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The Grateful Dead Movie- Review

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The Grateful Dead Movie

The Grateful Dead Movie

Oct. ~ Winterland (2004)

San Francisco, CA


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The Grateful Dead Movie- Review

The Grateful Dead Movie  

From the October 16 - 20 1974 Winterland shows.

The Grateful Dead Movie DVD contains two discs, the original DVD released in 1977 that was compiled from their retirement shows at the Winterland between October 16 and 20, 1974. It comes complete with a second disc of bonus footage. The DVD offers three different audio options: the original theater mix, 5.1 surround, and stereo. Only the last two options are available for the bonus material.

The original movie is not straight concert footage as it includes cuts with interviews and really cool animation. The music is heavenly. At the top of the list are renditions of two Jerry Garcia classics, "Eyes of The World," and "Morning Dew" performed to perfection.

The bonus material is jaw dropping. The whole thing is a highlight! "China Cat Sunflower" > "I Know You Rider" was typically sensational in 1974 and this rendition is one to treasure. The exploratory jams of "Dark Star," "The Other One," and Weather Report Suite." 

The band was on for these performances resulting in a group effort. What really aids in the excellence of this run is Keith's contribution.

The Grateful Dead Movie is so good that it will leave you wanted more. The only way to improve this DVD is if was sequenced more like a concert rather than excerpts of some of the best music the Grateful Dead ever created. 

Yes I am bias toward 1974. 
by Barry Small  
Grade  A + 
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A glimpse at the making of the GD Movie.
Grateful Dead Vault Photo

The Grateful Dead Movie soundtrack 

The soundtrack to the Grateful Dead Movie includes much more material than the DVD, 20 tracks. It is very heavy on set two material and includes the meat from the 17, 18, 19 and 20 concerts and select other material. 

I am not one to frequently complain about compilations, but here is one. Why are all the 1974 releases set two heavy and set one light? Personally, I love the set one material interpretations from 1974,  Dick's Picks 7 offers an excellent sampling. A sixth disc of set one material would have been most welcome. Or in keeping with five discs replacing the 10/20 material, sorry Mickey. Or they could have not used a few long tracks on the video in the soundtrack that are abundantly released like "W. Report" from disc three and "Playing in the Band" from disc one. Really, seven or eight discs would be needed to have a comprehensive look at this run. Though, for traders supplemental set one material is easy to come by. 

Disc 1 - The Grateful Dead Movie soundtrack first disc contains material from various dates. Including an all star version "China Cat Sunflower" > "I Know You Rider." The rendition of "Eyes Of The World" apparently is an edited version, about five minutes shorter than the version from So Many Roads.

Disc 2 - The second disc starts with a superb version of "Scarlet Begonias" from October 19. The rest of the disc is the heart of the performance from October 17. Too bad this complete segment didn't make the DVD. The "He's Gone" vocal segment has Phil dominate in the mix. This leads to a killer segment of music among the best of the series. The jam out of "He's Gone" is top notch. The "Spanish Jam" blends into "Mind Left Body Jam." Though, Garcia's slide work is not his strong point.

Disc 3 - 10/18 - This disc contains parts of set one, two, and three from the concert. The second set of this performance gets all the press because it has a fantastic "Dark Star," and it melts perfectly a spectacular "Morning Dew." While set two was exploratory the third set is high energy rock and roll, and is fantastic. The set included seven songs of which "Not Fade Away" > "Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad" are included. On these renditions Keith and Jerry are trading riffs back and forth with Phil running his bass lines in and out of the musical conversation. The material not included from this set is highly recommended, especially the "GSET." 

Disc 4 - 10/19 - Another spectacular "He's Gone," This versions segue is clearly going into "Truckin'," explosively. Instead, the music dissolves into "Caution." Phil seems to be glad. Rapid. Rhythmic. Frenzied. A great jam follows out of "Space" and they finally bust into "Truckin'."  This version offers solid piano throughout and the build up to the peak is inspired. Keith and Jerry are totally in synch!

Disc 5 10/20 - The fifth disc my least favorite. It does offer a balance of exploration, space, high energy, and a ballad. This set Mickey Hart sat in with the band (he also sat in for the third set that is not included). The performance is very rhythmic oriented. It includes two drum solos. During "Not Fade Away" Phil locks  in tight with the drumming duo creating some incredible energy. 

