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CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography


Santana's Greatest HitsSimon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits - Tales From New York

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Showbiz Kids: The Steely Dan StoryJames Talyor's Greatest Hits

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography
Musical Profile Index

Welcome to our summary page of musical artists that we profile. This is our high level snapshot. Many of the bands mentioned on the page we have more detailed profiles, which include topics ranging from reviews, commentary, discography, cd recommendations, photos, and related subjects. 

We're always adding new recommendations so stop back frequently.

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography


Boz Scaggs

Bob Seger 

Simon and Garfunkel

Bruce Springsteen

Steely Dan



James Taylor

Susan Tedeschi

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography
Band overviews
Bob Seger ] Bruce Springsteen ] | Steely Dan
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography


The Essential Santana
Limited edition 3 discs
The Essential Santana

The Essential Santana has different packaging. There's a version that has a third disc if you can find that.

Product Description
Each Essential Limited Edition 3.0 expanded 3-CD set features the biggest hits and best-loved songs from superstar artists, including material not previously available in an Essential package Definitive, career-spanning and comprehensive, The Essential 3.0 series features all of the must-have selections from the biggest names in music history--now with a 3rd disc! 
Now available for the first time in eco-friendly cardboard packaging. The Essential Series has sold more than 18 million units worldwide across 60+ titles! 

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Our top three Santana releases include two Legacy Edition reissues, the debut Santana and Santana 3, Third, is the live 1977 release Moonflower, which has two of my favorite Santana pieces, a cover of the Zombies song "She's Not There" and "Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)."

Santana  Santana 3 Moonflower
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs Live-New York 3/13/09
Allman Brothers Band with Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs first album is well known Duane Allman contributing to most a healthy dose of the material. A song from those session was including on Anthology 1 by Duane Allman and another on Anthology 2 by Duane Allman. 

1. I'm Easy   
2. I'll Be Long Gone   
3. Another Day (Another Letter)   
4. Now You're Gone   
5. Finding Her   
6. Look What I Got  
7. Waiting For A Train  
8. Loan Me A Dime  
9. Sweet Release 

Duane plays on tracks 5, 6, 7, and 8. Perhaps track 4 too.

Live-New York 3/13/09 - Allman Brothers 

Along that same chapter, during the Allman Brothers Band 40th Anniversary Beacon Celebration that was in memory of Duane Allman, Boz Scaggs came out for a healthy segment of the show. Yes, "Loan Me a Dime" was played. I've heard most of the 2009 Beacon run and rank this show pretty high. The Boz set is around 30 minutes and most Boz fans would like the Asbury Jukes, whom perform during some of the Boz set as well as with just the ABB. The Bruce Willis material is pretty good too.

Editorial Reviews
Boz Scaggs was one of several guests at this year's Beacon run who played with Duane Allman, and this version of "Loan Me A Dime" rivals the legendary version that Boz cut with Skydog. Scaggs also sings his heart out on "Sick and Tired" and "Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City," as well as adding a lot to the Dylan classic "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry," a new addition to the ABB catalog. Add the raw power of the Asbury Jukes horns, and you have a mini-set of epic proportions, with the Allmans transformed into the world's greatest rhythm and blues revue. Bruce Willis is known to most as an actor, but he can blow a mean blues harp, as he shows on 
"One Way Out" and "Smokestack Lightning." As always, some of the best moments featured just the core ABB, like the awe-inspiring "Whipping Post" encore, which contains some of Derek's most blindingly brilliant guitar work. A can't miss show! 
Mar 13, 2009 (Fri) 
The Allman Brothers Band Beacon Theatre 
New York, New York

1. Midnight Rider
2. Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
3. Done Somebody Wrong
4. New Instrumental
5. Into The Mystic
with The Asbury Jukes Horns
6. One Way Out
w/Bruce Willis, harmonica
7. Smokestack Lightnin'
w/Bruce Willis, harmonica
8. Southbound
with The Asbury Jukes Horns; James van de Bogert, drums

Set II
9. It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry
with Boz Scaggs, guitar & vocals
10. Sick And Tired
with Boz Scaggs, guitar & vocals; The Asbury Jukes Horns
11. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
with Boz Scaggs, guitar & vocals; The Asbury Jukes Horns
12. Loan Me A Dime
with Boz Scaggs, guitar & vocals; The Asbury Jukes Horns
13. The Same Thing
w/The Asbury Jukes Horns; Joe Bellia, drums
14. Wasted Words
15. No One To Run With

