Muddy Waters
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Muddy Waters
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Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography


Muddy Waters LiveMuddy Waters Live

Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters LiveMuddy Waters Live

Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
[Live] Discography ]

Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography

Muddy Waters 

Muddy Waters is truly one of the kings of blues music and he left behind a treasure of recordings to enjoy. There is excellent acoustic and electric material, as well as studio and live recordings. 

There have been a lot of great Chicago bluesmen. Muddy Waters would be my favorite. There is a great quote in the liner notes of The Chess Box. From a 1979 interview, when talking about contemporary bluesmen, Muddy said "Some of these young ones, now, can PLAY, maybe as good as me sometimes, but they can't FEEL. My blues is the real blues, the deep blues, because I can FEEL it when I sing it." That quote is a big part of why I enjoy Muddy's music so much, along with such great piano accompaniment. Too, that feeling really comes in his live recordings.

While the studio Muddy Waters recordings are classics, the live performances have an energy and flow to them that is not captured in the studio. I personally like this material the best. The live Muddy Waters live records that I am most familiar with are all highly recommended, At Newport, The Lost Tapes, and especially Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live.  Below are comments, track lists, and other details of some great live Muddy Waters.

Muddy Waters studio recordings

Muddy Waters on DVD

Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live  
Disc: 1
1. Mannish Boy 
2. She's Nineteen Years Old†††
3. Nine Below Zero†††*
4. Streamline Woman†††
5. Howling Wolf†††*
6. Baby Please Don't Go†††
7. Deep Down In Florida†††*

Disc: 2
1. After Hours/Stormy Monday Blues†††
2. Trouble No More†††
3. Champagne & Reefer†††
4. Corrina, Corrina†††
5. Hoochie Coochie Man†††
6. She Moves Me†††
7. Kansas City†††
8. Pinetop's Boogie Woogie†††
9. Mad Love (I Want You To Love Me)†††
10. Everything's Gonna Be Alright†††
11. Got My Mojo Working  

Remastered edition includes a second disc of previously unreleased material. An excellent booklet is included with essays by Robert Gordon and Bob Margolin, credits, photos, and more. 
Single disc (if you must)

Harry Hope's
Cary, IL
8/25 and 26, 1977

Muddy Waters - guitar, vocals
Luther "Guitar Jr. Johnson - guitar
Bob Margolin - guitar
Calvin Jones - bass
Pinetop Perkins - piano
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith - drums 
Joe Portnoy - harmonica

*Masonic Auditorium
Detroit, MI

Muddy Waters - guitar, vocals
Luther "Guitar Jr. Johnson - guitar
Bob Margolin - guitar
Charles Calmese - bass
Pinetop Perkins - piano
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith - drums
Johnny Winter - guitar

Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live
Single disc
Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live
Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
At Newport  
1. I Got My Brand On You   
2. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man   
3. Baby, Please Don't Go   
4. Soon Forgotten   
5. Tiger In Your Tank   
6. I Feel So Good   
7. I've Got My Mojo Working   
8. I've Got My Mojo Working, Part 2   
9. Goodbye Newport Blues   

Bonus tracks
10. I Got My Brand On You   
11. Soon Forgotten   
12. Tiger In Your Tank   
13. Meanest Woman   

Muddy Waters, vocals, guitar; James Cotton, harmonica; Otis Spann, piano all tracks, vocal on "Goodbye Newport Blues"; Pat Hare, guitar; Andrew Stephenson, bass; Frances Clay, drums. 

Tracks 1 to 9 recorded July 3, 1960, during performance at the Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, Rhode Island. 
Tracks 10 to 13 recorded Chicago, June, 1960. 

At Newport
Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
Authorized Bootleg: Live at the Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco Nov 04-06 1966  
Muddy Waters - vocals, guitar
Francis Clay - drums
Mac Arnold - bass
Sammy Lawhorn - guitar
George Smith - harmonica
Luther "Georgia Boy" Johnson - guitar
1 Forty Days and Forty Nights 4:19
2 (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man 2:55
3 Rock Me 5:01
4 Baby Please Don't Go 2:29
5 She Moves Me 8:00
6 Got My Mojo Working 4:58
7 You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had 4:27
8 Forty Days and Forty Nights 4:14
9 Baby Please Don't Go 2:53
10 Thirteen Highway 11:18
11 Rock Me 6:16
12 Honey Bee (Sail On) 4:34
13 Trouble No More 2:45
14 (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man 3:01
15 Long Distance Call 7:09
Authorized Bootleg: Live at the Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco Nov 04-06 1966
From Wolfgang's Vault

