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CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

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CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography


The Last Waltz - cd reviewsBad Company Anthology


Chuck BerrySweet Dreams: The Anthology of Roy Buchanan

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography
Musical Profile Index

Welcome to our summary page of musical artists that we profile. This is our high level snapshot. Many of the bands mentioned on the page we have more detailed profiles, which include topics ranging from reviews, commentary, discography, cd recommendations, photos, and related subjects. 

We're always adding new recommendations so stop back frequently.

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Bad Company

The Band  

The Beatles

Jeff Beck  

Chuck Berry

Dickey Betts

Black Sabbath

Blind Faith 

Boris Garcia 

Michael Bloomfield 

David Bowie 

Roy Buchanan

James Burton

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography
Band overviews
The Band |Michael Bloomfield ] David Bowie ] Boris Garcia ] Roy Buchanan ]
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Bad Company 

 Original Bad Company Anthology Paul Rodgers: Live in Glasgow
Bad Company hit the pavement running fast with a stunning debut. They are not a legendary band, but they have plenty of excellent  material. Notably their self-titled debut and Straight Shooter albums.  

Their double disc compilation, Original Bad Company Anthology, release includes all one would need in a Bad Company collection. It even includes a handful of key outtakes that are not available elsewhere. 

The Paul Rodgers DVD includes his band performing a number of classic Bad Company songs, along with other material including the Free hit "All Right Now." 

Bad Company Reunion

Hard Rock Live
Product Description
Live reunion tour concert from Bad Company, featuring Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke & Mick 
Ralphs performing a one night only sold-out show at The Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, 
Florida on August 8, 2008. 

Featuring 17 hit songs:
Bad Company, Honeychild, Sweet Lil' 
Sister, Burnin' Sky, Gone Gone Gone, Pack, Live For The Music, Seagull, Feel Like 
Makin', Movin' On, Simple Man, Rock Steady, Shooting Star, Can't Get Enough, R & R 
Fantasy, Ready 4 Love, Good Lovin' Gone Bad. 
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The Band  

The Band Greatest Hits  A Musical History 
The Band has lots of excellent material. I recommend not only the studio versions, but their live albums as supplements. In both cases, be sure to get the remastered material from 2000 and 2001. There are some older compilations, but they may not sound as good as the remastered releases that we've noted. I have To Kingdom Come and the sonics are noticeably inferior.

1. Studio choices can be accomplished through either a greatest hits, their box set, A Musical History, or the CD's themselves. 

The Band's Greatest Hits
is an excellent low price introduction to their studio material. The box-set A Musical History is an excellent package. There is a singe disc and two disc CD/DVD excerpt available of The Musical History.

2. Live essentials - Both Rock of Ages, with the horn supplements, and The Last Waltz, featuring the legendary guest performances are excellent and essential. 

3. With Bob Dylan - If you are a fan of Bob Dylan, you may want to pick up one or all of the Bob Dylan live or studio albums where The Band back him. There's very  little overlap.

Our favorite songs: "Rag Mama Rag," "Up on Cripple Creek," "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," "The Weight," and the cover "Don't Do It." 

The Band vary the singers. I like sound of Rick Danko's voice best, but Levon sings my favorite songs. 

Additional content about The Band 
The Band Profile
Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, and The Band

The Band live

There are basically four ways to hear The Band live.

1. With guests - The Last Waltz - In our view, the best performance and sound quality of any live release.

2. Backing Bob Dylan - See the Bob Dylan and The Band section.

3. Rock of Ages - Double disc with horns on about a dozen songs, Dylan on four - Rock of Ages for Dec 28 - 31, 1971. Digital re-master 24 bit.

4. Just The Band. Surprising with all of The Band live releases, there isn't a solid release of, just them. There are large portions on The Last Waltz, Rock of Ages, and Before the Flood, and a good compliment to those is Live at Watkins Glen

The Last Waltz has stunning sound. You can't go wrong with the DVD, two disc audio, or four disc box set audio.

