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Eric Clapton Music Resource page
Want to see the legendary Eric Clapton performing live? 
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Eric Clapton Music Resource page
Eric Clapton Music Resource page
Web-Sites Notes and Bio
The Layla Sessions: 20th Anniversary Edition

Eric Clapton 

Eric Clapton

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What's New!

Slowhand Deluxe Edition - 35th Anniversay

Eric Clapton releases

Old Sock

Old Sock
1. Further On Down The Road
2. Angel
3. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
4. Gotta Get Over
5. Till Your Well Runs Dry
6. All Of Me
7. Born To Lose
8. Still Got The Blues
9. Goodnight Irene
10. Your One and Only Man
11. Every Little Thing
12. Our Love Is Here To Stay 
Old Sock 
March 2013 - Editorial Reviews
On the heels of a sold-out Crossroads Guitar Festival and the announcement of a major world tour, Eric Clapton announced the release of his 21st studio album and his first album since 2010. The album, Old Sock produced by Eric Clapton, Doyle Bramhall II, Justin Stanley and Simon Climie, features two original songs "Every Little Thing" and "Gotta Get Over. " Old Sock is released on Clapton s Bushbranch label, distributed through a collaboration with Surfdog Records in the USA and Canada.

The album is a collection of some of Clapton s favorite songs spanning from his childhood to present day that highlights his vast appreciation and knowledge of music. From Leadbelly to J.J. Cale; Peter Tosh to George Gershwin; Hank Snow to Gary Moore and Taj Mahal, this record is a celebration of so many who have inspired Clapton s rich musical life. Clapton has always had a remarkable ability to recognize great songs and a gift for knowing how to uniquely interpret them, as he does on Old Sock. The album explores romantic standards of the 30's, reggae, soul, rock, and includes a stand out playful collaboration with Paul McCartney, to create an experience that is quintessential Clapton.

Clapton assembled a band for the recordings consisting of longtime collaborators Steve Gadd (drums), Willie Weeks (bass) and Chris Stainton (keyboards) along with some surprise guest additions. JJ Cale joins the song "Angel" for backing vocals and guitar, Chaka Khan joins as backing vocalist for "Get On Over, " Steve Winwood on the Hammond B3 Organ on "Still Got The Blues, " Paul McCartney on bass/vocals on "All of Me, " Jim Keltner on drums for "Our Love is Here To Stay. " 
On Tour With Eric Clapton:  Deluxe Edition
and Regular single disc
 Deluxe Edition Box Set
Disc 1:
1. Intro/Tuning
2. Opening Jam
3. Gimme Some Lovin'
4. Band Introductions
5. Only You Know And I Know
6. Medley: Poor Elijah/Tribute To Johnson
7. Get Ourselves Together
8. I Don't Know Why
9. Where's There's A Will, There's A Way
10. That's What My Man Is For
11 Medley: Pour Your Love On Me/Just Plain Beautiful
12. Everybody Loves A Winner
13. Things Get Better
14. Coming Home
15. I Don't Want To Discuss It
16. Little Richard Medley: Tutti Frutti/The Girl Can't Help It/Long Tall Sally/Jenny Jenny
17. My Baby Specializes

Disc 2:
1. Intro/Tuning
2. Opening Jam
3. Gimme Some Lovin'
4. Things Get Better
5. Medley: Poor Elijah/Tribute To Johnson
6. I Don't Know Why
7. Medley: Pour Your Love On Me/Just Plain Beautiful
8. Where There's A Will, There's A Way
9. Coming Home
10. Little Richard Medley: Tutti Frutti/The Girl Can't Help It/Long Tall Sally/Jenny Jenny
11. I Don't Want To Discuss It
12. Crowd/Announcement

Disc 3:
1. Intro/Tuning
2. Gimme Some Lovin'
3. Introduction
4. Things Get Better
5. Medley: Poor Elijah/Tribute To Johnson
6. I Don't Know Why
7. Where There's A Will, There's A Way
8. That's What My Man Is For
9. I Don't Want To Discuss It
10. Coming Home

