The Telecaster
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The Telecaster - Guitar heros

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The Telecaster - Guitar heros


The Telecaster - Guitar herosThe Telecaster - Guitar heros

The Telecaster

The Telecaster - Guitar herosThe Telecaster - Guitar heros

The Telecaster - Guitar heros

The Telecaster

A well played Telecaster is a sound of beauty. It has long been the standard of country music, but is also used selectively in blues, and rock music. This page of our website, we highlight our favorite Telecaster guitar slingers across the genres.

Merle Haggard stated in his liner notes to Strangers / Swinging Doors And The Bottle Let Me Down, "The Telecaster was not for the timid; you had to be a bulldog to play a Telecaster, because it's hard to play. It doesn't respond like a lot of guitars, so you have to play it with a different attitude, and that makes the results different. 

Muddy Waters, one of my favorite blues artists played a Telecaster. Both Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones were heavily influenced by Muddy. Of course, Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones used a Telecaster, but in addition, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin used a Telecaster in Zeppelin's early days. To add to that, Bob Dylan, also influenced by Muddy Waters used a Bob Dylan owned a black-and-white 1958 Telecaster which became one of his first electric guitars. He used this guitar on his 1966 tour of Australia and Europe

One of true masters of the Telecaster is Roy Buchanan, wow. A special shout out for him. Some of the other Telecaster masters reviewed throughout are noted below. There are other Telecaster slingers that we plan to add. This page is a living document so stop back for updates. 

The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Featured Telecaster Masters
The Band
Roy Buchanan
James Burton:
 *Gram Parsons
 * Emmylou Harris, and of course
 * Elvis Presley
Jim Campilonga (The Little Willies)
Dixie Dregs
Danny Gatton
 *Tom Principato & Danny Gatton 
Albert Lee
Led Zeppelin 
Merle Haggard and the Strangers
New Riders of the Purple Sage
Tom Principato
 *Tom Principato & Danny Gatton 
The Rolling Stones
Steely Dan
Muddy Waters
Clarence White
General Books and DVD's
The Telecaster - Guitar heros
The Band The Band A Musical History

Robbie Robertson, lead guitar player of The Band, is a very expressive in his approach. The Band, was originally a back-up outfit for Ronnie Hawkins in the early 1960's and they called themselves The Hawks. After striking out on their own they renamed themselves The Band. Prior to releasing their first album, they toured with Dylan in 1965 and '66. After, Dylan and The Band wrote a bunch of music in the Woodstock, NY area that would later become The Basement Tapes. Their career lasted till Thanksgiving Day 1976 when they performed their still talked about farewell performance, The Last Waltz, which is available in several formats, DVD, audio, and box-set audio.
The Band profile

DVD Blu-Ray Audio
The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Roy Buchanan Sweet Dreams: The Anthology American Axe: Live in 1974

Roy Buchanan's is one of the most innovative guitar players that I've heard. I was fortunate to see him perform live twice in the 1970's. Amazing! He generally plays with a blues or rock attitude, though he does stretch into different genres like surf, or country. So while Roy isn't not a strictly blues performer, but when he goes for that approach he's clearly one of a kind. From Second Album, "Tribute To Elmore James" is a great example of him playing the blues. Why that song gets left off of so many Roy Buchanan compilations should be criminal, there is room for those three and half minutes of bliss. 

Our Roy Buchanan section.

The Telecaster - Guitar heros
James Burton The Guitar Sounds of James Burton James Burton & Ralph Mooney
Corn Pickin' and Slick Slidin'

James Burton is best known for his work in Elvis Presley's TCB (Taking Care of Business) Band. James Burton's resume is too extensive for this page, so we're highlighting a few select items. Also of note, Burton played with Merle Haggard. who is listed separately on this page. 

We highlighted two instrumental releases first. They are The Guitar Sounds of James Burton and another album by James Burton & pedal steel guitarist Ralph Mooney called Corn Pickin' and Slick Slidin'.  

