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Download Series Volume 8 Download Series Volume 8 - Grateful Dead
Charlotte Coliseum - 
Charlotte, NC
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Grateful Dead Download Series 8 review

Download Series 8
12/10/1973 - Charlotte Coliseum - Charlotte, NC

Grateful Dead Download Series Volume 8 brings us the third live release within this time frame to date. The others being, Dick's Picks Vol. 1 and Dick's Picks Vol. 14. This period is notable for Keith's brilliance and Donna's absence due to her pregnancy. 

Most of the Grateful Dead's performance from this evening is included, which makes this two-disc release a very short show for 1973. The release notes indicate that three songs from the first set were not included due to sub-par sonics. More than that, the sound quality overall is not spectacular. The low end doesn't hold up too well and the fidelity bounce is just not present, but at moderate volumes it sounds fine. This draws the conclusion that this show was selected for being rare.

The first disc is only just OK. The first six songs are from the first set that ends with a solid "Playing in the Band." After, there are five songs from the second set, which are set one oriented, but in this case, set two warm ups for the jams. 

The second disc is a solid piece of music, basically broken into three parts rather one continuous piece of music, and is certainly worthwhile. However, on a relative basis it has it flaws. For one thing, two of my favorites songs are a bit rushed, which doesn't mean that they don't have their moments, but for this time period of the Grateful Dead's career, "China Cat Sunflower," and "Eyes of the World" are both short. Non encore 1973 renditions of "Eyes" frequently stretch out to the 19 minute mark compared to thirteen minutes from this performance. Though, this version  segues sweetly into "Brokedown Palace." While short, the jam between "China Cat" and "Rider" is very good, with Jerry and Keith conversing nicely with Bobby. Phil gets in on the action and Jerry takes the lead of the conversation.  

The version of "Sugar Magnolia" is quite strong, and that's before counting the "Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad" sandwiched within. Keith is real solid, both in taking the lead and in joining Phil, Bobby, and Billy into pushing Jerry to the edge.  

While Grateful Dead Download Series Volume 8 is far from perfect, it has plenty to enjoy. 

by Barry Smallę
Grade B

Grateful Dead Download Series 8 review
Track List

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Disc One
1 Bertha 7:01 (Garcia, Hunter)
2 Mexicali Blues 4:12 (Weir, Barlow)
3 Deal 4:50 (Garcia, Hunter)
4 Big River 4:54 (Cash)
5 Don't Ease Me In 4:03 (Trad. Arr. By Grateful Dead)
6 Playing In The Band 20:56 (Weir, Hart, Hunter)

Set Two
7 Promised Land 3:40 (Berry)
8 Peggy-O 6:03 (Trad. Arr. By Grateful Dead)
9 Row Jimmy 9:49 (Garcia, Hunter)
10 Me and Bobby McGee 5:59 (Kristofferson, Foster)
11 Big Railroad Blues 4:26 (Lewis, Arr. By Grateful Dead)

Disc Two
1 Truckin' > 9:00 (Garcia, Lesh, Weir, Hunter)
2 Nobody's Fault But Mine > 5:07 (Johnson)
3 Eyes Of The World > 13:20 (Garcia, Hunter)
4 Brokedown Palace 6:23 (Garcia, Hunter)
5 China Cat Sunflower > 5:16 (Garcia, Hunter)
6 I Know You Rider 8:41 (Trad. Arr. By Grateful Dead)
7 Sugar Magnolia > 6:16 (Weir, Hunter)
8 Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > 8:46 (Trad. Arr. By Grateful Dead)
9 Sunshine Daydream 3:11 (Weir, Hunter)
10 Casey Jones 7:26 (Garcia, Hunter)

(Some songs from set one were excised due to sub-par sonics, comparing it to they are the following)
Jack Straw
Tennessee Jed
El Paso
Brown Eyed Women

Grateful Dead Download Series 8 review

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Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia: lead Guitar, Vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux: Vocals
Keith Godchaux: Piano
Bill Kreutzmann: Drums
Phil Lesh: Electric Bass
Bob Weir: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Grateful Dead Download Series 8 review

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Released - Dec. 6, 2005
Grateful Dead Download Series
Recording by Kidd Candelario
CD Mastering by Jeffrey Norman

From the Grateful Dead website
Grateful Dead Download Series Volume 8 - 12/10/1973
This new download features much of what 1973 is justifiably lauded for as one of the greatest years in the Grateful Dead's touring history: tightly structured shorter songs such as "Bertha," "Big River," and "Big Railroad Blues," along with deep workouts on the grander of the 1973 staples: an interstellar "Playing In The Band," a typically hot 1973 "China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider" combo, and the heart of the second set, "Truckin'>Nobody's Fault But Mine>Eyes Of The World>Brokedown Palace" provides everything expected of a jam like this. And for all of us trainspotters, a few things to note: Download Vol. 8 features the first live performance of "Peggy-O" and the first ever split "Sugar Magnolia" featuring "Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad" sandwiched between "Sugar Mag" and "Sunshine Daydream."

Grateful Dead Download Series 8 review