DVD Blu-Ray Audio
Bob Dylan with The Band - Below are the main releases with Bob Dylan and The Band. Further, there are tidbits throughout the releases. There is a summarization of a large chunk in our overview of The Band

Compile the six songs from The Last Waltz (1976), the four from Rock of Ages (1971), and the four from Dylan's Self-Portrait (1969), and you'd have a pretty good companion to Before the Flood (1974) and Bob Dylan Bootleg Series Vol. 4 (1966).

Before the Flood - Solo Bob Dylan, electric Dylan with The Band, and as well as The Band plating their own hits.

Bob Dylan Bootleg Series Vol. 4 - Solo Bob Dylan, and electric Dylan with The Band.

Planet Waves - Dylan studio album with The Band backing him.

The Basement Tapes - The Dylan songs were recorded in Woodstock, New York in 1967. These are supplemented by compositions by The Band recorded between 1967 and 1975. 

Before The Flood 
('74 )
Bob Dylan Bootleg Series Vol. 4 ('66) Planet Waves

Rock of Ages - Double disc with horns on about a dozen songs, Dylan on four - Rock of Ages for Dec 28 - 31, 1971. Digital re-master 24 bit.

Regarding Live at Watkins Glen; it emphasizes lesser known songs rather than all of the hits. Watkins is also rumored to use two studio tracks from the Moondog Matinee reissue, "Back to Memphis" and "Endless Highway," and some of the release is from the sound check. The sonics of Watkins are moderate. 

Rock of Ages
Live at Watkins Glen
The first two Band albums are classics, and the third is no slouch. Their second album is by far my favorite. 
Music From the Big Pink
The Band (The Brown album)
Stage Fright 
Moondog Matinee 
Northern Lights-Southern Cross 
I added a few Ronnie Hawkins choices. The twofer Mojo Man/Arkansas Rockpile offers the largest dose Ronnie and The Hawks with The Band as the backing unit. 

For fans of Hank Williams, Levon plans drums with some of  the great Nashville Session musicians on Sings the Songs of Hank Williams. 

Ronnie Hawkins (vocals), Harold Bradley (guitar), Hank Garland (guitar), Floyd Cramer (piano), Owen Bradley (piano), Bob Moore (bass), Levon Helm (drums), Anita Kerr Singers (chorus). 

Mojo Man/Arkansas Rockpile  Mr. Dynamo / Sings the Songs of Hank Williams
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

The Beatles

The Beatles Stereo Box Set The Beatles 1
In Sept. 2009, the Beatles albums are being re-issued in remastered format.

The Beatles Stereo Box Set

Product Description

*CDs packaged in three panel digi-pak with digital mini documentaries
* Remastered by Guy Massey, Steve Rooke, Sam Okell with Paul Hicks and Sean Magee

All 13 Studio remasters plus Past Masters (digi packaging with digital mini documentaries)
Please Please Me
With The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night
Beatles For Sale
Rubber Soul
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles
Yellow Submarine
Abbey Road
Let It Be
Past Masters

DVD of all 13 mini-documentaries (Running time: 40 minutes)

The Beatles 1 is a economical way to pick up a 27 great Beatles songs.

We tend to be more of a latter era Beatles fan. Our three favorites releases are:
The Beatles (The White Album) Abbey Road Let It Be
The Beatles Anthology
Anthology 1 Anthology 2 Anthology 3
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Jeff Beck  

The Best of Beck Truth
Jeff Beck is clearly a brilliant guitarist; starting out emphasizing the blues and moving to instrumental rock fusion.

Jeff Beck offers a good one disc compilation that highlights his solo career. The song selection can not be faulted, but the poor non-chronological sequence should be criminal. The live version of "Blue Wind" lacks some fidelity and the studio version would have been the wiser  choice.

Beck's more expansive three disc box set, Beckology, has lots of early material dating back to the Yardbirds and even earlier.  