Below we noted some of James Burton's  work with:
Gram Parsons
Emmylou Harris
Elvis Presley

  The Early Years 1956-1969

The Early Years 1956-1969
1. Susie-Q - Dale Hawkins
2. Red Hot - Bob Luman
3. Shirley Lee - Bobby Lee Trammel
4. My Babe - Ricky Nelson
5. Cannonball Rag - James Burton
6. Don't Leave Me This Way - Ricky Nelson
7. The Creep - The Shadows
8. Stop Sneakin' Around - Ricky Nelson
9. Swamp Surfer - Jimmy Dobro
10. Make Up Your Mind Baby - Bob Luman
11. Fireball Mail - Jim & Joe
12. Blood from a Stone - Ricky Nelson
13. Real Live Fool - Lee Hazlewood
14. Daisy Mae - Jim & Joe
15. Everybody Listen to the Dobro - Jimmy Dobro
16. Guitar Player - Buddy Cagle
17. Jimmy's Blues - Jimmy Burton
18. Poor Boy Looking for a Home - The Green River Boys Feat. Glen Campbell
19. See See Rider - The Everly Brothers
20. Love Lost - Jimmy Burton
21. A Child's Claim to Fame - Buffalo Springfield
22. If You Want to Be My Woman - Merle Haggard
23. Moonshine - James Burton & Ralph Mooney
24. Corn Pickin' - James Burton & Ralph Mooney
25. Someday, Someday - The Shindogs
26. Why - The Shindogs
27. Just for a While - Carol Williams
28. Tryin' to Be Someone - David & Lee

Gram Parsons G.P./Grievous Angel The Complete Reprise Sessions

James Burton sweet Telecaster guitar riffs beautifully filled up Gram Parsons two solo albums, G. P. and Grievous Angel. The basic personnel was Elvis' TCB backing band, along with Gram Parsons, and of course, Emmylou Harris.

There are only two albums with this line-up and they are magical. They are available as a two-fer, or as a box set with alternate takes and slightly better sound. I upgraded to the box-set and am sure glad I did, but casual fans will be more than satisfied with the original two albums without the alternate tracks. 

Our website features much more about Gram Parsons, these releases, along with the other bands that he played in. 

Also Clarence White is highlighted below.

Emmylou Harris Anthology: The Warner/Reprise Years
After Gram Parsons passing, Emmylou Harris took both the tradition of Gram's solo material as well as the primary band personnel for her early records. She named the band, The Hot Band. 

Emmylou and the Hot Band toured in 1975. From Wolfgang's vault, the personnel was 
Emmylou Harris - guitar, vocals
James Burton - guitar
Rodney Crowell - guitar
Glenn T. Hardin - piano
Hank DeVito - pedal steel
Emory Gordy - bass
John Ware - drums
Nicolette Larson - vocals
Fayssoux Starling - vocals

Emmylou's first three albums are my favorite and they are listed below. If you're more inclined to get a compilation, our top choice is the two disc Anthology: The Warner/Reprise Years.

Guitarist Albert Lee joined them for Luxury Liner, James Burton just played on a few songs on that and was the lead guitarist on the first two. The three albums below are all excellent.

Pieces of the Sky Elite Hotel Luxury Liner
1. Bluebird Wine 
2. Too Far Gone 
3. If I Could Only Win Your Love 
4. Boulder To Birmingham 
5. Before Believing 
6. Bottle Let Me Down 
7. Sleepless Nights 
8. Coat Of Many Colors 
9. For No One 
10. Queen Of The Silver Dollar 
11. Hank And Lefty 
12. California Cotton Fields 
1. Amarillo 
2. Together Again 
3. Feelin' Single - Seein' Double 
4. Sin City 
5. One Of These Days 
6. Till I Gain Control Again 
7. Here, There And Everywhere 
8. Ooh Las Vegas 
9. Sweet Dreams 
10. Jambalaya 
11. Satan's Crown Jewel 
12. Wheels 
13. You're Running Wild 
14. Cajun Born 
1. Luxury Liner 
2. Pancho & Lefty 
3. Making Believe 
4. You're Supposed To Be Feeling Good 
5. I'll Be Your San Antone Rose 
6. C'est La Vie 
7. When I Stop Dreaming 
8. Hello Stranger 
9. She 
10. Tulsa Queen 
11. Me And Willie 
12. Night Flyer 
Elvis Presley On Stage February, 1970 Promised Land (Good Times)