Fillmore West - 11/4/1968
1. Chicken Shack 5:09 
2. Watermelon Man 6:40 
3. Honky Tonk 4:20 
4. Work Song 5:12 
5. Honey Bee 4:34 
6. Trouble No More 2:45 
7. Hootchie Cootchie Man 3:01 
8. Long Distance Call 7:40 
9. Bye Bye Johnny 2:35 
10. Three O'Clock In The Morning 5:04 
11. I'll Go Crazy 1:38

Fillmore West - 11/5/1968
1. Chicken Shack 5:38 
2. Honky Tonk 3:29 
3. Work Song 5:39 
4. Hot Cha 4:09 
5. Forty Days And Forty Nights 4:16 
6. Hootchie Cootchie Man 2:55 
7. Rock Me 5:01 
8. Baby Please Don't Go 2:30 
9. She Moves Me 8:00 
10. Got My Mojo Working 4:58 
11. Born In Chicago (Incomplete) 2:06

Fillmore West - 11/6/1968
1. Chicken Shack 6:09 
2. You Can't Lose What You Never Had 4:27 
3. Forty Days And Forty Nights 4:14 
4. Baby Please Don't Go 2:53 
5. Thirteen Highway 11:18 
6. Rock Me Baby 6:19 
7. I'll Go Crazy 2:49 
8. Sweet Sixteen 7:21 
9. Everything Is Alright 2:04 
10. What's The Matter With You 2:54 
11. Don't Answer the Door 6:19 
12. Instrumental 1:12 

Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
All Night Long: Live  
1. Country Boy
2. Baby Please Donít Go
3. (Iím Your) Hoochie Coochie Man
4. Tiger In Your Tank
5. Sheís Nineteen Years Old
6. County Jail
7. Long Distance Call
8. Rock Me Baby
9. Trouble No More
10. Rosalie
11. Rolliní And Tumbliní
12. I Feel Like Going Home
13. Canít Get No Grindiní (Whatís The Matter With The Mill)
14. Honey Bee
15. The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock And Roll
16. Got My Mojo Working

From Amazon:
The postwar Chicago blues scene without the magnificent contributions of Muddy Waters is absolutely unimaginable. From the late í40s to the time he passed away in 1983, he eloquently defined the cityís aggressive, swaggering, Delta-rooted sound with his declamatory vocals and piercing slide-guitar attack.

This is one of the best live collections of Muddy Waters ever assembled. His songs have been recorded by such artists as The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Animals, Van Morrison, George Thorogood, and Canned Heat.

All Night Long Live! features such classics as "(Iím Your) Hoochie Coochie Man," "Rolliní And Tumbliní," "Honey Bee," and "Got My Mojo Working."

This live collection features Muddy Waters at three distinct periods in his career: 1964, 1966, and the late 70s. His band from May 1964 and 1966-67 includes Otis Spann on piano. The late 70s recordings feature his regular touring band, including piano player Pinetop Perkins and drummer Willie "Big Eyes" Smith.


All Night Long: Live


Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
The Lost Tapes  
1. Honey Bee   
2. Hoochie Coochie Man   
3. Walking Thru the Park   
4. Trouble No More   
5. Just to Be with You   
6. Intro to "19 Years Old" 
7. She's 19 Years Old   
8. Long Distance Call   
9. Mannish Boy   
10. Crawlin' Kingsnake   
11. Got My Mojo Working   

Muddy Waters, guitar, vocals
George "Harmonica" Smith, harmonica Pinetop Perkins, piano
Sammy Lawhorn, guitar 
Pee Wee Madison, guitar 
Calivn "Fuzz" Jones, bass
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, drums. 

Tracks recorded live 1971 with tracks 1-7 at Washington University; the remainder at Oregon University. 

Related live 1971 DVD

The Lost Tapes
Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
Hoochie Coochie Man [LIVE]  
From what I've read, the sound quality is so-so and performance is strong from this live 1964 Muddy Waters line-up. Last I checked, this release was very reasonably priced.
Muddy's band:Otis Spann on piano, George Smith on saxophone, Sammy Lawhorn on guitar, Luther Johnson on bass, and Frances Clay on drums. 

The listed songs on the release are said to have four mistakes --. replace Sittin' and Thinkin', Sweet Little Angel, All Night Long, and Early Mornin' Blues with Tiger in Your Tank, Trouble No More, Rollin' and Tumblin', and I Feel Like Going Home, respectively.