In October 2006, The Jeff Beck's first two solo albums were reissued w/ bonus tracks - Truth , Beck-Ola.

This classic line-up included Rod Stewart, Nicky Hopkins, Ron Wood, within the personnel. I recently listened to Beck-Ola. I was expecting a little better sound, but the music is good, especially if you like Beck's guitar playing. While I enjoy this music a great deal, it is a Jeff Beck purchase. Also check out Rod Stewart with the  The Faces and his early career, Ron Wood is in The Faces and The Rolling Stones, and Nicky Hopkins with The Rolling Stones. Liner notes by Charles Shaar Murray include interview excerpts with Beck, credits, and photos.


Beckology Five album package
Additional Jeff Beck content
Rock: Guitar and piano

Below we've referenced the Performing This Week: Live at Ronnie Scott's.  In 2007 Jeff Beck performed a series of concerts at the renowned Ronnie Scott's club in London. I had an opportunity to watch it. The recording quality is awesome, a nice selection of material, Clapton joins him for the encore. I really enjoyed the instrumental take of the Beatles classic "A Day in the Life." 

Audio Standard DVD Blu-Ray
The classic early instrumental Jeff Beck releases
Blow By Blow Wired Three Pack
Apple iTunes
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Chuck Berry

Ultimate Chuck Berry Blues
Chuck Berry is often credited as the father of Rock 'n Roll. In many ways he bridged the gap between blues and rock. He had some of the best blues musicians backing him on his records including Willie Dixon on bass, Johnny Johnson, and Otis Spann on piano, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, and Hubert Sumlin on  guitar among others. 

We think the best way to collect Chuck Berry is through one of his compilations.  They have been so many that you can become dizzy considering your options. In 2007 there was a release entitled, Ultimate Chuck Berry, 56 songs. It runs neck and neck with Gold 50, songs, offering the best value. I like Ultimate better because it has the Christmas songs, "Merry Christmas Baby," and "Run Rudolph Run," which are on the box set, but seem to be left off of all of the other compilations. Note: Gold has the same songs as the Chess release Anthology, but is less expensive. Below we listed a single, double and triple disc release. 

Additional Chuck Berry content
Rock: Guitar and piano

The Definitive Collection Gold The Chess Box: Chuck Berry
Johnny B. Goode: His Complete '50s Chess Recordings 
1955 to 1959
You Never Can Tell: The Complete Chess Recordings 1960-1966 Live at the Fillmore Auditorium
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography
Band overviews
The Band |Michael Bloomfield ] David Bowie ] Boris Garcia ] Roy Buchanan ]
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Dickey Betts 

The Very Best of Dickey Betts: 1973-1988 Bougainvilleas Call  Great Southern / Atlanta Burning 
Great Southern / Atlanta Burning 
Product Description
Digitally remastered two-fer containing a pair of albums from the Southern Rock legend on one disc: Dickey Betts & Great Southern (1977) and Atlanta's Burning Down (1978). With the revived interest is all things "Southern" and the fast expanding "Jam Band" scene this timely re-issue illustrates what a superb guitarist Betts is. He has just announced that he has retired from the road after all these years and these two albums remain fine testament to the mans outstanding guitar skills. 15 tracks. 

Great Southern Track List
1. Out To Get Me
2. Run Gypsy Run
3. Sweet Virginia
4. The Way Love Goes
5. Nothing You Can Do
6. California Blues
7. Bougainvillea 

Atlanta Burning Track List
1. Good Time Feeling
2. Atlanta's Burning Down
3. Leavin' Me Again
4. Back On The Road Again
5. Dealin' With The Devil
6. Shady Streets
7. You Can Have Her (I Don't Want Her)
8. Mr. Blues Man 

Allman Brothers Band Overview

Rockpalast: 30 Years of Southern Rock

Rockpalast: 30 Years of Southern Rock
Rockpalast: 30 Years of Southern Rock
DVD Product Description
Rockpalast 1978: (Filmed March 4, 1978) The line-up: 
Dickey Betts - guitar/vocals 
Dan Toler - guitar 
Michael Workman - Keyboards 
David Godflies - Bass 
David Toler - Drums/percussion 
Dani Sharbono - Drums/percussion 

