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Steely Dan album reviews

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Steely Dan 

 Steely Dan - Can't Buy a Thrill

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Steely Dan 2013 Tour
Dates July through September confirmed.
Steely Dan touring Band

July 2009 - Telecaster Masters - Steely Dan featured in this section relating to some of their albums. 

Steely Dan tour  
March 10, 2011


STEELY DAN has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and helped define the soundtrack of the '70s with hits including Do It Again, Reelin' in the Years, Bodhisattva, Rikki Don't Lose That Number, F.M., Peg, Deacon Blues, Hey Nineteen and Babylon Sisters, culled from their seven platinum albums issued between 1972 and 1980 (including 1977's ground breaking "Aja"). They reunited in the early '90s and have toured throughout the decade and beyond, releasing multi-Grammy winner "Two Against Nature" in 2000 and its acclaimed follow-up "Everything Must Go" in 2003. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001

Critics raved about the performances on the Rent Party 2009 Tour, with the New York Times stating that Fagen "was deep in the music… a cross between Count Basie and Ray Charles," and The Boston Globe reporting that "Becker's fleet, gleaming guitar tones fairly bounced off the stage". The Chicago Sun-Times proclaimed: "This was different. This was live. This was vibrant. This was a cascade of color carried along by Fagen, Becker, eight brilliant supporting musicians and three superb backing vocalists." The Los Angeles Times raved: "Everyone gathered Friday evening was a believer – and they were treated to something close to rapture."

The Miles High Big Band 2011

Donald Fagen - Keys and Vocals
Walter Becker - Guitar
. . . .
Jim Beard - Keyboards
Keith Carlock - Drums
Jon Herington - Guitar
Michael Leonhart - Trumpet
Jim Pugh - Trombone
Roger Rosenberg - Baritone Sax
Freddie Washington - Bass
Walt Weiskopf - Sax

featuring The Embassy Brats
Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery - Backing Vocals
Cindy Mizelle - Backing Vocals
Catherine Russell - Backing Vocals

Dates are available on the SD website and tickets here.

Steely Dan Profile

Steely Dan's Rent Party '09 Tour. Classic Album (Plus) Night: Setlist is one of three classic Steely Dan albums in its entirety — Aja, Gaucho, or The Royal Scam — plus selected additional favorites. Or,  "Takin' It To The Seats" Internet Request Night: Setlist is determined by the internet votes of ticket-holders for that show. 

A sampling of the tour.
Steely Dan set list Monday at Chicago Theatre
(first seven songs from Aja)

1 Black Cow
2 Aja
3 Deacon Blues
4 Peg
5 Home at Last
6 I Got the News
7 Josie
8 Black Friday
9 Time out of Mind
10 Daddy Don’t Live in that New York City No More
11 Bodhisattva
12 Babylon Sisters
13 Show Biz Kids
14 Hey Nineteen
15 Dirty Work
16 Love is Like an Itching in My Heart (Supremes)/band intros
17 Do It Again
18 Don’t Take Me Alive
19 My Old School
20 Kid Charlemagne

21 Reelin’ in the Years

Larry Carlton Joins Rent Party '09 on
Jul 31, Aug 1, Aug 24, Aug 25, Sept 3, Sept 4

Larry Carlton will reprise his role as a Steely Dan expert axe-slinger when he joins the Rent Party '09 Tour for The Royal Scam and Internet Request nights in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. 

Carlton played some of the most famous guitar solos and parts in Steely Dan's classic oeuvre — including the legendary solo on “Kid Charlemagne”, which made Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time.

He has gained distinction for his unmistakably original and often-imitated guitar sound, with a career spanning more than 3,000 sessions, 200 hits, 100 gold albums and 33 solo recording projects, while earning three Ad Lib awards, 18 Grammy nominations, 3 Grammy wins and Guitar Player’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Carlton has performed as a highly valued sideman with some of the biggest names in almost every genre of music. Visit for more 

Steely Dan Profile

Steely Dan  

Reviews and Discography

Steely Dan Bio - provided by Djangomusic.

Steely Dan Overview

My perspective on Steely Dan is a fan of their music, not a fanatic. That said, I do have most of their recordings. I recall their songs from the radio as they were released and was always impressed with their compositions.  As their music still sounds fresh decades later one must be impressed. Their songwriting with their accessible melodic hooks, complex harmonies and time signatures grab your attention. The strong instrumental soloing maintains it.  

Steely Dan's albums typically follow a common theme where there are a few must have songs rounded out by a solid collection of really good material. They have very few songs that are complete duds. There are some tracks where as I am listening to the song I am thinking that I can pass on this one; then an amazing guitar solo saves it. 

The variety of styles Steely Dan incorporate in their music is impressive ranging from rock, jazz, blues, funk, latin, and pop.  Frequently they will uniquely tie several styles into a  song. Of course Steely Dan is not a set band of the same musicians. In fact, it changes not only from album to album, but from song to song. With all this diversity it is amazing that Steely Dan's albums are consistently strong and the flow of the material from track to track keeps your attention. 

Steely Dan Shopping Guide
Because every Steely Dan album has some indispensable songs the clear choice is to get them all. One way is with their box set Citizen Steely Dan, that has their first seven albums on four cd's. It includes a few extra bonus tracks including "FM," the soundtrack to the movie.  If you do not plan to get them all, you may be better off with one of their best of collections.  If you plan to get individual albums check our reviews. 

In general, Steely Dan's early albums are more rock based, and their later ones more jazz oriented.

A brief Steely Dan Bio is provided by Djangomusic.

Steely Dan discography  at Amazon

Guitarist Larry Carlton solo album On Solid Ground includes an instrumental version of "Josie."

Steely Dan discography

Steely Dan web sites


Steely Dan Web-sites

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Steely Dan's Home page

Steely Dan's official site is quite good.  They have band history, faq, tour information, what's new, lyrics, and much more.  

Andy Metzger's Steely Dan page Andy's website is an outstanding and comprehensive resource for the Dan fan. I liked the inclusion of the unreleased material contents within the album section.  

Steely Dan database

Fan site with a database of information regarding official releases, related albums, bootlegs, appearances, and much more.  

Steely Dan lyrics A site with lyrics to Steely Dan and numerous other bands. 

Banyan Trees

The fan site, Under the Banyan Trees With Steely Dan, has been around since 1995 and is worth a visit.  


Steely Dan Discography
Steely Dan Discography


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