On Stage February, 1970 is a nice live Elvis performance from 1970. The remastered version includes six additional tracks. Beyond  the traditional gospel, and R&B cover songs Elvis includes material from the era: Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Proud Mary," and The Beatles "Yesterday/Hey Jude."

The 2000 reissue of Promised Land has improved sonics and adds eight songs to the original albums ten. These studio records are Elvis' last from Memphis from December 1973. The eight extra songs are from the same sessions that were also issued on an album called Good Times. So it is almost like a two for one re-issue, but Good Times originally had ten songs, missing are "Take Good Care of Her" and "I've Got a Thing About You Baby." 

The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Jim Campilongo The Little Willies Jim Campilongo And The 10 Gallon Cats

Jim Campilonga is a hot Telecaster guitar slinger. 

The Little Willies shows Campilongo's ability to add riffs, fills, and mellow solos on the softer songs like "Easy As the Rain." Meanwhile, he lets loose on some of the faster songs like "Roly Poly," and Gotta Get Drunk." 

Norah Jones (piano, vocals)
Lee Alexander (bass) 
Jim Campilongo (electric guitar) vocals) Richard Julian (guitar, vocals) 
Dan Rieser (drums)

Campilongo has a handful of solo records. They tend to be more jazz oriented. 

The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Dixie Dregs w/ Steve Morse What If Night of the Living Dregs

Steve Morse is one fine guitar player. I was lucky to see him early in his career with the Dixie Dregs and a few solo bands. Being a fan of both Kansas and Deep Purple's music, it is interesting that he became members of both of them. 

Steve's early years he played a Telecaster. The Steve Morse website discusses his current instrument. "Steve plays a Music Man Steve Morse signature guitar. The history of this unique instrument goes back to Steve's college days. During that time, Steve crafted a guitar for himself, combining the elements for his ideal instrument: a Fender Telecaster body, Stratocaster neck, Gibson Tune-o-matic bridge, a set of Gibson frets, a 12-string tailpiece (make unknown), and a group of pickups (also unknown). He called it the Frankenstein Telecaster, and constantly revised and improved it over the years. In 1986, Steve was approached by Musicman to collaborate on creating a production model. This guitar has since expanded to several models, and over 50 choices and combinations of finishes."

The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Danny Gatton Hot Rod Guitar: The Danny Gatton Anthology 88 Elmira St.
Danny Gatton was named the "Worlds Greatest Unknown Guitarist" in 1989 by  Guitar World Magazine that lead to a record deal with Elektra records. 

His 1991 release 88 Elmira Street is an excellent display of the immense talent of Danny Gatton. 

This quote from the albums liner notes describe his playing brilliantly, "Gatton fired off screaming blues licks, echoplexed rockabilly lines, fluid jazz octave passages, finger twisting steel-like string bends, cascading artificial harmonic fills, mercurial right hand banjo rolls, funky B-3 organ riffs, and Heineken beer bottle slide, often within one solo!"

Tom Principato / Danny Gatton 
Blazing Telecasters

CD - Recorded live at Adam's Rib in Washington, D.C. in 1984

Blazing Telecasters DVD Product description

This DVD was recorded for Maryland Public Television in 1984, featuring Tom and Danny trading licks on four original tunes and two jazz standards. It was taped in a studio setting with no audience. Also featured are John Previti (bass), Mike Sucher (keyboards), and Tony Martucci (drums). This is not the same performance or track listing as the Blazing Telecasters CD.

