Jamie Oldaker
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Jamie Oldaker - cd reviews and discography


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Jamie Oldaker

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Jamie Oldaker - cd reviews and discography

Jamie Oldaker 

Mad Dogs & Okies is a music project that brings together an all-star line-up of musicians that are either from Oklahoma or have been major contributors to--or have been influenced by--Oklahoma music. The musical styles are primarily country, rock, blues, and folk with a bit New Orleans on several tracks. Each song has different musicians. The track list below indicates a key contributor, usually the singer.

The recording came about by acclaimed drummer Jamie Oldaker who's resume includes three decades-plus recording that includes such household names as Eric Clapton, Bob Seger, Leon Russell, and Peter Frampton. Jamie performed on many of Clapton's best solo albums, a few include 461 Ocean Blvd, Slowhand, and the stunning live work on Crossroads 2. He was also a founding member of the country-rock Tulsa band, The Tractors, which scored a triple platinum hit with its 1994 self-titled debut album on Arista. 

Eric Clapton sings lead vocals on one track, "Positively," that has a New Orleans feel to it, in the style of Dr. John. In addition, Clapton's influence is elsewhere. For example, he plays guitar on "Wait Til Your Daddy Gets Home," an upbeat rocker. He too covered "Promises" on his Backless album. Also noteworthy, the female vocalist on it, Marcy Levy, was a member of Clapton's band during much of the 1970's, both in the studio and as a performing member. There is also a rendition of Clapton's band Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home." All four of these tracks are good. 

"I always liked Tulsa music for its no-compromise attitude, as if the musicians were making it just for themselves, without regard to what other people would think of it." -- Eric Clapton

Other highlights include Peter Frampton performing the ballad, "Sending Me Angels" that features good singing, piano and guitar. The Willie Nelson & J.J. Cale collaboration "Motormouth" is catchy offering a fast paced country feel. Willis Alan Ramsey, who adds guitar to "Positively" performs good acoustic blues on "Sympathy For A Train." 

A couple of mellow numbers toward the end of the disc slow the pace during "Daylight" featuring J. J. Cale, and "Song For You" by Joe & Ellen.

Often with albums that have various artists there will songs and performers that you like and others you won't care as much for. With Mad Dogs and Okies the same is true. But overall the material is quite enjoyable and the album flows well.
by Barry Small

Mad Dogs and Okies

Track List
1. Wait Til Your Daddy Gets Home - Vince Gill   
2. Positively - Eric Clapton   
3. Don't Let Your Feet Git Cold - Taj Mahal   
4. Sympathy For A Train - Willis Alan Ramsey   
5. Promises - Zadig & Marcella   
6. Magnolia - Tony Joe White   
7. Make Your Move - Bonnie Bramlett   
8. Shotgun Shack - Wiley Hunt   
9. Sending Me Angels - Peter Frampton   
10. Time To Boogie - Ray Benson   
11. Can't Find My Way Home - Steve Pryor   
12. Stagger Lee - Taj Mahal   
13. Daylight - J.J. Cale   
14. Song For You - Joe & Ellen   
15. Motormouth - Willie Nelson & J.J.Cale   
16. Make Your Move (Revisted) - Bonnie Bramlett   

Jamie Oldaker - drums
The personnel varies on each song.

Jamie Oldaker - cd reviews and discography
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Jamie Oldaker - cd reviews and discography
Jamie Oldaker - cd reviews and discography


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