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Pretzel Logic Steely Dan's Pretzel Logic cd review



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Steely Dan Pretzel Review

Pretzel Logic review

Steely Dan's third album Pretzel Logic is a fantastic collection of songs that have inferences of their beginnings, as well as hints of the future of Dan; more jazz styling in their writing including more horns and a using a larger pool of studio musicians. 

Pretzel Logic has a superb flow to the album and it has its predicable collection of a few outstanding songs accompanied with many good compositions rounding out the album.  The album begins with their biggest ever, "Rikki Don't Lose That Number," which hit number three on the charts.  My opinion is that this song deserves all it's recognition.

Pretzel Logic is quite diverse in musical styles as "Night by Night" displays funk, "Pretzel Logic" hints at blues, in a Steely Dan way,  "Any Major Dude Will Tell You"  beautifully incorporates acoustic guitars creatively, and their version of Duke Ellington's ragtime track "East St. Louis Toodle-Oo" emphasize their jazz abilities.  The superb musicianship displayed on "East St. Louis Toodle-Oo" makes me wish they would jam a bit more, rather than focus on writing tight compositions all perfected and polished to a sterile state. 

Pretzel Logic is a solid album with very few weak moments.  by Barry Small

Steely Dan Pretzel Logic Song List
Track List

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1. Rikki Don't Lose That Number (Becker / Fagen) - 4:30
2. Night by Night (Becker / Fagen) - 3:36
3. Any Major Dude Will Tell You (Becker / Fagen) - 3:05
4. Barrytown (Becker / Fagen) - 3:17
5. East St. Louis Toodle-Oo (Ellington / Miley) - 2:45
6. Parker's Band (Becker / Fagen) - 2:36
7. Through With Buzz (Becker / Fagen) - 1:30
8. Pretzel Logic (Becker / Fagen) - 4:28
9. With a Gun (Becker / Fagen) - 2:15
10. Charlie Freak (Becker / Fagen) - 2:41
11. Monkey in Your Soul (Becker / Fagen) - 2:31

Steely Dan Pretzel Logic Musicians

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Donald Fagen - Keyboards, Vocals 
Walter Becker - Bass, Guitar, Vocals 

Supporting Cast

Jeff Baxter - Guitar
Denny Diaz - Guitar
Ben Benay - Guitar
Dean Parks - Guitar
Wilton Felder - Bass
Timothy B. Schmit - Bass, Vocals
Victor Feldman - Percussion, Keyboards
Plas Johnson - Saxophone
Jerome Richardson - Saxophone
Ernie Watts - Saxophone
Lew McCreary - Horn
Ollie Mitchell - Trumpet
Chuck Rainey
Jim Gordon - Drums
Jim Hodder - Drums
Jeff Porcaro - Drums
Michael Omartian - Keyboards
David Paich - Keyboards

Steely Dan Pretzel Logic - Credits

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Label MCA
Released 1974

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Steely Dan Pretzel Logic Ordering


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