1. Country Boy    
2. Baby Please Don't Go    
3. Hoochie Coochie Man    
4. Sittin' and Thinkin'    
5. 19 Years Old    
6. County Jail   
7. Long Distance Call   
8. Rock Me Baby   
9. Sweet Little Angel   
10. Rosalie   
11. All Night Long   
12. Early Morning Blues   

Hoochie Coochie Man
Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
Live Recordings (1965-73)  
1. Rock Me   
2. Going Down Slow   
3. Blow Wind   
4. Long Distance Call   
5. Walkin' Thru The Park   
6. Honey Bee  
7. Trouble No More  
8. Hoochie Coochie Man  
9. Howling Wolf  
10. Baby Please Don't Go
Live Recordings (1965-73)
Duane Allman Anthology Vol 1 and 2 - cd reviews and discography
Mojo: The Best of Muddy Waters Live!, 1971-1976  
1. Rollin' And Tumblin'   
2. Walkin' Blues   
3. Hoochie Coochie Man   
4. Can't Get No Grindin'   
5. Howlin' Wolf   
6. Dust My Broom  
7. Goin' Down Slow  
8. Walking Thru The Park  
9. Just To Be With You  
10. She's Nineteen Years Old  
11. Crawlin' King Snake  
12. Honey Bee  
13. Mannish Boy  
14. Got My Mojo Working (1 & 2)  

Tracks 1-7 were recorded in Switzerland, April 1976. 

Tracks 8,9,10,& 12 were recorded at Washington University in 1971. 

Tracks 11,13,& 14 were recorded at Oregon University. The songs selection is outstanding, with liner notes.

Mojo: The Best of Muddy Waters Live!, 1971-1976
Duane Allman Anthology Vol 1 and 2 - cd reviews and discography
Big Mama Thornton  
Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton, vocals, drums (track 5), harmonica (tracks 14, 17); with the Muddy Waters Blues Band: Muddy Waters, guitar; James Cotton, harmonica; Otis Spann, piano; Samuel Lawhorn, guitar; Luther Johnson, bass; Francis Clay, drums. 

1. I'm Feeling Alright    
2. Sometimes I Have A Heartache    
3. Black Rat (Take 4)    
4. Life Goes On    
5. Everything Gonna Be Alright    
6. Big Mama's Bumble Bee Blues    
7. Gimme A Penny    
8. Looking The World Over    
9. I Feel The Way I Feel    
10. Guide Me Home    
11. Black Rat (Take 2)    
12. Wrapped Tight    
13. Gimme A Penny (Take 5)    
14. Big Mama's Shuffle    
15. Since I Fell for You    
16. I'm Feeling Alright (Fast Version)    
17. Big Mama's Blues (My Love)    

Recorded in San Francisco on April 25, 1966. 
This sound quality is so-so. 
Big Mama Thornton With the Muddy Waters Blues Band
Duane Allman Anthology Vol 1 and 2 - cd reviews and discography
Muddy Waters on DVD
Duane Allman Anthology Vol 1 and 2 - cd reviews and discography
Classic Concerts  
Product Description
Various performances from throughout the career of legendary blueseman Muddy Waters are collected on this release. The earliest footage finds Waters playing at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1960 followed by a few songs from the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 1970 then finished with some tracks laid down at the 1977 Molde Jazz Festival in Norway. With 20 songs in total this is a sublime visual and aural treat for blues fans.
Classic Concerts
Duane Allman Anthology Vol 1 and 2 - cd reviews and discography
Muddy Waters - In Concert 1971  
Product Description
Rolling his eyes toward heaven and shaking his head like a man possessed, Muddy Waters cast a powerful spell. His high cheekbones and Oriental eyes gave him a certain Eastern, inscrutable quality, and at times his face even became angelic. He could easily work audiences into a frenzy, marrying the unmistakable sexual urgency of his lyrics to the vocal slide statements that for 40 years were as much a part of his signature as his voice, which many claim was the best in electric blues. A native Mississippi Delta bluesman, Muddy instinctively understood the unpretentious beauty and power in simplicity. Time and again, he transformed basic patterns into blues masterpieces. Decades after their introduction, hypnotic stop time songs such as Manish Boy still electrify audiences. Like the superstitions and voodoo images prominent in Waters best-known lyrics, the primal earthiness of his rhythms contains a deep, almost subconscious appeal. Jas Obrecht, Guitar Player Magazine. The rare footage presented in this video presents Muddy Waters at his prime and with one of his best bands. 