16. Whipping Post

The Asbury Jukes Horns are:
Richie Rosenberg “La Bamba”: Trombone
Eddie Manion: Baritone Sax
Mark Pender: Trumpet
Chris Anderson: Trumpet
Joey Stann: Tenor Sax

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Anthology 1 by Duane Allman Anthology 2 by Duane Allman

Duane Allman Anthology Vol. 1 Review
The Duane Allman Anthology Vol. 1
is a combination of Duane performing session work as well as a glimpse of his work with the Allman Brothers Band. The material begins with an early band he formed with his brother Gregg, The Hourglass, and concludes with five Allman Brothers Band songs. In between those periods, Duane played sessions for a variety of excellent musicians playing blues, soul, R&B, acoustic material, and rock.

With the session work selections, the material varies in that the band and singers differ from track-to-track. Some songs feature wailing guitars, while other tracks Duane plays a supplemental role. In an attempt to categorize, there are four main types of tracks: extended jams, supplemental roles, acoustic material, and the Allman Brothers Band. Full review in our Duane Allman section.

Boz Scaggs Multi Pack albums

Original Album Classics - Five discs
Features the following albums in vinyl replica sleeves: 'Moments', 'Slow Dancer', 'Silk Degrees', 'Middle Man' & 
'Down Two Then Left'. 
Moments (1971)/Boz Scaggs and Band (1971) My Time (1972) and Slow Dancer" (1974)  Original Album Classics
Silk Degrees (Exp) 
Silk Degrees is Boz' most commercially successful album. The remastered edition adds sonic clarity and three additional songs, live material. The first copy of this CD I have is a little flat sounding so the remastering is welcome. While I tend to favor the style of music of his debt album, this album does have some excellent material. The ending song, "We're All Alone" is an excellent vocal showcase, highlighted with melodic piano. The other key tracks for me are the well publicized ones, "Lido Shuffle, "Lowdown," and "Georgia."

Greatest Hits Live DVD

Product Description
* His first ever live DVD * Filmed in high definition video * Mixed in stereo and surround sound * Bonus features include extra track, 15 minute documentary, and photo gallery From his early days with the Steve Miller Band, to his smash hits as a solo performer, Boz Scaggs has been a respected musician for decades. Greatest Hits Live features Scaggs in concert at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, and as Scaggs himself says, "It's not just any band that can pull off this song list." From the jazz-tinged "Harbor Lights," to the desperately blue "Loan Me a Dime," to hit songs including "Lowdown" and "Lido Shuffle," Greatest Hits Live provides a powerful overview of the artist's most recognized work.

1. Lowdown
2. Slow Dancer
3. Heart of Mine
4. It All Went Down the Drain
5. Harbor Lights
6. Jojo
7. Ask Me 'Bout Nothin' but the Blues
8. Breakdown Dead Ahead
9. Look What You've Done To Me
10. I Just Go
11. Georgia
12. Miss Sun
13. Lido Shuffle
14. Runnin' Blues
15. Loan Me a Dime
16. We're All Alone 

Silk Degrees (Exp) Greatest Hits Live DVD Greatest Hits Live
A few Boz Scaggs compilations
My Time: Anthology (1969-97) Hits (Exp) Playlist: The Very Best of Boz Scaggs
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Bob Seger 

Live Bullet Nine Tonight
Bob Seger's live albums, Live Bullet and Nine Tonight are being re-issued in Aug. 2011 in remastered editions. Live Bullet summarizes his early period while Nine Tonight focuses the three Seger classics that followed. 

Live Bullet
Nutbush City Limits
Travelin' Man
Beautiful Loser
Jody Girl
I've Been Working
Turn the Page
U.M.C. (Upper Middle Class)
Bo Diddley
Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
Heavy Music
Lookin' Back
Get Out of Denver
Let It Rock 

Nine Tonight
Nine Tonight
Trying to Live My Life Without You
You'll Accomp'ny Me
Hollywood Nights
Old Time Rock & Roll
Main Street
Against the Wind
Fire Down Below
Her Strut
Feel Like a Number
Fire Lake
Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight
We've Got Tonight
Night Moves
Rock & Roll Never Forgets
Let It Rock [Edited for CD] 

Bob Seger - Greatest Hits Bob Seger - Greatest Hits 2
Press Release
If you’re in the mood for that old time rock & roll, you just might be in luck!  Capitol and EMI have announced two remastered editions of classic live albums from Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.  1976′s Live Bullet and 1981′s Nine Tonight are both due in stores on May 17.