Disc 4:
1. Intro/Tuning
2. Gimme Some Lovin'
3. Pigmy (Instrumental)
4. Introductions
5. Things Get Better
6. Medley: Poor Elijah/Tribute To Johnson
7. Only You Know And I Know
8. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
9. Where There's A Will, There's A Way
10. I Don't Know Why
11. That's What My Man Is For
12. Coming Home
13. Little Richard Medley: Tutti Frutti/The Girl Can't Help It/Long Tall Sally/Jenny Jenny
Aug. 2010

Product Description
Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett assembled an all-star group of “friends” in 1969 for a weeklong tour of England, a legendary excursion that would produce On Tour With Eric Clapton, one of rock’s most powerful and enduring live albums. Clocking in at a mere 40 minutes, the original left fans wanting more for decades. THE WAIT IS OVER - Rhino Handmade delivers with a four-disc deluxe reissue expanded with more than three hours of unreleased roof-raising, hickory-smoked rock ’n’ soul.

The set, which comes packaged in a mock road case, contains Delaney & Bonnie & Friends’ complete performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall, plus a composite of the next night’s performances at Colston Hall in Bristol, and both the early and late shows from the tour’s final stop at Fairfield Halls in Croydon. Along with the Bramletts, the touring band showcased on these discs includes guitarists Eric Clapton and Dave Mason, bassist Carl Radle, drummer Jim Gordon, organist Bobby Whitlock, Jim Price and Bobby Keys on horns, percussionist Tex Johnson, and singer Rita Coolidge.

Along with unreleased versions of all the songs from the original, this reissue also contains several songs not featured on the 1970 album, including “I Don’t Know Why” a track the Bramletts penned with Clapton; “My Baby Specializes” and “Everybody Loves A Winner” from the Bramlett’s debut Home; “Get Ourselves Together” from the couple’s 1969 follow-up Accept No Substitute; the traditional “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”; a cover of Spencer Davis Group’s “Gimme Some Lovin’”; and the instrumental “Pigmy.”

Glyn Johns, who recorded the Colston Hall gig, revisits his experience in the collection’s detailed liner notes: “There is no question that they had an immense effect on popular music, mostly by influencing some of the most successful musicians of the day. The outstanding memory for me is the sound they created. Being an engineer, it had a huge influence on me—this, coupled with the complexity of the rhythm section and the ease with which they performed. Us Brits had never heard anything so fluid.”
Clapton Clapton
 1 Travelin' Alone 
2 Rocking Chair 
3 River Runs Deep 
4 Judgement Day 
5 How Deep Is the Ocean 
6 My Very Good Friend the Milkman 
7 Can't Hold Out Much Longer 
8 That's No Way to Get Along 
9 Everything Will Be Alright 
10 Diamonds Made from Rain 
11 When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful 
12 Hard Times Blues 
13 Run Back to Your Side 
14 Autumn Leaves 
Sept. 2010

Product Description
Co-produced by guitarist and long-time collaborator Doyle Bramhall II, ‘Clapton’ features an all star cast of musical collaborations started with the legendary JJ Cale, drummer Jim Keltner, bassist Willie Weeks, and keyboardist Walt Richmond - and the sessions later added guests including Steve Winwood, Wynton Marsalis, Sheryl Crow, Allen Toussaint, and Derek Trucks. Clapton created a collection that touches on everything from century-old traditional brass bands to little-known country blues to brand-new originals. The result is both relaxed and revelatory, and unlike anything the guitarist has done in his legendary career.
‘This album wasn't what it was intended to be at all,’ says Eric Clapton. ‘It's actually better than it was meant to be because, in a way, I just let it happen. It's an eclectic collection of songs that weren't really on the map - and I like it so much because if it's a surprise to the fans, that's only because it's a surprise to me, as well.’ 

