Dick's Picks 22
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Dick's Picks Volume 22 Dick's Picks Volume 22, Dick's Picks 22_Grateful_Dead

February 22 & 23, 1968

King's Beach Bowl, Lake Tahoe

Dick's Picks direct from the GD 
Order:Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks, Vol. 22: Kings Beach Bowl, Lake Tahoe, CA 2/23-24/68

Dick's Picks 22 review

Dick’s Picks 22 offers an outstanding glimpse of what the Grateful Dead sounded like in February 1968. This CD is the second live concert to be released from that year. Their first, Two From The Vault, is part of their multi-track series that has higher resolution; however, performance wise this easily matches up to its predecessor. Dick’s Picks 22 includes most of what is useable from the Grateful Dead’s vault from their February 22 – 24, 1968, King's Beach Bowl, Lake Tahoe excursion.  According to Grateful Dead tape archivist, David Lemieux, in an in August 22, 2001, interview with Eric Levy, “… Dick’s Picks 22 comes from – the 23rd and 24th. We’re pretty sure that CD one is from the first night and CD two from the second night.”   

In February 1968 the Grateful Dead had written and were performing many songs from their yet to be released, second studio album, Anthem of the Sun.  Dick’s Picks 22 features many of those songs in a concert setting, as well as material from their first album and other songs. This release includes the early “Dark Star” medley, that is, “Dark Star,” > “China Cat Sunflower,” > “The Eleven.” After the Grateful Dead penned “St. Stephen,” it replaced “China Cat Sunflower” as the middle portion of the “Dark Star” trio. 

The second disc also features “China Cat Sunflower” mixed between songs, this time it is within a stunning “Alligator” sandwich that glides effortless from song to song, with the band bringing each song to it’s own plateau.   

There are many solid moments of Primal Dead on Dick’s Picks 22.  This CD is a fan favorite, especially pleasing is the  long overdue release of another “Alligator.” It is wonderful to hear many Grateful Dead classics in their infancy.  by Barry Small ©
Grade B + 

Track List

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Disc 1  

 1. Viola Lee Blues (Lewis)
 2. Hurts Me Too (James / Sehorn)
 3. Dark Star  (Garcia / Kreutzmann / Lesh/ McKernan / Weir / Hunter) >
 4. China Cat Sunflower (Garcia/Hunter) >
 5. The Eleven (Lesh/Hunter) >
 6. Turn On Your Lovelight (Scott/Malone)
 7. Born Cross Eyed (Weir) >
 8. Spanish Jam (Grateful Dead)

Disc 2

 1. Morning Dew (Dobson/Rose)
 2. Good Morning Little School Girl (Williamson)
 3. That's It For The Other One:
 4. Cryptical Envelopment (Garcia)
 5. The Faster We Go The Rounder We Get (Weir / Kreutzmann)
 6. Cryptical Envelopment (Garcia)
 7. New Potato Caboose (Lesh / Petersen)
 8. Alligator (McKernan/Lesh / Hunter) >
 9. China Cat Sunflower (Garcia / Hunter) >
10. The Eleven (Lesh / Hunter) >
11. Alligator (McKernan/Lesh / Hunter) >
12. Caution (Grateful Dead) >
13. Feedback (Grateful Dead)


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Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Pigpen (Ron McKernan) - keyboard, vocals, harmonica
Bill Kreutzmann - percussion
Mickey Hart - percussion


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Released June 2001
Tape Archivists - Dick Latvala, David Lemieux
Label - Grateful Dead Records