Dave's Picks Vol. 12
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Dave's Picks Volume 12: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 11/4/77 - Grateful Dead - New release

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Dave's Picks Vol. 12 Dave's Picks Vol. 12 - Dave's Picks Volume 12: 11/4/77, Hamilton, NY - Grateful Dead
Colgate University
Hamilton, NY 
11/2/77 -Toronto
Order: GDM

Dave's Picks Volume 12: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 11/4/77 - Grateful Dead - New release

Dave's Picks Vol. 12
Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 

Filler - the entire third disc
Seneca College Field House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Editorial commentary
One of trademarks of an excellent release to me is after I listen to it; am I in the mood to play it again or if other things are making their way into my CD player? Then, after the subsequent listen, are there new things you're hearing and enjoying, rewinding certain passages and the like. 

I've listened to the 11/4 show and repeated much of it and a  light listen to disc three from 11/2. While I am not done yet, here are the initial thoughts about the release.

Sound - Very nice for a two-track. All parts clear, I especially like the way Bobby's parts come through as you can hear the nuances of his playing throughout the release. The drums come through very nice; Phil too. 

Definitive moments - Not all releases have definitive moments. The version of "Stella Blue" is certainly exceptional and if it is not a definitive version, it is right on the border. Beautiful dynamics and they really get things rolling at the end with some of the drumming really pushing Jerry, or was it the other way around:), gorgeous singing, not a bad transition into the "Playing Reprise." Phenomenal. 

During set one, the "Bertha" > "Good Lovin'" was really solid. I thought Jerry delivered "Brown-Eyed Women" superbly, and "Maybe it was the Roses" is a favorite of mine, a respectable version, though, Jerry does miss a vocal line. Bobby tops it all with the set closer, "Let it Grow." 

Rarities -"Iko" - A nice change of pace for a 77 show, the fourth version according to Deadbase. However, the framing of the song improved over time. This is a bit slow and sounds like a cousin of "Not Fade Away" at times. I didn't care much for the tempo or beat. The faster punchier renditions that "Iko" would eventually become are more enjoyable. Still, it is welcome to have a fresh song. Also, "Dupree's" and "Cold Rain" were additions to the Dead's fall 1977 rotation - no May 1977 sets have those for bragging rights. 

"Cold Rain and Snow" was nice so nice to hear. Really powerful energy build up to close the song. 

Standouts - The version of "The Other One" was quite good and they only needed a few minutes to make that musical declaration, a tremendous "Estimated Prophet," and sizzling "Playing in the Band Reprise." "Eyes of the World" had a couple of ear catching Garcia lines.

Phil - Real nice playing throughout. 

Dave's Picks Vol. 12 certainly has a lot great music and is a great selection. 

An off topic plug, if your collection is light of Garcia Band from 1978, do check out Garcialive Vol. 4.

From the Grateful Dead website
Dave's Picks Volume 12: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 11/4/77

The fourth and final Dave's Picks release of 2014 heeds the long awaited call for one of the best shows of the coveted year of 1977. A top candidate for release for many years, Grateful Dead archivist extraordinaire Dick Latvala wrote of 11/4/77, "this show must have destroyed everyone's mind, with the unique material ("Dupree's Diamond Blues" & "Aiko Aiko") and great performance. One can easily tell that this was a special occasion by the way Lesh carries on at the beginning of the 2nd set." His praise of the 
show, replete with plenty of "we should definitely mention" notes, continued from the day he received the tape all the way through the '90s, so you know this one stands the test time. We're sure you'll agree after just a few listens to an inspired "Let It Grow," an intense "Other One," an other-worldly take on "Stella Blue," and much, much more. And if that (for some strange reason) isn't enticing enough, we've rounded out the 3-CD set with over 75+ minutes of super hot material from Seneca College Field House, Toronto, 11/2/77.

Dave's Picks Volume 12: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, 11/4/77 is sold out!

