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Steely Dan album reviews


The Last WaltzClosing of Winterland

Music Videos 

Led Zeppelin DVDGrateful Dead Movie

Steely Dan Profile

Music Videos 

Welcome to our music DVD page.  

We have included a list on many of the better DVD's of the artists that we are familiar with. We have included a range of artists that includes classic rock, jam bands, hard rock, progressive rock, pop, and more. 

A - E
F - L
M - S
T - Z

All Star List 
The Music DVD list below highlights the bands went the extra mile or perhaps the musical performance is legendary. 

We separated this elite list to bring to your attention what we consider top tier videos. Often DVD's packaging make them look more appealing than the results as they may lack features, fidelity, camera angles, or and have horrible cuts with interviews over the playing. More often, bands do just enough when making their videos, but could have done more, and those do not appear on the short list below. 

New music DVD releases - There have been numerous DVD releases recently. Some of now coming out in HD quality too. Here are some of interest. We are also catching up on others awesome music DVD's.

For the HD releases you need to have a player to read the discs. Wikipedia is a solid reference. Several of the items below are available in both HD or 5.1.

Deep Purple: They All Came Down To Montreux Live at Montreux 2006

Yes: Live at Montreux 2003

Santana: Santana: Hymns for Peace - Live at Montreux 2004 

Carlos Santana & Wayne Shorter - Live at Montreux (1988) 

David Gilmour - Remember That Night - Live from the Royal Albert Hall 

Paul Rogers - Live in Glasgow

The Derek Trucks Band - Songlines Live!

Rory Gallagher Live at Montreux/The Definitive Collection 

Robin Trower - Living Out of Time: Live


Music DVD's

The Band on DVD 


The Last Waltz  

The farewell performance of The Band was at The Winterland in San Francisco on Thanksgiving Day 1976. In 1978 the original Martin Scorsese film was released; remastered in 2002 with lots of bonus material. 

Sitting in with The Band on various songs through the evening is an all star list of musical legends, including Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, and so many others. 

This concert is so legendary that it is still talked about today. If The Last Waltz is used as a litmus test to define rock videos, most would fall short. 

Please visit our Band section that has additional information about The Last Waltz. 

Music DVD's

Grateful Dead on DVD 


The Grateful Dead Movie

The Grateful Dead Movie DVD contains two discs, the original DVD released in 1977 that was compiled from their retirement shows at the Winterland between October 16 and 20, 1974. It comes complete with a second disc of bonus footage. The DVD offers three different audio options: the original theater mix, 5.1 surround, and stereo. Only the last two options are available for the bonus material.

More information 

Grateful Dead Movie DVD Bonus Material
10/19 Uncle John's Band 
10/18 Sugaree (Also on Steal Your Face)
10/17 The Other One> 
10/17 Spanish Jam> 
10/17 Mind Left Body Jam> 
10/17 The Other One
10/19 Scarlet Begonias
10/17 China Cat Sunflower> 
10/17 I Know You Rider
10/18 Dark Star
10/18 Weather Report Suite: 
- Prelude, Part 1, Part 2, Let It Grow

The Closing of Winterland 

This video exquisitely captures the Grateful Dead 1978 New Years Eve performance.  It is the only post retirement video featuring Keith and Donna Godchaux in the band.  In addition to the three set legendary performance, it includes an assortment goodies, and a 24 page book

This is our top rated Grateful Dead video. We have a full review of The Closing of Winterland  in our Grateful Dead section.

A complete list of the many Grateful Dead videos

Music DVD's

Led Zeppelin  on DVD 


Led Zeppelin DVD 

Led Zeppelin put more effort into producing the Led Zeppelin DVD than most bands put into making their videos. The positive result is apparent, as this earns our highest recommendation. This two-disc DVD offers four segments of essential live Led Zeppelin music plus lots of additional amenities. The primary performances are from four distinct periods of the bands career: 1970, '73, '75, and '79. The bonus material offers plenty of 1969 footage, interviews, more.

We have a full review of the Led Zeppelin DVD

Please visit our Led Zeppelin section.

Music DVD's

Pink Floyd  on DVD 


Pink Floyd Pulse 

This is an excellent DVD. Superb sound and visuals. Very generous quantity of music. The CD includes a few songs that are not on the DVD. I don't think that the post Waters material is great, but this pulls like a greatest hits from those discs on disc one along with a few other key tracks from Meddle, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall


Please visit our Pink Floyd section.

Music DVD's

Eagles on DVD 


Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne

Available in regular and HD format
CD soundtracks are available

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, the Eagles have scored five #1 singles and four Grammy Awards. Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 has sold more than 28 million units and remains the best-selling album of all time, while Hotel California and Greatest Hits Volume 2 have sold 16 million and 12 million copies, respectively. Additionally, Hell Freezes Over is the best-selling music video release of all time (eight-times platinum). Visit the band's Web site at for more information.

Two-DVD Set Features New Songs, Classic Hits, and Bonus Footage.
Even two James Gang songs are performed!
Shot in Hi-Definition
Released June 14th, 2005.
3 Hours
Two new tracks -- "One Day At A Time" by Walsh and "No More Cloudy Days" by Frey.


Disc One

"The Long Run"
"New Kid In Town"
"Wasted Time"
"Peaceful Easy Feeling"
"I Can't Tell You Why"
"One Of These Nights"
"One Day At A Time" *
"Lyin' Eyes"
"The Boys Of Summer"
"In The City"
"Already Gone"
"Silent Spring" (Instrumental Intro)
"Tequila Sunrise"
"Love Will Keep Us Alive"
"No More Cloudy Days" *
"Hole In The World"
"Take It To The Limit"
"You Belong To The City"
"Walk Away"
"Sunset Grill"

Disc Two

"Life's Been Good"
"Dirty Laundry"
"Funk #49"
"Heartache Tonight"
"Life In The Fast Lane"
"Hotel California"
"Rocky Mountain Way"
"All She Wants To Do Is Dance"
"Take It Easy"

Bonus Features including:
Behind-the-Scenes Footage
New Interviews
A Glimpse Backstage
Sound Check... and much more
* New songs

Music DVD's
Music DVD's




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