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Ace Review - Grateful Dead

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Ace Review - Grateful Dead
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Ace Review - Grateful Dead

Ace review

Ace is an outstanding album with seven of the eight songs staples of the Grateful Dead's repertoire, with seven of the eight songs staples of the Grateful Dead's repertoire.  .  This album is hard to come by. However, five of the eight songs from Ace are on the highly rated Bob Weir compilation Weir Here.

Ace was reissued Jan. 2005. It is really a Grateful Dead album, but they are all Bobby songs. This is an excellent release, with seven of the eight songs staples of the Grateful Dead's repertoire.  However, a better choice may be Weir's Anthology, Weir Here, as the last five songs from this album on it, as well as so much more essential music. Unless, you plan to collect all or most of Weir's other studio releases.

Grade - A
by Barry Small

Ace Tracks - Grateful Dead

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1. Greatest Story Ever Told (Hart / Hunter / Weir) - 3:41
2. Black-Throated Wind (Barlow / Weir) - 5:42
3. Walk in the Sunshine (Barlow / Weir) - 3:03
4. Playing in the Band (Hart / Hunter / Weir) - 7:36
5. Looks Like Rain (Barlow / Weir) - 6:09
6. Mexicali Blues (Barlow / Weir) - 3:25
7. One More Saturday Night (Hunter / Weir) - 4:29
8. Cassidy (Barlow / Weir) - 3:40

Ace musician List - Grateful Dead

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Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Keith Godchaux - keyboards
Donna Godchaux - vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Mickey Hart - drums

Dave Torbert - Bass
Space Rangers - Horn
Luis Gasca - Horn
Edward Bogas - Strings
Cornelius "Snookey" Flowers - Horn

Ace notes - Grateful Dead

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Released - 1972, reissued Jan. 2005
Label - Warner Brothers

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