Don't Let Go
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 Don't Let Go 

Don't Let Go - Jerry Garcia

 1976 (2001)
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Don't Let Go - Jerry Garcia review

Don't Let Go  review

The music on Don't Let Go was recorded May 21, 1976, at the Orpheum Theatre, and it is the first to feature a complete Jerry Garcia Band concert. Grateful Dead Merchandise has released several different line-ups of the Jerry Garcia Band to date. This is the first to feature Keith Godchaux on piano and Donna Godchaux on vocals; both were members of the Grateful Dead at the time this concert was recorded.

The first disc includes gorgeous renditions of songs that are regular rotations with the Jerry Garcia Band and a few that were staples in the Grateful Dead's repertoire. I realize I am in the minority, but this version of "Sugaree" rivals even the famous May 1977 versions the Grateful Dead played, and the performance of "They Love Each Other" deserves similar praises.

The rendition of the Motown single "That's What Love Will Make You Do" takes on a bluesy tone and it sounds awesome. It includes a four to five minute instrumental that is typical of this release. It begins with Jerry and Keith playing melodies together. Shortly thereafter it is Keith's turn for a piano solo. Not to be left out Jerry takes his turn. To end, Keith joins Jerry and the two simultaneously pour out the melodies of the song from their instruments in brilliant fashion.

The last song on disc one "Don't Let Go" is the beginning of set two. This is a monstrous version and includes the most exploratory playing of the release.

Donna Godchaux seems more comfortable in this band than she did with Grateful Dead both as a back up singer and lead vocalists. As a result, when she gets the spotlight for "Strange Man" she doesn't disappoint.

The show closes with Lonesome and "A Long Way From Home." When I listen to the closing instrumental it sounds as if Jerry is testing out riffs that later would wind up as the foundation of the Grateful Dead's "Fire On The Mountain."

The song "Mighty High" is not from the Orpheum concert, but from the Keystone Berkeley recorded September 11, 1976.

Don't Let Go has much more to offer than what is noted here. If you are a fan of hearing melodic guitar and piano riffs spilling off of each other you'll treasure this. The interplay between Keith and Jerry is different that what you hear with the Grateful Dead or any other Jerry Garcia Band line up. This is easily one of my favorite compact discs, bar none. by Barry Smallę 
Grade  A +

Don't Let Go track list
Track List

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Garcia Tab

Disc 1 
 1. Sugaree (Garcia / Hunter) - 9:55
 2. They Love Each Other (Garcia/  Hunter) - 8:31
 3. That's What Love Will Make You Do 
    (Banks / Marion / Thigpen) - 9:56
 4. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Dylan) - 11:07
 5. Sitting in Limbo (Bright / Cliff / Plummer) - 10:29
 6. Mission in the Rain (Garcia / Hunter) - 7:43
 7. Don't Let Go (Stone) - 16:03

Disc 2
 1. After Midnight (Cale) - 11:00
 2. Strange Man (Coates) - 7:12
 3. Tore Up Over You (Ballard) - 9:28
 4. I'll Take a Melody (Toussaint) - 15:10
 5. The Way You Do the Things You Do 
     (Robinson / Rogers) - 7:11
 6. My Sisters and Brothers (Johnson) - 6:41
 7. Lonesome and a Long Way from Home
     (Bramlett / Bramlett / Russell) 14:27
 8. Mighty High (Crawford/Downing) - 6:26

Don't Let Go - Musicians

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Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
John Kahn - bass
Keith Godchaux - keyboards
Donna Godchaux - vocals
Ron Tutt - drums

Don't Let Go  - Notes

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Label -  GDCD

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