David M'ore
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David M'ore

David M'ore

David M'ore

Mark Karan - Discography - Guitar - Ratdog

David M'ore     

From the other Side of the River - Album review

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Mark Karan - Discography - Guitar - Ratdog

From the other Side of the River


Track List
1) The sun ain’t shining
2 )Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix / all guitars parts were re-arranged by David More)
3) Seafood soup
4) Right back on you
5) From the other side of the river*
6) Come home
7) Shame shame shame (Kenny Wayne Shepherd)
8) Going high*
9) You are not good (bonus track) *


All song were written by David M'ore in except where otherwise noted.

The version of Foxy Lady was not intended to be a cover song or neither to replicate Jimi’s song. It was an inspiration only. In exception for the lyrics all other parts were written by David More in order to pay tribute to one of his main influences. 

David M'ore - From the other Side of the River review

David M'ore's second album From the Other Side of the River has a release date of 2009.  The music is sure to please guitar fans. Most songs are originals, but David does include a Kenny Wayne Shepherd and a Jimi Hendrix cover. His band is a trio and the rhythm section consists of bass and drums, laying a foundation for David to lay down tasty guitar riffs. 

I spun the disc numerous times and it gets better each listen.

A few blues shuffle type songs are included and are among my favorites on the the album. The first of them is "Seafood Soup," which has an in your face guitar solo with elements of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, and even Ritchie Blackmore. Another blues shuffle is "Come Home" that showcases speed.

The two cover tracks are both very, very good. The Hendrix cover "Foxy Lady" is arranged (and spelled) differently than the original. Instead of just running through Jimi's version M'ore adds his own signature in the introduction, instrumental section, and conclusion. The jam section is nicely done with a good a rhythmic pattern, feedback, and soloing. Even more to my liking is David's rendition of "Shame Shame Shame." A nice slow blues number with string bending that penetrates through the body to the bone.  

An impressive song is one three instrumentals, which is the title track, "From the Other Side of the River." David explores several different moods. One of things I liked about this song is that it is clear reflection of David's guitar style. He demonstrates his handle on both lead guitar and rhythm guitar, his originality tied in with retro-rock tendencies, along with his ability to play clean straight forward guitar, and then shifting to wild wah-wah and vibrato. Another instrumental song, "Going High," is a solid hard rocking guitar workout.

If you're a fan of excellent guitar playing, enjoy hard rock that strays towards the blues rather than heavy metal, then you'll cherish David M'ore's expressive and explosive guitar attack. David gives plenty of workout to his vibrato bar, and wah-wah with excellent results. That's what From the other Side of the River is all about. David M'ore, a man and his guitar.

The links below provide song samples and some video.

by Barry Small©

Mark Karan - Discography - Guitar - Ratdog
Credits from http://www.DavidMore.com

David More – Guitar and Vocals
Wade Olson – Drums
Kirk Bowman – Bass

Special Guests
Alex Diaz - Bass on “Going High”
Edgard San Gabriel – “Bass on Foxy Lady”

Produced by David More
Recorded by Matt Wright and Jason D’Ottavio
Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios
Mixed by Matt Wright and David More
Mastered by Mr. John Cuniberti
Photos by Barbara and WayneYasuhara

The original tracks on this album were recorded on a Studer A827 24 track 2" analog tape machine, and a Neve Custom 80 Series 26/8/24 mixing desk with Flying Faders automation that was originally commissioned for Pete Townsend's Eel Pie Studios. David More used Fender a 1968 and 1972 Fender Vintage Super-Reverb amplifier on all tracks.

Thanks to GOD almighty for the wonderful gift of music and the possibility of sharing this gift with others. To Wade Olson, Kirk Bowman, Alex Diaz, Edgard San Gabriel, Matt Wright, Mooka at Prairie Sun Studios for letting me use the 1962 White Strat, Avidan Graller for all her support and infinite patience, Daniel Castro for always being there in all ways…Daniel you are my Godfather bro! To Ron Hacker, To Chris Barnett for taking care of my amps and guitars, Barbara and Wayne Yasuhara, Nick at Bananas at Large.

David has been described as "A mystical Blues guitar player with virtuoso aggressive guitar style, raspy vocals, and his high energy fueled Blues-Rock tunes." 

Mark Karan - Discography - Guitar - Ratdog

David M'ore bio (from the official website

A mystical guitar man from a bygone era, David M’ore arrived to L.A in the early 90’s committed to alter the musical scene. Club goers and musicians begin to talk about the new kid with the virtuoso aggressive guitar style, raspy vocals, and his high energy fueled Blues-Rock tunes.

Now with his first solo album “ Seventy Times Seven” David M’ore managed to take his guitar pyrotechnics to a different level of instrumental majesty. Performing on a custom made Strat carefully modified to his specifications, M’ore demonstrates his acclaimed six string technique on both originals and cover tunes. “I love to pay tribute to those who influenced me.” “But at the same time I like to be true to who I am,” says M’ore, whose influences include Hendrix, Blackmore, Satriani, J. Winter, Gary Moore, Albert King, and other guitar monsters.

From the beginning, traditional Blues and British Neoclassical Hard Rock played a very important role in the evolution of David M’ore style.

Born in Argentina, he picked up an old guitar that his godfather bought him for his eighth birthday and immediately began to explore vintage records. “The aggressive sound of the guitar drove me emotionally insane,” David says.” “I still listen to those old records from Johnny Winter”. That’s where it all began.

A born troubadour, Mr. M’ore moved frequently around the world as well as in the U.S.A before finally settling in Hollywood in 1990. After the separation of his band “Blind Hole” and refusing to accept the change of the grunge movement, he escaped to Sacramento in 1993 where he obtained a music award. Back then David shared the stage with local Blues players including the legendary Johnny Guitar Knox and Arbess Williams.

Today you can hear his chops in the San Francisco area with his new band “The Bluesdrivers.”

If you are looking for Passion, Blood, and Fire you must check this Hot Powerblues Trio!!!

Don’t miss it!

David M'ore booking information

Mark Karan - Discography - Guitar - Ratdog
Some of David M'ore's influences

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Texas Flood Couldn't Stand the Whether Soul To Soul
Jimi Hendrix
Are You Experienced Axis: Bold as Love Electric Ladyland 
Ritchie Blackmore
Machine Head: 25th Anniversary Edition Made In Japan: The Remastered Edition The Very Best of Deep Purple ('68 - '84)
Mark Karan - Discography - Guitar - Ratdog

David M'ore links and references

David M'ore.net Official David M'ore. Includes background, gallery, photos, gear, booking, and related information.  
David M'ore at MySpace Performance dates, MP3 music clips, photos, videos, etc.
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Mark Karan - Discography - Guitar - Ratdog
Mark Karan - Discography - Guitar - Ratdog

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