Bob Seger catapulted to national stardom in 1976 with the LP Night Moves, after a string of regional hits in the Detroit area and throughout the Midwest.  Just before that commercial breakthrough, Seger and his Silver Bullet Band were captured in their live prime at Detroit’s Cobo Arena for the 2-LP set Live Bullet.  Seger had already recorded six albums for Capitol by this point without gaining a significant national audience.  Night Moves would change all that just a few months after the release of Live Bullet.  The new, single-disc edition of the album adds one bonus track, a live take on “I Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home.”  Bizarrely, the track listing supplied to retailers leaves off the album’s electric opening cut, a cover of Ike and Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City Limits.”  Seeing as how “Nutbush” received considerable airplay and is an integral part of the LP, it’s doubtful that the song has actually been excised from the reissue, but we’ll report back as soon as more details are confirmed.  Both “Nutbush” and the bonus track should handily fit on one disc.

1981′s Nine Tonight drew on 1980 concerts at both Cobo Arena and the Boston Garden, and featured a U.S. Top 5 hit, “Tryin’ to Live My Life Without You.”  Nine Tonight features live renditions of many of Seger’s most enduring classics including “Night Moves,” “Hollywood Nights,” “Old Time Rock & Roll” and “Against the Wind.”  Previous CD incarnations of Nine Tonight have included an edited version of album closer “Let it Rock,” Seger’s cover of the Chuck Berry song, shortening it from 10:36 to 6:18.  It’s likely that this reissue may contain the same edit, as it adds one bonus track, a live version of “Brave Stranger.”

Bob Seger's classics from 1976 - 1980
Night Moves Stranger in Town Against the Wind
Rock and Roll Never Forgets
Night Moves
The Fire Down Below
Sunspot Baby
Come to Poppa
Ship of Fools
Mary Lou 
Hollywood Nights
Still The Same
Old Time Rock & Roll
Till It Shines
Feel Like A Number
Ain't Got No Money
We've Got Tonite
Brave Strangers
The Famous Final Scene 
Horizontal Bop
You'll Accompny Me
Her Strut
No Man's Land
Long Twin Silver Line
Against the Wind
Good for Me
Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight
Fire Lake
Shinin' Brightly 
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Simon and Garfunkel

The Essential 3.0 Simon & Garfunkel  The Essential  Simon & Garfunkel 

There have been numerous issues of the Simon and Garfunkel collection, especially box sets with the whole studio collection or compilations. We've noted the most relevant as of this writing, some have been around for decades while others faded away. We've included live releases too. 

The 3.0 edition includes a third disc with six additional songs, compared to the initial release. 

1. He Was My Brother 
2. April Come She Will 
3. 7 O'Clock News/Silent Night 
4. Punky's Dilemma 
5. Why Don'T You Write Me 
6. Citizen Of The Planet 

Apple iTunes

Old Friends Box Set
3 discs
Old Friends Box Set
The Best Of Simon & Garfunkel Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits 
Simon and Garfunkel Studio
Wednesday Morning, 3 AM
Sounds of Silence 
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme 
1. You Can Tell the World 
2. Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream 
3. Bleecker Street 
4. Sparrow 
5. Benedictus 
6. The Sound of Silence 
7. He Was My Brother 
8. Peggy-O 
9. Go Tell It on the Mountain 
10. The Sun Is Burning 
11. The Times They Are A-Changin' 
12. Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. 
13. Bleecker Street [#][*][Demo Version] 
14. He Was My Brother [Alternate Take 1][#][*] 
15. The Sun Is Burning [Alt. Take 12][Alternate Take][#] 