Rockpalast 1978 the song set: 
1.Rockpalast Caption 
2.Run Gypsy Run 
3.You Can Have Her/Leavin' Me Again 
4.You Can Have Her 
5.Back on the Road 
6.In Memory of Elisabeth Reed 
7.Good Time Feelin' 
8.Dealin' With The Devil 
10.High Falls (includes Drum Solo) 
11.Ramblin' Man 

Rockpalast 2008 (Filmed July 19, 2008) The Line-up Consists of the Following: 

Dickey Betts - guitar, lead vocals 
Duane Betts (Dickey's son) - guitar 
Frankie Lombardi - Drums, backing vocals 
Michael Kach - Organ, lead vocals 
Pedro Arevalo - bass 
James Vanardo - Drums 
Andy Aledort - guitar 

Rockpalast Concert 2008: The song set is as follows: 
1.Statesboro Blues 
2.Nothing You Can Do 
3.Blue Sky 
4.Get Away 
5.One Way Out 
7.Havin' A Good Time 
8.In Memory of Elisabeth Reed 
9.No One to Run With 
10.Ramblin' Man 
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Black Sabbath 

Symptom of the Universe: The Original Black Sabbath 1970-1978 The Dio Years
Black Sabbath borders on the edge of hard rock and heavy metal. 

Black Sabbath's album Paranoid is one the best albums in this genre. Any album that includes three classics, "War Pigs," "Paranoid," and "Iron Man" deserves high ranks. In addition, most of the album is strong hitting elements of blues, jazz, and even psychedelic inferences. 

For a casual fan, Black Sabbath's two-disc compilation Symptom of the Universe: The Original Black Sabbath 1970-1978 is a superb choice.

Additional Black Sabbath content
Hard Rock

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Blind Faith 

Blind Faith Deluxe edition

Eric Clapton short lived pairing with Steve Winwood in the super group Blind Faith has some great moments mixed in with good material. 

Clapton's long career has so many different facets, and we would rank the Blind Faith stint as average, compared to what he recorded throughout his career. When we reach for Eric Clapton it is seldom to hear Blind Faith. For many listeners, if you have a few songs from a collection that is satisfactory. Picking up Clapton's box set Crossroads includes plenty of material from this period.  

Blind Faith: Deluxe is a two disc collection that includes the remastered original album loads of extra songs and jam sessions, for the serious collector. 

  Apple iTunes  Live from Madison Square Garden  London Hyde Park 1969 by Blind Faith (DVD - 2006) 


See also our Eric Clapton section for the re-union tour featuring Clapton and Winwood, a 2009 release of their 2008 performances tour is available in both audio and video. 

Additional Blind Faith content
Eric Clapton profile

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Boris Garcia 

Once More into the Bliss Mother's Finest
Once More Into Bliss, is Boris Garcia's third release and a great introduction to these hot Philadelphia based musicians.

Reviewing Once More Into Bliss was the first I heard Boris Garcia. Not being familiar with the voices and their style, it takes a bit to get used the sound before an accurate review can be made. In these cases, sometimes the music isn't to my liking and turns out to be a waste of time, other times some new great sounds are discovered. So which of those camps does the Boris Garcia's third release, Once More Into Bliss, fall into? ...review continues here

Additional Boris content

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Michael Bloomfield 

Live Adventures Of Michael Bloomfield & Al Kooper 
Fillmore East: The Lost Concert Tapes 12/13/68
Michael Bloomfield's short life from 1943 - 1981 left behind some outstanding treasures of music, primarily blues. Much of the material is under other artists name such as his work in Paul Butterfield's band, his formation of The Electric Flag, or the truly essential albums, Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited, and Muddy Waters' Fathers and Sons. If you prefer the longer jams his work with Al Kooper is the place to look, whether with the studio Super Sessions or a live selection.... 

