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Grateful Dead Rare Cuts & Oddities Grateful Dead Rare Cuts & Oddities
1966 - Misc. 
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Rare Cuts and Oddities review

Rare Cuts and Oddities

Rare Cuts and Oddities captures the Grateful Dead's beginnings. This is the perfect companion to Birth of the Dead, which was released initially in their box-set The Golden Road.

The liner notes have loads of pictures of the band, both live and strolling the streets of San Francisco. The liner notes are credited to Bear, but In addition, tape archivist David Lemiuex provides some background of this material. 

A brief excerpt from David's writing reads "While poking around the Grateful Dead's vault in the summer of 2002 with Bear, he pointed to a large, brown, nondescript box amongst his other non-Grateful Dead tapes. Bear simply said, you ought to check that box out. After he split split for Australia, I opened the box to find about 15 reel-to-reel tapes, most of which were unlabelled, while some had the most rudimentary identification such as "3/2 LA rehearsal," Trips '66 3rd night" or February 23 practice..." 

Editor note: The material is of very good sound quality. As the title alludes, some rare cuts here for sure. Jerry sings "Promised Land." A very early "Caution" show the bands brilliance at their infancy.

From the GD website
"There has never been a more precise title. Rare and odd, indeed - there will never be another Grateful Dead CD with 18 full cuts. It's a long, long way to "Dark Star" thunder and lightning.

These are the earliest indications of what this band would grow into, but these songs make a fascinating album of early days musical snapshots, collected from various rehearsals and studio sessions (the first 10 songs) and live shows (the last eight songs). Featuring, amongst many other gems, Garcia singing lead on "Promised Land," a completely different arrangement of "Cream Puff War," and the only known version of the Rolling Stones' "Empty Heart.""

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Rare Cuts and Odditiesreview
Track List

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1. Walking The Dog - 5:38 (unknown location, early 1966)
2. You See A Broken Heart - 2:50 (unknown location, early 1966)
3. Promised Land - 2:31 (unknown location, early 1966)
4. Good Lovin' - 2:41 (unknown location, early 1966)
5. Standing On The Corner - 2:55 (unknown location, early 1966)
6. Cream Puff War - 3:37 (unknown location, early 1966)
7. Betty and Dupree - 5:35 (unknown location, 3/2/66)
8. Stealin' - 2:53 (unknown location, 3/2/66)
9. Silver Threads and Golden Needles - 3:00 (unknown location, late 1966)
10. Not Fade Away - 3:51 (unknown location, early 1966)
11. Big Railroad Blues - 3:10 (unknown location, Feb/Mar, 1966)
12. Sick and Tired - 3:19 (unknown location, Feb/Mar, 1966)
13. Empty Heart - 6:18 (unknown location, Feb/Mar, 1966)
14. Gangster of Love - 4:35 (Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, 7/3/66)
15. Don't Mess Up A Good Thing - 2:56 (Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, 7/3/66)
16. Hey Little One - 5:02 (Danish Center, Los Angeles, 3/12/66)
17. I'm A King Bee > - 6:01 (Danish Center, Los Angeles, 3/12/66)
18. Caution - 9:18 (Danish Center, Los Angeles, 3/12/66)

Rare Cuts and Odditiesreview

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Jerry Garcia: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Bill Kreutzmann: Drums
Phil Lesh: Electric Bass, Vocals
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan: Vocals, Harmonica, Organ
Bob Weir: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Rare Cuts and Odditiesnotes

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Released - March. 2005
Label - Grateful Dead 
Original Recordings Produced by Owsley Stanley Compilation Produced by David Lemieux
CD Mastering: Jeffrey Norman at Club Front
Cover Photo: Herbie Greene
Photos: Herbie Greene
Additional Photos: Robert Chevalier
Cover Art: Richard Biffle
Liner Notes: Bear
Archival Research: Eileen Law/Grateful Dead Archives
Art Coordination: Brian Connors
Package Layout: Robert Minkin

Grateful Dead - Rare Cuts and Odditiesreview
Grateful Dead - Rare Cuts and Odditiesreview