Dave's Picks Volume 12: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 11/4/77 - Grateful Dead - New release
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Dave's Picks Volume 12: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 11/4/77 - Grateful Dead - New release
Track List

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Wesley M. Cotterell Court, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY (11/4/77)

Disc 1 
1. Bertha> [7:50] 
2. Good Lovin’ [6:26] 
3. Brown-Eyed Women [5:56]
4. Cassidy [5:02]
5. It Must Have Been The Roses [7:42] 
6. Sunrise [4:19] 
7. New Minglewood Blues [5:38]
8. Dupree’s Diamond Blues [6:45] 
9. Let It Grow [13:43] 
10. Jones Gang Introduction [1:40] 
11. Samson And Delilah> [7:21] 
12. Cold Rain And Snow [6:03] 

Disc 2 
1. Playing In The Band> [13:03]
2. Eyes Of The World> [13:11]
3. Estimated Prophet> [11:18]
4. The Other One> [4:25]
5. Drums> [3:35]
6. Iko Iko> [10:47]
7. Stella Blue> [11:45]
8. Playing In The Band [7:01]
9. Johnny B. Goode [4:44] 

Disc 3 - 
Seneca College Field House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (11/2/77)
1. Promised Land [4:54]
2. They Love Each Other [7:28]
3. Me And My Uncle> [3:05]
4. Big River [6:22]
5. Candyman [7:10]
6. Looks Like Rain [8:30]
7. Ramble On Rose [8:41]
8. Scarlet Begonias> [10:28]
9. Fire On The Mountain [7:33]
10. Terrapin Station [10:14]
Dave's Picks Volume 12: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 11/4/77 - Grateful Dead - New release

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Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Mickey Hart - drums
Keith Godchaux - Keyboards
Donna Godchaux - vocals

Dave's Picks Volume 12: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 11/4/77 - Grateful Dead - New release

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Release date - Nov. 2014
Produced by Grateful Dead
Produced for release by - David Lemieux
CD mastering - Jeffrey Norman 

Sold out - I noticed on Oct. 8 the release was sold out and I think it was announced on Oct. 6.

Limited to 14,000 individually numbered copies

Listening Party
"Let if Grow"
"Eyes of the World"

From Deadlists.com

Venue Field House - Seneca College 
Location Toronto, ON, Canada 
Date 11/2/77 - Wednesday 

Set 1 - The Promised Land [4:18] ; They Love Each Other [7:08] ; Me And My Uncle [3:03] > Big River [6:02] ; Candyman [6:46] ; Looks Like Rain [8:15] ; Ramble On Rose [7:53] ; Lazy Lightnin' [3:21] > Supplication [5:09] ; Might As Well [5:06] 

Set 2 - Samson And Delilah [6:42] ; Ship Of Fools [6:24] ; Good Lovin' [6:10] ; Sunrise [3:50] ; Scarlet Begonias [10:27] > Fire On The Mountain [7:18] ; Estimated Prophet [10:13] > Saint Stephen [7:26] > Truckin' [8:23] > Around And Around [8:34] 

Encore - Terrapin Station [10:10] 

Bold indicates the song is included as bonus material. 

Dave's Picks Volume 12: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 11/4/77 - Grateful Dead - New release

Introducing Dave's Picks

The New Limited Edition Numbered Archival Series

What happens when you take the spirit of Dick's Picks and combine it with the very best aspects of Road Trips? Dave's Picks! Esteemed archivist, vaultmeister, and all-around Dead fiend David Lemieux will curate the finest unreleased shows from the master tapes, brought to life with HDCD sonics by Jeffrey Norman, period photos, and informative liner notes. All four CD releases in 2012 will be limited to 12,000 individually numbered copies and each will come in a digipak printed on Orford stock. The entire packaging, including the trays, will be made of 100% recycled and PCW materials. Here's a sneak peek of the packaging

From the Grateful Dead website
Jack Straw may have been from Wichita but the Grateful Dead only played there once and what a show it was! Whether the band knew they would only have one shot to show the "Doo-dah" city what they were all about, we just don't know but they sure did nail it. Dick's Picks producer Dick Latvala initially considered this one for release and with a single listen, you'll know why. From the epic 90-minute 16-song first set to super tight ditties from the massively popular Workingman's Dead and American Beauty albums and newly minted Europe '72 classics like "He's Gone," "Brown-Eyed Women," and "China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider," you're bound to agree. Lest we forget to mention the great sounding tapes and excellent acoustics at the Century II Convention Hall. (Oh, and as a little bonus, we've thrown in the best of the bunch from Oklahoma City 11/15/72!)

Mastered in HDCD from the original soundboard recordings produced by Owsley Stanley, with fresh artwork from Tony Millionaire (and his little dog too), and liner notes from original handbill artist and then first-time Grateful Dead concert attendee Gary Houston, this sonic adventure is one to cross off the old bucket list.

Dave's Picks Volume 12: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 11/4/77 - Grateful Dead - New release
Dave's Picks Volume 12: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY 11/4/77 - Grateful Dead - New release