1. The Sound Of Silence
2. Leaves That Are Green
3. Blessed
4. Kathy's Song
5. Somewhere They Can't Find Me
6. Anji
7. Richard Cory
8. A Most Peculiar Man
9. April Come She Will
10. We've Got A Groovy Thing Goin'
11. I Am A Rock
12. Blues Run The Game
13. Barbriallen (Demo)
14. Rose Of Aberdeen (Demo)
15. Roving Gambler (Demo)
1. Scarborough Fair/Canticle
2. Patterns
3. Cloudy
4. Homeward Bound
5. The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
6. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
7. The Dangling Conversation
8. Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall
9. A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd Into Submission)
10. For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
11. A Poem On The Underground Wall
12. 7 O'Clock News/Silent Night
13. Patterns (Demo)
14. A Poem On The Underground Wall (Demo)
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Bridge Over Troubled Water (40th Anniversary Edition) (1 CD/1 DVD)
1. Bookends Theme 
2. Save The Life Of My Child 
3. America 
4. Overs 
5. Voices Of Old People 
6. Old Friends 
7. Bookends Theme 
8. Fakin' It 
9. Punky's Dilemma 
10. Mrs. Robinson 
11. A Hazy Shade Of Winter 
12. At The Zoo 
13. You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies 
14. Old Friends (Demo)
1. Bridge Over Troubled Water
2. El Condor Pasa (If I Could)
3. Cecilia
4. Keep The Customer Satisfied
5. So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright
6. The Boxer
7. Baby Driver
8. The Only Living Boy In New York
9. Why Don'T You Write Me
10. Bye Bye Love
11. Song For The Asking
12. Feuilles-O (Demo)
13. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Demo Take 6)
No bonus tracks on disc 1 of the 40th anniversary edition.
Columbia Studio Recordings 1964-70  Bookends/Sounds of Silence Bridge Over Troubled Water/ Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme
Simon and Garfunkel Live Releases



Live 1969 Live From New York City, 1967 Simon and Garfunkel - The Concert in Central Park
Old Friends, Live on Stage Old Friends Live on Stage
Old Friends Live on Stage (Deluxe Edition) (2 CD/1 DVD)
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Bruce Springsteen

The Essential Bruce Springsteen The Essential Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springteen's compilation The Essential is quite well done selecting tracks from throughout his career. Personally, we like the early material quite a bit 

There are three discs included, though it is priced as a double disc. Two discs make up the compilation and a bonus disc of previously unreleased cuts, B-sides, contributions to soundtracks and benefit albums, covers, etc. A very good marketing move adding the third disc, as it will entice fans that already have the albums to pick up this compilation for the extra disc.

In addition to a strong selection of material, the music has been re-mastered, the liner notes include lyrics and credits, as well as a note from the boss. 

Additional Bruce Springsteen content
Music videos | Bruce Springsteen overview

If I was to select one Bruce Springsteen favorite release it would be Hammersmith Odeon, London '75. This captures the boss performing his best from his first three albums. You can either get a two disc audio, or a DVD of the show that is within the Born To Run: 30th Anniversary 3-Disc Set. They're both spectacular.


Born To Run: 30th Anniversary 3-Disc Set Born to Run Hammersmith Odeon, London '75
Bruce's first two albums.
Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.
The Wild, the Innocent & the E-Street Shuffle
X2:Greetings from Asbury Park/The Wild,Innocent & The E Street Shuffle
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Steely Dan

Showbiz Kids: The Steely Dan Story Very Best of Steely Dan

Steely Dan's two disc compilation Showbiz Kids: The Steely Dan Story is an excellent overview of their first seven albums; more recently, taking the name Very Best of Steely Dan. They select an excellent sampling from each album and even include two unreleased songs.

If you would like a single disc look there are a few, but frankly that isn't enough to cover enough key tracks. More to our taste, is their box set Citizen: Steely Dan, their first seven albums on four discs. We offer reviews of these albums.

I was surprised to see Donald Fagen was a guest with the Allman Brothers Band during their 2011 Beacon appearances, March 17. They performed two covers, Dylan's "Down Along The Cove," and the Grateful Dead's "Shakedown Street."

Additional Steely Dan content
Steely Dan profile
Rock: guitar and piano

Citizen Steely Dan: 1972-1980 includes their first seven album, through Gaucho
Citizen Steely Dan: 1972-1980 Can't Buy a Thrill 
Countdown To Ecstasy
Pretzel Logic
Katy Lied 
The Royal Scam 
Alive in America
Two Against Nature
Everything Must Go
Nightfly by Donald Fagen
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography


Styx/Gold: Come Sail Away: The Stxy Anthology
Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings

Styx/Gold: Come Sail Away: The Styx Anthology is a solid compilation of remastered Styx material. 

Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings contains the first four Styx albums, remastered in 2005.