Blazing Telecasters Oh No! More Blazing Telecasters Blazing Telecasters
The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Albert Lee Emmylou Harris
Luxury Liner
Eric Clapton 
Just One Night
Albert Lee has an extensive resume. While he has a few solo albums, he also played on untold others. Some of my favorites include Emmylou Harris' third solo album Luxury Liner. Lee replaced guitar ace James Burton in Emmylou's Hot Band. The first cut from the album, a Gram Parsons song, shows Lee could fill the role. 

If you want to hear Lee in a blues setting with ample extended solos, check out Just One Night, a live Clapton album. This is one of Clapton's best live discs. 

Albert released a handful of solo albums. I haven't heard them to add personal. recommendations. There are a few two for one reissues that look interesting.  Hiding/Albert Lee Speechless/Gagged But Not Bound
Speechless/Gagged But Not Bound
Product Description
Raven presents two essential Albert Lee solo albums on the one cd for the first time - Speechless (1987) and Gagged But Not Bound (1988). The British-born guitarist has been delighting music fanatics with his virtuoso playing and astonishing technique for over 40 years. Having backed the likes of Joe Cocker, Emmylou Harris, Eric Clapton and the Everly Brothers. Speechless combines self-penned tunes 'T-bird to Vegas', 'Bullish Boogie' and 'Seventeenth Summer' with covers of Duane Eddy's 'Cannonball' and the traditional 'Arkansas Traveller'. It's a very clean sound featuring Lee on acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin and piano. Gagged But Not Bound features consummate Country / Rockabilly covers of Chet Atkins' 'Country Gentleman', 'Walkin' After Midnight', 'Tiger Rag', 'Forty Miles Of Bad Road' and the traditional tunes 'Flowers Of Edinburgh' and 'Midnight Special'. 
The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin I Led Zeppelin DVD

While Jimmy Page is primarily known in his Led Zeppelin days as playing a Gibson Les Paul and his double neck, in the early days he played a Telecaster. 

The Led Zeppelin DVD has plenty of video footage with Page playing a Telecaster. The four tracks from Danmarks Radio from 1969 shows 30 minutes of great footage.

The text below is an excerpt from interview with Page where he discusses his use of the Telecaster on Led Zeppelin I. The BBC Sessions first disc include various 1969 live performances. I'm not certain, but some or all may be with Page using a Telecaster.

Our Led Zeppelin section.

by Steven Rosen.

What kind of guitar were you suing on the first Led Zeppelin album?

JP: A Telecaster. I used the Les Paul with the Yardbirds on about two numbers and a Fender for the rest. You see the Les Paul Custom had a central setting, a kind of out-of-phase pickup sound which Jeff couldn’t get on his Les Paul, so I used mine for that.

Was the Telecaster the one Beck gave to you?

JP: Yes. There was work done on it but only afterwards. I painted it; everyone painted their guitars in those days. And I had reflective plastic sheeting underneath the pick guard that gives rainbow colors.

The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Merle Haggard and the Strangers 40 #1 Hits I'm a Lonesome Fugitive/Branded Man
Merle Haggard stated in his liner notes to Strangers / Swinging Doors And The Bottle Let Me Down, "The Telecaster was not for the timid; you had to be a bulldog to play a Telecaster, because it's hard to play. It doesn't respond like a lot of guitars, so you have to play it with a different attitude, and that makes the results different. 

While Merle straps the Telecaster on, he isn't the lead player, but his guitar slingers like Roy Nichols and James Burton favored the model.

In 2006 the early Capital Merle Haggard releases were brilliantly remastered and repackaged with two discs combined together, two for one. Further, there are bonus tracks to supplement the original albums. 

They did a remarkable job on the remastering. They sound incredible. 

