Dan Musicians

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Donald Fagen - Keyboards, Vocals 
Walter Becker - Bass, Guitar, Vocals 

Additional Musicians:  
See the individual albums for other credits.  

Steely Dan A Decade of Steely Dan - Credits

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Label MCA
Released 1985

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