Disc 1
  1. Best Thing

Styx II
  2. You Need Love
  3. Lady

The Serpent is Rising
  4. Winner Take All

Man of Miracles
  5. Rock & Roll Feeling

  6. Light Up
  7. Lorelei
  8. Prelude 12
  9. Suite Madame Blue

Crystal Ball
10. Shooz
11. Mademoiselle
12. Crystal Ball

The Grand Illusion
13. The Grand Illusion
14. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
15. Come Sail Away
16. Miss America
17. Man In The Wilderness

Disc 2
Pieces of Eight
  1. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
  2. Sing For The Day
  3. Renegade
  4. Pieces Of Eight

  5. Lights
  6. Babe
  7. Borrowed Time
  8. Boat On The River

Paradise Theater
  9. A.D. 1928
10. Rockin' The Paradise
11. Too Much Time On My Hands
12. The Best Of Times
13. Snowblind

Kilroy Was Here
14. Mr. Roboto

Edge of the Century
15. Love Is The Ritual
16. Show Me The Way

Return to Paradise
17. Dear John

18. One With Everything

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography


Retrospectacle: The Supertramp Anthology The Very Best Of Supertramp

Supertramp's two disc compilation Retrospectacle: The Supertramp Anthology is an excellent career overview. 

Disc 1
Surely (edited) 

Indelibly Stamped
Your Poppa Don't Mind 

Land Ho (non-album single)
Summer Romance (non-album single, B-side to Land Ho)

Crime of the Century
Bloody Well Right 
Crime of the Century 

Crisis? What Crisis?
Sister Moonshine 
Ain't Nobody But Me 
Two of Us 

Even in the Quietest Moments
Give a little Bit 
Even in the Quietest Moments 
From Now On [edit]

Disc 2
Breakfast in America
Gone Hollywood 
The Logical Song 
Goodbye Stranger 
Breakfast in America 
Oh Darling 
Take the Long Way Home 

(Live) Paris
You Started Laughing 

...Famous Last Words...
It's Raining Again
My Kind of Lady 
Don't Leave Me Now 

Brother Where You Bound

Free As a Bird
Free As a Bird  

Some Things Never Change
You Win I Lose

(Live) It Was the Best of Times
Another Man's Woman 

Slow Motion
Over You 

Breakfast in America Expanded Edition Supertramp - The Story So Far 
Breakfast in America Expanded

Amazon Editorial Reviews
Digitally remastered and expanded deluxe two CD edition including a bonus CD containing 12 unreleased live tracks. Their sixth album, Supertramp's most popular and successful work, Breakfast in America was released in March 1979, and reached #3 in the UK and #1 in the United States where it stayed on top for six weeks. It yielded the hit singles 'The Logical Song', 'Take The Long Way Home', 'Breakfast In America' and 'Goodbye Stranger'. The second disc, Breakfast Around The World, contains 12 previously unreleased live recordings from Miami, London and Paris between October and December 1979. Mostly drawn from Breakfast In America, it also includes earlier stage favorites 'Rudy', 'Give A Little Bit' and 'Even In The Quietest Moments'. 
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

James Taylor

The Best of James Taylor Sweet Baby James

The best single disc overview of James Taylor is his 20 track release The Best of James Taylor .  This is a huge upgrade over his long standing album James Taylor's Greatest Hits; that only includes 12 tracks. 

His album Sweet Baby James is one of the greatest records of the genre, in our opinion. It includes Carole King on piano and back up vocals on the record. No short of a masterpiece.  

Additional James Taylor content
Music videos

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Susan Tedeschi

Live From Austin Texas Live From Austin Texas
Recorded live June 17, 2003

  1. You Can Make It If You Try
  2. The Feeling Music Brings
  3. Alone
  4. Wait For Me
  5. Hampmotized
  6. Love's In Need of Love Today
  7. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
  8. Voodoo Woman
  9. In The Garden
10. Gonna Move
11. Wrapped in the Arms of Another
12. It Hurt So Bad
13. Lost Lover Blues
14. I Fell In Love
15. Angel From Montgomery

Susan Tedeschi Guitar, Vocals
Jason Crosby Keyboards, Violin, Vocals
Ron Perry Bass, Vocals
William Green Hammond B3, Organ, Organ (Hammond), Vocals
Jeff Sipe Drums, Vocals

Grateful Dead fans, during "Angel From Montgomery" Susan sings a few verses of "Sugaree" towards the end. 

Below are Susan Tedeschi's studio releases. 
Just Won't Burn
Better Days
Wait for Me
Hope and Desire

Doyle Bramhall II, pianist David Palmer, organist Jebin Bruni, bassist Paul Bryan, drummer Jay Bellerose, 
Guests including husband Derek Trucks (Guitar tracks 1, 4; Dobro 3) and the Blind Boys of Alabama (10)

Liner notes include lyrics. "The album is dedicated to my hope, Charlie and Sophie; and my desire, Derek Trucks."
Hope and Desire
Back to the River
Revelator by Tedeschi Trucks Band
Band overviews
Bob Seger ] Bruce Springsteen ] | Steely Dan
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