Merle Haggard profile

The Telecaster - Guitar heros
New Riders of the Purple Sage Where I Come From
Buddy Cage Interview
Winterland San Francisco, CA 12/31/1977
Enjoy life and listen to the beautiful sounds of the pedal steel and Fender Telecaster in musical harmony. Crank up loudly the New Riders of the Purple Sage featuring Buddy Cage on pedal steel, David Nelson on lead guitar, along with John Dawson and company. 

The New Riders reformed in 2005. They released a superb studio album in 2009, entitled Where I Come From. They also have quite a few live archive shows available. As of this writing, the most current release is from Winterland 1977 and it is very good.

New Riders of the Purple Sage overview

Buddy Cage exclusive interview

The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Tom Principato Raising the Roof! Guitar Gumbo
We've highlighted a few of Tom Principato's solo releases that we recommend. Tom comes from the Washington D.C. area and is an outstanding Telecaster Master. 

Raising the Roof has some great sounds to it. The first song is a good R&B number that rocks; good rhythm guitar, better lead guitar, and superb horn complements. In a retro rock way I hear a little James Gang "Funk 49" in "Too Damn Funky," though it was actually inspired by the New Orleans band The Meters, which was led by Art Neville. On "In the Middle of the Night" the second vocals of Tommy Lepson add a nice dimension to the Reggae flavored, wah-wah laced track. 
"Bo Bo's Groove" is a nice instrumental cut, with a Latin feel with a lot of funk, the guitar and organ both offer impressive, musical statements, percussion too. Undeniably impressive, "Counts For Rita" is Roy Buchanan meets Jeff Beck. Then laying down the blues theme with the "Stormy Monday" theme set to new words as a parody; "They Called For "Stormy Monday" (But "Mustang Sally" Is Just As Bad)."  

That's only around half of the story. Raising the Roof has very good song writing, a first class backing band, and blistering guitar.
by Barry Small 

Product Description
Powerhouse Records announces a March 3, 2008, release date for Raising the Roof, the new album from guitarist extraordinaire Tom Principato and his band. 

Long-acknowledged as one of the premier guitarists in the world, Tom Principato s latest CD builds on the universal acclaim for his 2005 release, Guitar Gumbo, which won awards from the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) for Best Blues Recording and Best Blues Vocalist. With these new honors, Tom has now won a total of 22 Wammies. In addition, a song from that album, If Love Is Blind, written by Dave Kitchen, was named Song of the Year.

In addition to Principato on guitar and vocals, the band features John Perry on bass and backup vocals, Joe Wells on drums and Josh Howell on congas and percussion.

On Raising the Roof, the Tom Principato Band is joined by long-time DC-area favorite Tommy Lepson, who contributes his soulful Hammond B3 organ playing and vocals, as well as several other special guests. The new album showcases nine songs (including 6 originals) that demonstrate the breadth of Tom s musical influences ranging from blues, jazz and rock, to funk, reggae and New Orleans sounds.

The three covers include a jazzy workout of Jimmy Smith s 8 Counts for Rita, a cooking take on J.J. Cale s Lies, and a new version of Louis Jordan s Fish Fry that brings on the funk and Jamaican flavors to this R&B classic, a long-time staple of the band s live shows.
The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Tom Principato / Danny Gatton 
Blazing Telecasters

CD - Recorded live at Adam's Rib in Washington, D.C. in 1984

Blazing Telecasters DVD Product description

This DVD was recorded for Maryland Public Television in 1984, featuring Tom and Danny trading licks on four original tunes and two jazz standards. It was taped in a studio setting with no audience. Also featured are John Previti (bass), Mike Sucher (keyboards), and Tony Martucci (drums). This is not the same performance or track listing as the Blazing Telecasters CD.

Blazing Telecasters Oh No! More Blazing Telecasters Blazing Telecasters
The Telecaster - Guitar heros
The Rolling Stones
We've highlighted some classic Rolling Stones CD's, Exile On Main Street, ,Sticky Fingers, and Let It Bleed. It is hard to narrow the list to fit on a highlight page. The sound of Keith Richards Telecaster is one of the trademarks to the sound, those fine crunchy riffs. I love the piano fills too.

