Live at the Fillmore
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Live at the Fillmore East Fillmore_East_Grateful_Dead

February 11,1969


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Live at the Fillmore East review

Live at the Fillmore was recorded on February 11, 1969, where the Grateful Dead were billed with Janis Joplin. It features both of the sets they played that evening, each about an hour.  It represents the first live Grateful Dead release with several songs from their CD Aoxomoxa, “Doing That Rag” and “Mountains of the Moon.” It also includes the first 1960’s live version of “Dupree Diamond Blues,” though, there have been some later renditions of this song released that include Dick’s Picks 18 from 1978 and Dozin’ at the Knick from 1990.   

The first disc is centered on their suite of “Cryptical Envelopment” and several Pig Pen highlights. While not earth shattering, a solid set nevertheless.  They only weak moment is their attempt at the Beatles classic “Hey Jude.”  

Making up for the lack of Garcia penned songs in the early show, the later one begins with Garcia singing the first three.  The first two are short warm-up songs.  After, they launch into their stretching out music that is centered around “Dark Star” and continuing non-stop through several songs concluding with “Feedback.”  While not listed on the track list “Cosmic Charlie” is on the tail end of “We Bid You Goodnight,” a hidden track. 

This is a worthwhile CD, but is not the first to get within the early Pig Pen era.  by Barry Small © 
Grade  B

Track List

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Disc 1  

 1. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Williamson) - 9:19
 2. Cryptical Envelopment (Garcia) - 1:55
 3. The Other One (Kreutzmann/Weir) - 6:01
 4. Cryptical Envelopment (Garcia) - 6:58
 5. Doin' That Rag (Garcia/Hunter) - 5:28
 6. I'm a King Bee (Moore) - 5:19
 7. Turn on Your Love Light (Malone/Scott) - 17:07
 8. Hey Jude (Lennon/McCartney) - 8:23

Disc 2

 1. Introduction (Zacherie) - 1:19
 2. Dupree's Diamond Blues (Garcia /Hunter) - 3:57
 3. Mountains of the Moon (Garcia/Hunter) - 4:50
 4. Dark Star (Garcia  /Hunter/Kreutzmann/Lesh/McKernan/Weir) - 12:29
 5. St. Stephen (Garcia /Hunter/Lesh) - 7:50
 6. The Eleven (Hunter/Lesh) - 6:09
 7. Drums (Hart/Kreutzmann) - 2:43
 8. Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks) (Grateful Dead) - 13:26
 9. Feedback (Grateful Dead) - 4:03
10. We Bid You Goodnight (Traditional) 
Hidden track
Cosmic Charlie //


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Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Tom Constanten - organ
Pigpen (Ron McKernan) - keyboard, vocals, harmonica
Bill Kreutzmann - percussion
Mickey Hart - percussion


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Released October 1997
From eight track multi source master tape.
Label - Grateful Dead Records
Gary Lambert - Liner Notes