The concert was filmed during a West Coast tour in 1971. Titles include: Long Distance Call, Hoochie Coochie Man, Manish Boy, Walkin Thru The Park, Crawlin' Kingsnake, She s Nineteen Years Old, Got My Mojo Working and Hold It

The four final (bonus) tracks from the 1961 Newport Jazz Festival

Related live CD - The Lost Tapes

Muddy Waters - In Concert 1971
Duane Allman Anthology Vol 1 and 2 - cd reviews and discography
Muddy Waters - Got My Mojo Working: Rare Performances 1968-1978  
Not the best mix

From the Back Cover
These rare performances -- all electric -- capture Muddy as the embers of his career glowed anew. By 1968, the folk blues had waned and the sound he popularized in the mid-1950s was returning to the fore. Over the next decade, Muddy secured his place as the godfather of rock and roll. The slide guitar technique he plays on these versions of Country Boy, Honey Bee, and Long Distance Call is at once contemporary and as pure as when he learned it as a dusty child in the delta fifty years earlier. In Got My Mojo Working, Muddy works the vocals from his cavernous chest into his mouth and then shakes the words from his jowls and cheeks. His singing is as glorious as his playing.

Throughout his career, Muddy always drew exceptional sideman. Muddy's two great pianists -- Otis Spann and Pinetop Perkins -- are both featured here, as are harmonica players Carey Bell, Paul Oscher, and Jerry Portnoy. Guitarists include Pee Wee Madison, Bob Margolin, and Luther Johnson, and on the skins are Muddy's last two great drummers, S.P. Leary and Willie "Big Eyes" Smith.

-- Robert Gordon, author of It Came From Memphis

1. Blow, Wind, Blow
2. Country Boy
3. Got My Mojo Working
4. Baby Please Don't Go
5. Honey Bee
6. They Call Me Muddy Waters
7. Walking Through the Park
8. Long Distance Call
9. Mannish Boy
10. Caldonia
11. Everything Gonna Be All Right
12. 12th of April (Soon Forgotten)

Rare performances
Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
As a Muddy Waters fan, you may also enjoy some of the CD's mentioned below.
Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
Derek and the Dominos

We have more details about this release in our Eric Clapton section. Duane Allman plays on all but the first three songs of this classic.
Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs 
Review | Order | SACD

The Layla Sessions: 20 Anniversary Edition (box-set)
Review | Order
On the box-set, Duane plays on some of the outtakes, and some jams. The review provide the details of which tracks.

1. I Looked Away   
2. Bell Bottom Blues   
3. Keep On Growing   
4. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out   
5. I Am Yours   
6. Anyday   
7. Key To The Highway   
8. Tell The Truth   
9. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?   
10. Have You Ever Loved A Woman   
11. Little Wing   
12. It's Too Late   
13. Layla   
14. Thorn Tree In The Garden   
Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs
Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
King Curtis  
1. The Honey Dripper-Part 2   
2. Soul Twist   
3. Soul Serenade   
4. Wiggle Wobble   
5. Boss   
6. Spanish Harlem  
7. Soul Theme  
8. In The Pocket  
9. I've Been Loving You Too Long  
10. Ode To Billie Joe  
11. Memphis Soul Stew  
12. I Was Made To Love Her  
13. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby  
14. Makin' Hey  
15. I Heard It Through The Grapevine  
16. This Is Soul  
17. The Weight  
18. Foot Pattin'  
19. Instant Groove  
20. Let It Be  
21. Sing A Simple Song  
22. Soulin'  
23. Get Ready  

See also The Best of King Curtis 

Instant Soul: The Legendary King Curtis
Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
Wilson Pickett   
1. Save Me 
2. Hey Jude 
3. Back in Your Arms 
4. Toe Hold 
5. Night Owl 
6. My Own Style of Loving 
7. Man and a Half 
8. Sit Down and Talk This Over 
9. Search Your Heart 
10. Born to Be Wild 
11. People Make the World 

Duane Allman as a guest.

Hey Jude
Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography
Boz Scaggs   

1. I'm Easy   
2. I'll Be Long Gone   
3. Another Day (Another Letter)   
4. Now You're Gone   
5. Finding Her   
6. Look What I Got  
7. Waiting For A Train  
8. Loan Me A Dime  
9. Sweet Release 

Boz Scaggs' debut album. 

Boz Scaggs
Muddy Waters - cd reviews and discography