The studio releases are well known that we point out. The live release, Live Licks, from The Rolling Stones 40th Anniversary tour of 2002-03 is a great listen so we've decided to select a less obvious recommendation. Plus we wanted to include a recommendation with the guitar duo of Ron Wood / Keith Richards. Sheryl Crow is a guest on "Honky Tonky Women."

More Rolling Stones content

Exile On Main Street Sticky Fingers Let It Bleed
1. Rocks Off 
2. Rip This Joint 
3. Shake Your Hips
4. Casino Boogie 
5. Tumbling Dice 
6. Sweet Virginia 
7. Torn and Frayed 
8. Sweet Black Angel 
9. Loving Cup 
10. Happy 
11. Turd on the Run 
12. Ventilator Blues 
13. I Just Want to See His Face 
14. Let It Loose 
15. All Down the Line 
16. Stop Breaking Down 
17. Shine a Light 
18. Soul Survivor 
1. Brown Sugar 
2. Sway 
3. Wild Horses 
4. Can't You Hear Me Knocking 
5. You Gotta Move
7. I Got the Blues 
8. Sister Morphine 
9. Dead Flowers 
10. Moonlight Mile 
  1. Gimme Shelter
  2. Love In Vain
  3. Country Honk
  4. Live With Me
  5. Let It Bleed
  6. Midnight Rambler
  7. You Got The Silver
  8. Monkey Man
  9. You Can't Always Get What You Want
The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Steely Dan Can't Buy a Thrill Countdown to Ecstasy

Steely Dan turned out some brilliant music. The earlier albums are more rock oriented than their latter ones. 

As the subject of this page is the Telecaster, the earlier Steely Dan albums are drenched with Telecaster solos. Denny Diaz favored a Telecaster and graced many of the solos. Jeff "Skunk" Baxter also added some smoking guitar licks, though I'm not sure the model of guitar he used. Baxter also added a bit of pedal steel. Steely Dan's later albums as they moved toward Aja and beyond had a whole host of other guitarists, less rock 'n roll more jazz influences. They're all really good, just different.

The link below is a youtube video of dueling Telecaster's, featuring Denny Diaz and Walter Becker. Steely Dan Reelin' in the Years 1973 Midnight Special

Steely Dan overview

Steely Dan compilations

The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Muddy Waters Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live
Legacy Edition
Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live/King Bee

The sound of Muddy Waters running a slide up and down his fret board is a sound of beauty to my ears. Not my wife's, "what is that noise." I love the blues live. His two disc Legacy Edition of Muddy :Mississippi" Waters Live gets more playing time than any other Muddy Waters release in my collection. Great sound quality too. 

The liner notes have some nice photos of Muddy playing his Telecaster. The very enjoyable liner notes by band mate Bob Margolin makes note of Muddy's "red '57 Telecaster (new extra-wide rosewood neck in '61, now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) as he describes guitar playing. 

Muddy Waters overview

Muddy Waters photo

The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Clarence White Nashville West featuring Clarence White Sweetheart of the Rodeo

Clarence White guitar playing is sort of like a combination of three of my favorite guitarist's, Jerry Garcia, Roy Buchanan, and James Burton. He plays with the melody of Jerry, the tone and brilliance of Roy, and the conciseness and sweetness of James. Now that is saying something. 

Some notable Clarence White electric guitar playing can be heard with one of the the earliest country rock albums Nashville West, the Byrds with Gram Parsons on Sweetheart of the Rodeo (comes in single or double edition), feature Clarence as a session musician.

As an official member of The Byrds,  we suggest on or more of live Byrds releases. 

Our Clarence White page has some information about his work with other bands he was in and his flat picking.