The Grateful Dead Movie soundtrack has some of the best music of the Grateful Dead's career. Though, the way portions are pieced together, the lack of balance of set one material, and the ordinary nature of disc five prevent this release from receiving a higher mark.  Further, there are some cuts. for example, "Eyes of the World" appears to five minutes shorter than the original rendition. 
by Barry Small  
Grade  A -
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Steal Your Face is another release from the same venue 

From the GD.
The Grateful Dead Movie is coming to DVD. Fans of the Dead are familiar with this rock n roll classic and will be ecstatic to get a DVD copy. Here's what's in store:

This 2 DVD set, with more than 5 hours of footage, contains the original theatrical release of The Grateful Dead Movie plus extensive bonus footage. The second disc includes three additional documentaries, 11 never-before-seen songs (totaling over 95 minutes), the original "Mars Hotel" television spot, a demonstration of multi-camera and multi-track audio mixing, and an extensive photo gallery. The picture is remastered from the original film negative in High Definition, and the original audio has been fully remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1 channel and 2 channel audio.

Soundtrack - The Soundtrack is a 5 CD set featuring selections from 10/16/74 through 10/20/74, mastered in HDCD from the original 16 track, 2" analog reels. The six hour, 40 song Soundtrack fills in the gaps from the Movie and its bonus footage, featuring 20 unreleased tracks.

The Grateful Dead Movie- Track List
Track List

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Music Videos

Can't wait for this remastering. Excellent renditions of two of my favorite songs "Eyes of the World," and "Morning Dew."

Grateful Dead Movie bonus material 

Grateful Dead Movie soundtrack

DVD - Original video

Animation by Gary Gutierrez 
U.S. Blues
Beat It On Down The Line
The Wheel

Concert Footage 
?? - U.S. Blues
?? - One More Saturday Night
10/18 - Going Down the Road
10/19 - Eyes Of The World

St. Stephen
The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion

Concert Footage
10/16 - Playing In The Band
10/17 - Stella Blue 
10/17 - Casey Jones 
10/18 - Jam 
10/18 - Morning Dew 
10/20 - Johnny B. Goode 

Closing Credits 
It Must Have Been The Roses

Grateful Dead Movie DVD Bonus Material
10/19 Uncle John's Band 
10/18 Sugaree (Also on Steal Your Face)
10/17 The Other One> 
10/17 Spanish Jam> 
10/17 Mind Left Body Jam> 
10/17 The Other One
10/19 Scarlet Begonias
10/17 China Cat Sunflower> 
10/17 I Know You Rider
10/18 Dark Star
10/18 Weather Report Suite: 
        - Prelude, Part 1, Part 2, Let It Grow

Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack 

Disc 1
Various dates
? U.S. Blues (Garcia / Hunter)
? One More Saturday Night (Weir)
10/17 - China Cat Sunflower (Garcia / Hunter) >
10/17 - I Know You Rider (Traditional)
10/19 - Eyes of the World (Garcia / Hunter) >
10/19 - China Doll (Garcia / Hunter) *
10/16 - Playing In The Band (Weir / Hart / Hunter)

Disc 2 
Scarlet Begonias (Garcia / Hunter)
He's Gone (Garcia / Hunter) > *
Jam > *
Weirdness >
The Other One (Weir) >
Spanish Jam >
Mind Left Body Jam >
The Other One (Weir) >
Stella Blue (Garcia / Hunter)
Casey Jones (Garcia / Hunter)

Disc 3
Set One
Weather Report Suite
  Prelude (Weir)
  Part I (Weir / Andersen)
  Part II (Let It Grow) (Weir / Barlow)
Set Two
Jam (Grateful Dead) > *
Dark Star (Grateful Dead) >
Morning Dew (Dobson / Rose)
Set Three
Not Fade Away (Petty / Holly) > *
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad (Traditional)