Eric Clapton with the Allman Brothers Band - During the Allman Brothers Band historic 15 evening run at the Beacon Theater, Clapton set in on two of the evenings for a significant portion of the show. 
3/19/09 - 6 songs with Clapton 

3/20/09 - 7 songs with Clapton 

I have the 3/20 show and it is a desert island selection for sure.

Allman Brothers Band Beacon Theater 3/19/09
Disc One
1. Little Martha (4:00)
2. Statesboro Blues (5:16)
3. Done Somebody Wrong (5:46)
4. Revival (9:53)
5. Stage Banter (0:33)
6. Woman Across The River (10:40)
7. Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’ (4:26)
8. Whipping Post (18:34)

Disc Two
1. Oncoming Traffic (5:26)
2. Come and Go Blues (6:30)
3. Good Morning Little School Girl (12:07) $
4. Announcements (0:41)
5. Key To The Highway (5:10) %
6. Dreams (11:06) %

Disc Three
1. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad (8:47) %
2. Little Wing (7:37) %
3. Announcements (0:47)
4. Anyday (6:53) %&
5. Crowd Noise (2:12)

Encore: 6. Layla (7:18) %$

$ = Danny Louis, keyboards
% = Eric "Slowhand" Clapton, guitar and vocals
& = Susan Tedeschi, vocals
Product Description
For years it had been a dream of many Allman Brothers fans, the ultimate best case scenarion. What if Eric Clapton joined the ABB on stage to play some of the songs that Duane Allman played on Layla? With Derek Trucks recently touring with Clapton, and this year's Beacon run being dedicated to Duane, the buzz was even stronger than usual this year.

Well, it is no longer just a fantasy, it really happened, and the results are beyond your wildest dreams! Speaking of which, besides the Layla material, check out EC on "Dreams"! The highlight of the whole Beacon run might be this version of "Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?" with Derek and Eric pushing each other into the stratosphere during the outro jam. Every bit as good as it sounds on paper, and so are "Little Wing" and "Anyday" with Clapton. The "Layla" encore belongs in a category of its own, with some of Derek's most sublime work on slide. A historic night of music for the ages!

And that doesn't even count the fantastic first set, which had a second set feel to it, especially the explosive "Whipping Post" closer. Gregg has never sounded better than he does on these versions of "Statesboro Blues" and "Done Somebody Wrong," and "Revival" keeps evolving into one of the band's best jamming showpieces. Did we mention Gregg's solo take on "Oncoming Traffic" to start the second set, or the blistering "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" with Danny Louis from Govt Mule on keys?

Step right up and get it while it's hot! Every day that goes by without hearing this music is a day you will regret later.
Allman Brothers Band Beacon Theater 3/20/09
Disc One
1. Little Martha (2:43) &
2. Mountain Jam (14:09)
3. Trouble No More (3:39)
4. Midnight Rider (3:21)
5. Announcements (0:22)
6. 44 Blues (12:41) $
7. Wasted Words (9:03)
8. Gambler's Roll (7:10)
9. Ain't Wastin' Time No More (8:39)
10. Mountain Jam - reprise (10:12)

Disc Two
1. Melissa (5:55)
2. Leave My Blues At Home (6:50)
3. No One To Run With (10:16)
4. Announcements (1:01)
5. Key To The Highway (4:36) %
6. Stormy Monday (11:08) %
7. Dreams (11:23) %

Disc Three
1. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad (8:23) %
2. Little Wing (8:39) %
3. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (14:50) %
4. Crowd Noise (1:52)

Encore: 5. Layla (8:03) $%

& = Oteil solo
$ = w/ Danny Louis, keyboards
%=Eric "Slowhand" Clapton, guitar and vocals
Product Description
They say lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but they're wrong! Many people thought it was virtually impossible for the second ABB show with Eric Clapton to equal the first, but in many ways this show surpasses Thursday's concert. There seems to be no ceiling to what the Allman Brothers Band was capable of in this Beacon run!