Untitled Live At The Fillmore - February 1969 Live at Royal Albert Hall 1971
1. Lover Of The Bayou 
2. Positively 4th Street 
3. Nashville West 
4. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N Roll Star 
5. Mr. Tambourine Man 
6. Mr. Spaceman 
7. Eight Miles High 

8. Chestnut Mare 
9. Truck Stop Girl 
10. All The Things 
11. Yesterday's Train 
12. Hungry Planet 
13. Just A Season 
14. Take A Whiff On Me 
15. You All Look Alike 
16. Well Come Back Home 

Bonus tracks on re-issue
Disc: 2 
1. All The Things 
2. Yesterday's Train 
3. Lover Of The Bayou 
4. Kathleen's Song 
5. White's Lightning Pt. 2 
6. Willin' 
7. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 
8. Old Blue 
9. It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) 
10. Ballad Of Easy Rider 
11. My Back Pages 
12. Take A Whiff On Me 
13. Jesus Is Just Alright 
14. Wheels On Fire 

1. Nashville West 
2. You're Still on My Mind 
3. Pretty Boy Floyd 
4. Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man 
5. Medley: Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)/Mr ... 
6. Close up the Honky Tonks 
7. Buckaroo  
8. The Christian Life 
9. Time Between 
10. King Apathy III 
11. Bad Night at the Whiskey 
12. This Wheel's on Fire 
13. Sing Me Back Home 
14. So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star 
15. He Was a Friend of Mine 
16. Chimes of Freedom 
1. Lover of the Bayou
  2. You Ain't Going Nowhere
  3. Truck Stop Girl
  4. My Back Pages
  5. Baby, What You Want Me to Do
  6. Jamaica, Say You Will
  7. Black Mountain Rag / Soldier's Joy
  8. Mr. Tambourine Man
  9. Pretty Boy Floyd
10. Take a Whiff (On Me)
11. Chestnut Mare
12. Jesus Is Just Alright
13. Eight Miles High
14. So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star
15. Mr. Spaceman
16. I Trust
17. Nashville West
18. Roll Over Beethoven
19. Amazing Grace
The Telecaster - Guitar heros
General Books and DVD's
The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Arlen Roth's Masters of the Telecaster  DVD   Apple iTunes

Product Description
The Telecaster is the only guitar to have ever spawned its own cult following of "Teleplayers." The Tele's raw, penetrating sound, combined with unique physical characteristics such as a deeply scooped headstock and placement of its volume and tone controls, enables Teleplayers to exploit techniques and sounds not available on other guitars. 

In this video, Telemaster Arlen Roth teaches you all the classic licks and riffs of the great Telemasters, as well as techniques such as PEDAL STEEL BENDS, BEHIND-THE-NUT BENDS, CHICKIN PICKIN', CLASSIC ROCKABILLY, RHYTHM STYLES, BLUES TECHNIQUES, SHUFFLE PATTERNS, FULL CHORD BENDS, BANJO ROLLS, and much more. Plus, Arlen review the styles of all the Tele greats, like ALBERT LEE, DANNY GATTON, KEITH RICHARDS, STEVE CROPPER, and JAMES BURTON. 

You'll see lots of actual footage of the Telemasters like DANNY GATTON, ALBERT LEE, JAMES BURTON, ALBERT COLLINS, and many more! 

The Telecaster - Guitar heros
Six Decades of the Fender Telecaster: The Story of the World's First Solidbody Electric Guitar  Book

Product Description
Launched by the fledgling Fender Company in 1950, the Telecaster has become the longest-lived solid-body electric guitar, played by everyone from Muddy Waters to Chrissie Hynde. All who play know that the key to the Telecaster's importance and versatility is its sheer simplicity. Packed with high-quality photographs of great Telecasters, collectible catalogs, period press ads, and memorabilia, this tribute tells the story of the Telecaster and the Fender Company through exclusive interviews with Fender figures who were there when this musical star was born. 50 color photos, and 40 black-and-white photos are included. 

About the Author
Tony Bacon has specialized in music journalism for over 20 years. He is author of many books and has served as an advisor to the BBC/Tribute TV documentary "Guitar Legends." 

The Telecaster - Guitar heros

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