Additional Michael Bloomfield content

Live at Bill Graham's Fillmore West: 1969 Live at the Old Waldorf Highway 61 Revisited
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography
Band overviews
The Band |Michael Bloomfield ] David Bowie ] Boris Garcia ] Roy Buchanan ]
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David Bowie 

David Bowie Stage
Best of David Bowie

Wow!!! Oh my!! (insert other exclamations as needed) But you're probably wondering "What the ---?", and rightly so: STAGE was a live album released in 1978, scoring no hits, and dismissed at the time in favor of DAVID LIVE, which had been released four years earlier and was better mixed & more focused in style.

And yet .... continued

Additional David Bowie content
David Bowie

Our two favorite Bowie albums are Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory. The Best of David Bowie is a good value collection, note, there are some single versions on the collection.

Ziggy Stardust Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture
Hunky Dory
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography
Roy Buchanan Sweet Dreams: The Anthology Deluxe Edition

Roy Buchanan's is one of the most innovative guitar players that I've heard. I was fortunate to see him perform live twice in the 1970's. Amazing! He generally plays with a blues or rock attitude, though he does stretch into different genres like surf, or country. So while Roy isn't not a strictly blues performer, but when he goes for that approach he's clearly one of a kind. From Second Album, "Tribute To Elmore James" is a great example of him playing the blues. Why that song gets left off of so many Roy Buchanan compilations should be criminal, there is room for those three and half minutes of bliss. 

Buchanan's playing offers the guitar sustain that Carlos Santana mastered, the phasing of David Gilmour (particularly like he demonstrated on Animals), the natural blues flow of Stevie Ray Vaughan, all rolled into one. Perhaps most important or at a minimum impressive, is that Buchanan's playing is so unique and original.

There is a superb career retrospective entitled Sweet Dreams: The Anthology, which includes six live tracks (blistering), and an assortment of his best songs from his albums. 

Some of the best material from Sweet Dreams was previously unreleased such as "Dual Soliloquy," a twelve minute solo guitar piece recorded in 1972, and two live covers songs, "Hey Joe," and "C. C. Ryder." Buchanan's version of Joe Walsh's track "Turn to Stone" is very David Gilmour like.

Buchanan's compilation Deluxe Edition that covers material from his last three albums with Alligator records; Dancing on the Edge, Hot Wires, and When a Guitar Plays the Blues.

Additional Roy Buchanan content
Profile and discography

Live in Japan American Axe: Live in 1974 Live Stock/A Street Called Straight
The Telecaster - Guitar heros
James Burton The Guitar Sounds of James Burton James Burton & Ralph Mooney
Corn Pickin' and Slick Slidin'

James Burton is best known for his work in Elvis Presley's TCB (Taking Care of Business) Band. James Burton's resume is too extensive for this page, so we're highlighting a few select items. Also of note, Burton played with Merle Haggard. who is listed separately on this page. 

We highlighted two instrumental releases first. They are The Guitar Sounds of James Burton and another album by James Burton & pedal steel guitarist Ralph Mooney called Corn Pickin' and Slick Slidin'.  

Below we noted some of James Burton's  work with Gram Parsons.

Gram Parsons G.P./Grievous Angel The Complete Reprise Sessions

James Burton sweet Telecaster guitar riffs beautifully filled up Gram Parsons two solo albums, G. P. and Grievous Angel. The basic personnel was Elvis' TCB backing band, along with Gram Parsons, and of course, Emmylou Harris.

There are only two albums with this line-up and they are magical. They are available as a two-fer, or as a box set with alternate takes and slightly better sound. I upgraded to the box-set and am sure glad I did, but casual fans will be more than satisfied with the original two albums without the alternate tracks. 

Our website features much more about Gram Parsons, these releases, along with the other bands that he played in. 

Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1: 1963-1972
Neil Young Archives - June 2009 release
Audio Standard DVD Blu-Ray
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