Check out the first set, a blockbuster that would be a worthy second set to most shows, complete with a "Mountain Jam" sandwich to open and close the set. "44 Blues" and "Gambler's Roll" provide some deep blues, and the end sequence of "Ain't Wastin' Time No More>Mountain Jam Reprise" is just as good as it sounds. Oteil's solo bass version of "Little Martha" adds a different twist to the Duane Allman classic, which had been played as a duet by Warren and Derek earlier in the run.

The second set is Clapton time, and Slowhand seems relaxed, comfortable and ready to jam. The Derek and the Dominoes classics sound just as good, if not better, than Thursday, but there are a few surprises in store. This performance of "Stormy Monday" might be the best ever, from Gegg's passionate vocals to the blues guitar master class being put on by Derek, Eric and Warren. Clapton soars even higher on this version of "Dreams" than he did on Thursday, and his jazzy explorations on "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" show Slowhand venturing far from his blues-rock comfort zone and proving that he still has his mojo. This "Layla" encore may be even more emotional and powerful than the one from the previous show, if that's possible.

Another historic must-have show!
Eric Clapton Music Resource page
Live from Madison Square Garden

May 2009 - Release date
Product Description
2 CD edition. History rocked and rock made history during a sold-out three-gig stand at Madison Square Garden in late February 2008 when icons Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood performed a concert together for the first time since their all-too-brief days in the legendary Blind Faith in 1969. Whether they will ever team again is unknown. But with Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood Live From Madison Square Garden, fans everywhere are able to experience the sound and the glory of a performance on that famous stage by two of rock's greatest artists. 

Audio DVD Blu-ray
  Apple iTunes
Eric Clapton Music Resource page

Complete Clapton - October 2007 release.

Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007 -
Two DVD set

The Road to Escondido - Eric Clapton and J.J. Cale

Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton - Deluxe Edition 

Just One Night

As a contributor
Eric Clapton contributes to Jamie Oldaker's new album, Mad Dogs and Okies. Clapton has worked and recorded extensively with Oklahoma musicians throughout his career, including Delaney and Bonnie, Leon Russell, and J.J. Cale (who wrote “After Midnight” and “Cocaine”).

"I always liked Tulsa music for its no-compromise attitude, as if the musicians were making it just for themselves, without regard to what other people would think of it." -- Eric Clapton - Review  

ABOUT THEM SHOES, the new album from blues guitar legend Hubert Sumlin. Sumlin is joined by special guests Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, David Johansen, harmonica legend James Cotton and The Band's Levon Helm. Produced by Rob Fraboni, the album is a loving tribute to Muddy Waters and contains seven songs from Waters, four from Willie Dixon (written for Waters), one from Carl C. Wright and one from Sumlin himself.

Crossroads Guitar Festival DVD
In June 2004, some of the greatest living guitar players and their bands gathered at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, for a three-day festival to benefit the Crossroads Centre in Antigua. It was the ultimate concert for any music lover, featuring one legend after the other: Eric Clapton, BB King, Buddy Guy, Eric Johnson, James Taylor, Jimmie Vaughan, Joe Walsh, John Mayer, Robert Cray, Robert Randolph, Santana, ZZ Top, and many more. This 2-DVD set beautifully documents the event and contains over 4 hours of content.

461 Ocean Blvd. - deluxe edition, wow.
Slowhand - SACD remastering
Clapton's Session's for Robert Johnson, a follow-up to his tribute to blues legend Robert JohnsonMe and Mr. Johnson

Eric Clapton is a legendary musician. He is not only a master guitar player, but his songwriting is outstanding; it is rare to excel so highly in both realms. Certain phases of his career often leaned further towards showcasing guitar playing while others favored songwriting; perhaps his album Slowhand has the optimal balance between the two styles. Additionally, Eric Clapton’s music shifted between blues and pop, and his release of Unplugged was a superb balance of combining these two realms.

