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Musical Artist cd reviews and discography


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Frank Zappa Zoot Allures The Best of ZZ Top

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Musical Artist cd reviews and discography
Neil Young ] Frank Zappa ]
Musical Artist cd reviews and discography

Artist Index: Y - Z 

In our index section we offer brief comments and CD recommendations about a band or artist and provide references to other areas in our web-site where they are featured.


Neil Young
Frank Zappa
ZZ Top

Musical Artist cd reviews and discography
The Yardbirds 
Musical Artist cd reviews and discography

Disc: 1 
1. Boom Boom 
2. Honey In Your Hips 
3. A Certain Girl 
4. I Wish You Would 
5. Too Much Monkey Business (Live) 
6. I Got Love If You Want It (Live) 
7. Smokestack Lightning (Live) 
8. Here 'Tis (Live) 
9. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 
10. Got To Hurry 
11. I Ain't Got You 
12. For Your Love 
13. I'm Not Talking 
14. Steeled Blues 
15. Heart Full Of Soul 
16. I Ain't Done Wrong 
17. You're A Better Man Than I 
18. Shapes Of Things 
19. The Train Kept A-Rollin' 
20. New York City Blues 
21. Evil Hearted You 
22. I'm A Man 
23. Still I'm Sad 
24. Questa Volta 
25. Pafff...Bum 
Disc: 2 
1. Lost Woman 
2. Over Under Sideways Down 
3. The Nazz Are Blue 
4. I Can't Make Your Way 
5. Rack My Mind 
6. Hot House Of Omagararshid 
7. Jeff's Boogie 
8. He's Always There 
9. Turn Into Earth 
10. What Do You What 
11. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago 
12. Psycho Daisies 
13. Stroll On 
14. Little Games (Single Version) 
15. Puzzles 
16. White Summer 
17. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor 
18. No Excess Baggage 
19. Drinking Muddy Water 
20. Only The Black Rose 
21. Ten Little Indians 
22. Ha Ha Said The Clown 
23. Goodnight Sweet Josephine (U.S. Version) 
24. Think About It 
25. Knowing - Keith Relf 
26. Mr. Zero - Keith Relf 
27. Shapes In My Mind - Keith Relf 

The outgrowth of the Yardbirds,  Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. 
Two Discs
The Very Best of the Yardbirds
One disc
Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton Truth

Jeff Beck Group w/ Nicky Hopkins, and Rod Stewart
Led Zeppelin I
Musical Artist cd reviews and discography
Musical Artist cd reviews and discography

Yes hit their peak with Close to the Edge album in 1973. Their live album YesSongs is primarily from that tour and includes live renditions of that whole album. In addition, it has most of the essential tracks from their other two classic albums, The Yes Album, and Fragile.  

While the version of the songs on Yessongs are similar in structure to their studio counterparts, these versions are buzzing with energy and are worth repeating if you have the studio versions. Speaking of studio version of Yes material, they began re- issuing their catalog in re-mastered format with bonus tracks. This music is so good that having both the studio and early live versions will give one many satisfying listening experiences.  

Songs from Tsongas DVD 
35th Anniversary Concert
Songs include: Going For The One, Sweet Dreams, Your Move (All Good People), Mind Drive, Part 1 and 2, South Side of the Sky, Turn of The Century, My Eyes/Mind Drive Part 3, Yours is No Disgrace, Runaround, Wonderous Stories, Time Is Time, Roundabout, Show Me, Owner of A Lonely Heart, Rhythm of Love, And You and I, Ritual, Every Little Thing, Starship Trooper 

Yes Acoustic DVD
Songs - "Tiger Rag", "Long Distance Runaround," "South Side of the Sky," "Show Me," "Roundabout," "Your Move/All Good People," and "Time is Time."

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Songs from Tsongas
Musical Artist cd reviews and discography
Neil Young 
Musical Artist cd reviews and discography
More Neil Young
The September 27, 2005, release of "Prairie Wind," which was recorded earlier this year in Nashville. In addition to a single compact disc, the release will also be available in a special edition that includes the
CD along with a DVD in High Resolution DVD Stereo, with filmed content of the entire recording of the album. 

The incredible set of songs is being described as the last installment in a trilogy of albums that include Harvest and Harvest Moon, and features the first single, "The Painter," along with "No Wonder," "Falling Off The Face Of The Earth," "Far From Home," "It's A Dream," "Prairie Wind," "Here For You," "This Old Guitar," "He Was The King" and "When God Made Me." 

Young is joined on the album by keyboardist Spooner Oldham, pedal-steel guitarist Ben Keith, drummer Chad Cromwell, percussionist Karl Himmel, bassist Rick Rosas and vocalist Emmylou Harris, along with the Fisk University Jubilee Singers and other guests. 

Prairie Wind
Musical Artist cd reviews and discography

Back before CD box sets tracing an artists career became trendy, Neil Young had an outstanding release in the same manner entitled Decade. Previously, a three album set, re-issued on two discs. While certainly not a comprehensive look at Young's career, it serves as a strong foundation of a collection of his first decade (his best). It  includes some Buffalo Springfield and CSN&Y material, as well as music from his solo albums. 

His two albums with Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Deja Vu and Four Way Street are classics. 

More Neil Young

Musical Artist cd reviews and discography
Frank Zappa 
Musical Artist cd reviews and discography

Frank Zappa has a diverse mixture of music to his credit. We have heard a good amount of it. Truly the man is a musical genius. Though, with such a wide range of different material, I found myself sifting through too much I don't like to find the invaluable treasures. 

We'll eventually add more Zappa content. Till then, we'd like to suggest an under rated album. Excluding the material that is instrumental like Shut and Play Your Guitar and Guitar, one of Zappa's strongest guitar albums, within the context of songs, is Zoot Allures. Zappa's rather expensive vault series' first edition entitled OZ, recorded 1/20/76 is worth seeking, especially if Amazon has a reasonably priced used copy.

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Chrome Dinette

Zoot Allures
Musical Artist cd reviews and discography
Z Z Top 
Musical Artist cd reviews and discography

ZZ Top is an excellent band. We tend to think of them as two distinct bands; the pre-MTV and the post-MTV periods. We prefer their early material where they are an excellent trio that focused on a no frills approach of blues inspired music. If you are only familiar with their latter day radio hits, you're missing their best material. 

Finally starting in 2003 some of ZZ Top's early material was re-issued with good mixes. This begin with their box-set,

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Southern rock

Rancho Texicano: The Very Best of ZZ Top
Musical Artist cd reviews and discography



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