Disc 4 
Uncle John's Band (Garcia / Hunter) *
Big Railroad Blues (Lewis) *
Tomorrow Is Forever (Parton / Wagoner) *
Sugar Magnolia (Weir / Hunter) >
He's Gone (Garcia / Hunter) > *
Caution Jam > *
Drums > *
Space > *
Truckin' (Garcia / Hunter / Weir / Lesh) >
Black Peter (Garcia / Hunter)
Sunshine Daydream (Weir / Hunter)

Disc 5
Playing In The Band (Weir / Hart / Hunter) * >
Drums > *
Not Fade Away (Petty / Holly) >*
Drums > *
The Other One (Weir) >*
Wharf Rat (Garcia / Hunter) > *
Playing In The Band (Weir / Hart / Hunter) > *
Encore 1
Johnny B. Goode (Berry)
Encore 2
Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo (Garcia / Hunter) *
We Bid You Goodnight (Traditional) *

*Denotes not on the video

The Grateful Dead Movie- Musicians

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Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Keith Godchaux keyboard
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Donna Godchaux vocals

Mickey Hart performs on disc 5 of the soundtrack and "Johnny B. Goode in the DVD,

The Grateful Dead Movie- Notes - Credits

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Release date - November, 9 2004
Label - Monterey Home Video

Animation by Gary Gutierrez.
2 DVD's - Over 4.5 hours of concert and backstage footage.
24 page booklet.
Dolby 5.1 and 2.0
Originally shot with seven cameras.

DVD sound options
1. The original 5 channel mix (not for the bonus material)
source is 35 mm multi-channel magnetic tapes encoded with DBX noise reduction. Transfers done at American Zoetrope in SF, post-production performed at Club Front. Audio editing and mixing with Pro Tools HD digital multi-track audio editing system.
2. 5.1 surround sound - audio from 16 track analog audio tapes. With other elements (interviews, sound effects, etc.) drawn from the original mix.
3. Stereo

DVD picture notes
Transfers to high definition video at Retina facility in San Francisco on a Thompson Spirit Datacine in the HDTV progressive scan format.

Additional notes:
Two DVDs with over five hours of concert and backstage footage.
24 page booklet w/ photos and new essay.
New interviews with Weir, Kreutzmann, Godchaux (Donna Jean), Parish, and Guiterrez.
Jerry Garcia's Dolby Digital 5.1 of the original theatrical audio mix and mixed from master multi-tracks.
A New DD 5.1 mix from the original multi-tracks.
New DD Stereo from original multi-tracks.
90 minutes of never before seen concert footage.
All bonus songs transferred from the original 16mm camera negative.
Visible Lyrics option for all bonus songs.
Making of the DVD documentary.
TV commercial for Mars Hotel album from 1974.
Demo of multi-track audio mix.
Photo gallery with tons of stuff.

Soundtrack - The music is mastered in HDCD from the original 16 track, 2" analog reels.
The packaging includes a 24 page booklet with archival photos.

Grateful Dead Flash # 22
"Question: How were the bonus songs on The Grateful Dead Movie DVD selected for inclusion on the DVD?

Answer: There was a several-pronged criteria for the selection of these bonus songs on the DVD. The first, and most obvious consideration, was that they be excellent performances. We knew from the beginning that we were limited to about 90 minutes of bonus songs on Disc Two of the DVD (we ended up including 100 minutes), so we focused on several key factors: were they songs considered for possible inclusion in the original Grateful Dead Movie by Jerry ("Uncle John's Band," which was originally slated to open to The Grateful Dead Movie, "Sugaree," "The Other One" and its attendant jams)? Did we have usable audio and film elements from which we could do a proper audio mix and a proper film edit on the song? Also key was a conscious effort to include songs that the Grateful Dead were performing particularly well in 1974 ("China>Rider," "Scarlet Begonias," "Weather Report Suite," "Dark Star"). With the wealth of excellent material to draw upon, it bodes well for a future release of more Grateful Dead from October, 1974 on DVD."David Lemieux
Audiovisual Archivist
Grateful Dead Productions

Movie Premiers
*The Grateful Dead Movie premiered to a sold out audience Oct. 15 at the Mill Valley Film Festival.
*That was followed by a showing 11/5 - 11/11 in San Francisco at the Roxie Theatre.
*Release Party - 11/9 - Fillmore Theatre

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