Dick's Picks 30
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Dick's Picks Volume 30 Dick's Picks Volume 29 - Grateful Dead

3/28/72 ~ Academy of Music

 & 3/25 w/ Bo Diddley, 3/27 
Order: GDM |Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks, Vol. 30: Academy of Music, New York, NY 3/28/72 & 3/25/72

Dick's Picks 30 review

Dick's Picks 30 review 

Dick's Picks Volume 30 includes a complete Grateful Dead concert from March 28, 1972, performed at the Academy of Music in New York City, plus a single disc of assorted material from the same venue a few days earlier. Prior to its release in the Dick's Picks series this music didn't circulate in good condition among tapers, adding to its appeal. This series of concerts unveiled much more of Donna Godchaux on vocals, she debuted on 12/31/71, and unfortunately her contributions are not positive. 

The first disc of Dick's Picks 30 is a collection of rare material primarily from March 25. It includes several tracks that feature blues legend Bo Diddley, which are good, but certainly not Bo's, or the Grateful Dead's most essential material. Though, for a collector a definite gem. If this type of blues interests you, we invite you to visit our blues: guitar and piano section

The Grateful Dead's only version of "How Sweet It Is," is worthwhile. The "Smokestack Lightning" is one of only three version with both Keith and Pig Pen, and it hits an excellent climax that sounded much like a Truckin' jam at times. 

Disc two of Dick's Picks 30 begins the featured show in emphatic fashion with a bluesy "Truckin'" that opens up and allows band to make some musical statements. Then the music steers more to structured songs than jams. That does not imply that the music is ordinary. To the contrary, the bands cooks through a variety of material that includes blues, country, rock, and some sensational ballads, with no throwaways.  The "Black Throated Wind" has crunchy guitar runs and superb Phil lines; "You Win Again" and "Brokedown Palace" offer heartfelt Garcia vocals; "Looks Like Rain" features Jerry on pedal steel. In addition, there are several tightly played Pig Pen numbers, and country songs.  The set closes just as powerfully as it started. First with an energy filled "China Cat Sunflower" > "I Know You Rider," which is capped by off by "Casey Jones." Overall a superb set one of Grateful Dead music and worth the price of admission alone.

The second set has even more to offer. The trio of songs leading up to the meat of the set will have you smiling. The festivities begin with "Sugar Magnolia" > "The Other One" that does not disappoint.  The transition from the powerful "Sunshine Daydream" is not flawless as the drummers are leading into "The Other One" while Bobby is finishing is singing, but he immediately catches onto the groove and shifts gears, as the band cruise into a musical adventure where they travel to deep corners. The version lasts around a half an hour, which is standard for the 1972, which serves as their exploration vehicle. 

The stretched out version of Elmore James' "It Hurts Me Too," features plenty of jamming. Next they perform "Not Fade Away" where after the verses they quickly venture into "Going Down the Road Feeling Bad," which has a gorgeous and long musical instrumental of the melody, before finally defining the feeling of the song, and eventually busting into it the singing. This would have been a near perfect version, but Donna's Godchaux's backup vocals are way off the mark, and Jerry misses the cue to stop singing to bring the song to a close.  

Dick's Picks Volume 30 offers an excellent complete concert from the Grateful Dead in their prime, where every song is played with inspiration and emotion that comes through loud and clear. Add to that an extra disc of miscellaneous rare material. That adds up to required listening, enjoy. Barry Small ©
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Dick's Picks 30 track list
Track List

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Disc One

From March 25
1. Hey Bo Diddley* (4:10) McDaniel
2. I'm A Man* (6:00) McDaniel
3. I've Seen Them All* (7:43) McDaniel
4. Jam* (9:59) McDaniel
5. Mona* (3:34) McDaniel
6. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (7:56) Holland, Dozier, Holland
7. Are You Lonely For Me (7:37) Berns
8. Smokestack Lightnin’ (13:11) Burnett

From March 27 
9. Playing In The Band (11:10) Weir, Hart, Hunter

* denotes with Bo Diddley

Disc Two
1. Truckin' (9:49) Garcia, Lesh, Weir, Hunter
2. Tennessee Jed (7:45) Garcia, Hunter
3. Chinatown Shuffle (3:10) McKernan
4. Black-Throated Wind (6:48) Weir, Barlow
5. You Win Again (5:09) Williams
6. Mr. Charlie (5:02) McKernan, Hunter
7. Mexicali Blues (4:37) Weir, Barlow
8. Brokedown Palace (6:13) Garcia, Hunter
9. Next Time You See Me (4:52) Harvey, Forest
10. Cumberland Blues (6:09) Garcia, Lesh, Hunter

Disc Three
1. Looks Like Rain (8:06) Weir, Barlow
2. Big Railroad Blues (4:09) Lewis, Arr. by Grateful Dead
3. El Paso (5:25) Robbins
4. China Cat Sunflower (5:05) Garcia, Hunter
5. I Know You Rider (6:27) Trad. Arr. by Grateful Dead
6. Casey Jones (6:43) Garcia, Hunter
7. Playing In The Band (13:56) Weir, Hart, Hunter
8. Sugaree (7:36) Garcia, Hunter
9. The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion) (8:58)McKernan

Disc Four
1. Sugar Magnolia (6:55) Weir, Hunter
2. The Other One (28:16) Weir, Kreutzmann
3. Hurts Me Too (9:23) James, Sehorn
4. Not Fade Away (5:26) Petty, Hardin
5. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad (8:20) Trad. Arr. by Grateful Dead
6. Not Fade Away (3:35) Petty, Hardin
7. Sidewalks Of New York (1:10) Blake, Lawlor
8. One More Saturday Night (4:43) Weir

Dick's Picks 30  Musicians

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Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Keith Godchaux - keyboards
Pigpen (Ron McKernan) - keyboard, vocals, harmonica
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Donna Godchaux - background vocals (Her first appearances were at this run)

Dick's Picks 30 Notes and Credits

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Released - October 2003
Tape Archivist - David Lemieux
Label - Grateful Dead Records
Cover Art, Package Design & Photograph: Robert Minkin

Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks 30 review