With such a long and distinguished career Eric Clapton’s sound took on many phases through his many early bands and distinguished solo career. With such an abundant of phases to Eric Clapton’s music it is expected that there are some periods that are better than others.  We have sifted through his career and will summarize what we feel is his best work. The links below will bring you to our album reviews.

Eric Clapton Page 1
Eric Clapton Page 2
Eric Clapton Page 3
Eric Clapton Compilations

Eric Clapton Music Resource page  

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eric clapton
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Eric Clapton - Biography

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Eric Clapton
John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers
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2006 Tour  

Clapton's tour band which consists of: Eric Clapton, Guitar, along with Doyle Bramhall II and Derek Trucks also on Guitar, Chris Stainton and Tim Carmon on Keyboards, Willie Weeks on Bass, Steve Jordan on Drums, The Kick Horns: Simon Clarke, Roddy Lorimer, and Tim Sanders on Brass, and backing vocals by Michelle John and Sharon White.

FRANCE May 5 2006 (Fri) Le Cannet La Palestre

UNITED KINGDOM May 8 2006 (Mon) Glasgow SECC May 9 2006 (Tues) Manchester MEN Arena May 11 2006 (Thurs) Birmingham NEC May 12 2006 (Fri) Sheffield Hallam FM Arena May 14 2006 (Sun) Nottingham Arena May 16 2006 (Tues) London Royal Albert Hall May 17 2006 (Wed) London Royal Albert Hall May 19 2006 (Fri) London Royal Albert Hall May 22 2006 (Mon) London Royal Albert Hall May 23 2006 (Tues) London Royal Albert Hall May 25 2006 (Thurs) London Royal Albert Hall May 26 2006 (Fri) London Royal Albert Hall

FRANCE May 28 2006 (Sun) Paris Bercy

BELGIUM May 31 2006 (Wed) Antwerp Sports Paleis

NETHERLANDS June 1 2006 (Thurs) Rotterdam Ahoy

GERMANY June 3 2006 (Sat) Frankfurt Festhalle June 4 2006 (Sun) Stuttgart Schleyerhalle June 6 2006 (Tues) Leipzig Arena June 7 2006 (Wed) Berlin Wuhlheide

UNITED KINGDOM June 9 2006 (Fri) Surrey Hampton Court Palace Festival June 10 2006 (Sat) Surrey Hampton Court Palace Festival

ITALY July 7 2006 (Fri) Lucca Piazza Napoleone July 8 2006 (Sat) Perugia Arena Santa Giuliana July 10 2006 (Mon) Verona Arena

GERMANY July 13 2006 (Thurs) Cologne Arena July 14 2006 (Fri) Dortmund Westfalenhalle

AUSTRIA July 16 2006 (Sun) Vienna Stadthalle

HUNGARY July 18 2006 (Tues) Budapest

CZECH REPUBLIC July 20 2006 (Thurs) Prague The Arena

GERMANY July 22 2006 (Sat) Munich Olympiahalle July 23 2006 (Sun) Mannheim SAP Arena July 25 2006 (Tue) Hamburg Colorline Arena

DENMARK July 26 2006 (Wed) Augustenborg Castle

NORWAY July 28 2006 (Fri) Oslo Spektrum

SWEDEN July 29 2006 (Sat) Stockholm Globen

FINLAND July 31 2006 (Mon) Helsinki Hartwall Arena

Eric Clapton Announces Historic Concert Performance in Red Square, Moscow August 3, 2006 Russian Date Completes European Tour NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04/04/2006 -- Completing his previously announced European tour, Eric Clapton will perform a final, historic show for this leg of the world tour on August 3, 2006 in Red Square, Moscow. The Russian date wraps up the tour which begins May 5 in France and will travel through 14 countries.

This will be the first time Clapton has performed in Red Square, following in the footsteps of major artists such as Paul McCartney, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti who have all performed in the famed location, in addition to last year's historic Live 8 concert.

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