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Grateful Dead Download Series 2 review

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Download Series Volume 2 Download Series Volume 2 - Grateful Dead
Springer's Inn - Portland, OR 
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Grateful Dead Download Series 2 review

Download Series 2 review

The Grateful Dead download series began in June 2005 with the release of two volumes. The second is their performance on 1/18/70 at Springer's Inn in Portland, Oregon. This is a curious debut primarily because it is average and you'd think that they'd want to hit a home run to begin the series. 

Nevertheless, the single disc contains some good music. The version of "Big Boss Man" displays the bands inventiveness, which is their strength. Rather than play the blues standard in the form of the original, they experiment by incorporating riffs of their new song "New Speedway Boogie" as part of its theme. The rendition of "Mason Children's" is not really tight, but "Black Peter" is a highlight with soulful singing and good playing. 

A few Pigpen highlights are found throughout the disc, "Good Lovin'" and "Turn On Your Lovelight," but arguably better is the Bobby led "Dancin' In The Street." 

Back in the tape collecting days I had a box of shows from January 1970 that I seldom played, usually I'd reach for something from February, May, September, or October. The Download Series Volume 2 will not change that habit. Overall, this release is a good piece of music from a year that has always been hard to come by. However, this is not essential, unlike some of the other releases from 1970. 
by Barry Small  
Grade  B - 

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Grateful Dead Download Series 2 review
Track List

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Disc One 
1. Cold Rain and Snow 6:11
2. Big Boss Man 4:49
3. Mason's Children 5:54
4. Black Peter 10:44
5. Dancing In The Streets 14:04
6. Good Lovin' 10:17
7. China Cat Sunflower > 4:36
8. I Know You Rider 5:09
9. Turn On Your Lovelight 18:07

Grateful Dead Download Series 2 review

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Grateful Dead
Tom Constanten: Keyboards
Jerry Garcia: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Mickey Hart: Drums
Bill Kreutzmann: Drums
Phil Lesh: Electric Bass, Vocals
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan: Vocals, Percussion
Bob Weir: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Grateful Dead Download Series 2 review

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Released - June 7, 2005
Grateful Dead Download Series
Recording by Bear
Mastered by Jeffrey Norman

From an email promotion
"The second show to be released, 1/18/70 at Springer's Inn in Portland, Oregon features the short-lived seven-piece version of the Grateful Dead, including TC and Pigpen. Highlights include a classic, 14-plus minute 1970 version of "Dancing In The Streets," a rare "Mason's Children," a nascent-but-fully-developed "Black Peter" and Pigpen's TWO classic showstoppers, "Good Lovin'" and a giant "Turn On Your Lovelight." Recorded less than a month before the legendary Fillmore East 2/13 & 14/70 concerts, Volume 2 of our download series presents the same manic energy and creative group interplay that would mark the band's sound through 1970."

Grateful Dead Download Series 2 review
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Grateful Dead Download Series 2 review