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Guitar and Piano


Jerry Garcia Band - Don't Let GoWillie Dixon

Guitar & Piano

Wes Montgomery Chet Atkins and Les Paul

Guitar and Piano

Guitar & Piano

We find the guitar and piano combination to be an exquisite musical combination.  Unfortunately it is used too infrequently. More common is to complement the guitar using organ and other electronic keyboards favoring color and sustain over melody, percussion, and rhythm.  

This page is not dedicated to superb pianists that are great composers and singers. That list includes artists like Carole King, Bruce Hornsby, Nora Jones, Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Elton John, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and other many others. That is for another chapter.  This section is for the piano instrumentalist that teamed up with guitarists.  

We have profiled some of the best of combination of guitar and piano across the following music styles.
Rock 1: Guitar & Piano
Rock 2 Guitar & Piano
Blues: Guitar & Piano
Jazz: Guitar & Piano
Country: Guitar & Piano

There are additional artists that will be added and we welcome your suggestions

Guitar and piano jams


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