American Beauty
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American Beauty  American Beauty

1970 (2001)



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Workingman's Dead Review - Grateful Dead

American Beauty review

American Beauty is the third consecutive album dominated by Garcia and Hunter compositions.  There were however several key contributions from other band members such as Lesh on  "Box of Rain," from Weir on "Sugar Magnolia,"  and from Pig Pen on "Operator."  This album was released only six months after Workingman's Dead and has similar tone, though, it has less of a blues influence and more of a country and vocal emphasis. It also features Jerry Garcia on pedal steel guitar on several tracks and mandolin extraordinaire, David Grisman helps out on "Ripple" and "Friend of the Devil." 

The bonus material includes several rare and beautifully played live versions of these classics songs in their infancy.  There are also single versions of  "Truckin'" and "Ripple (hidden track)."

American Beauty was an essential album before the bonus tracks.  With the addition of six additional songs the recommendation is that much stronger. 

Original Album - A
Bonus Material - A
Final Grade -

The remastered version of American Beauty is available in the box set The Golden Road.

American Beauty tracks - Grateful Dead

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American Beauty

 1. Box of Rain (Hunter / Lesh) - 5:18
 2. *Friend of the Devil (Dawson / Garcia / Hunter) - 3:24
 3. Sugar Magnolia (Hunter / Weir) - 3:19
 4. Operator (McKernan) - 2:25
 5. Candyman (Garcia / Hunter) - 6:13
 6. *Ripple (Garcia / Hunter) - 4:09
 7. Brokedown Palace (Garcia / Hunter) - 4:09
 8. Till the Morning Comes (Garcia / Hunter) - 3:09
 9. Attics of My Life (Garcia / Hunter) - 5:14
10. Truckin' (Garcia / Hunter / Lesh / Weir) - 5:17

Bonus Tracks Studio
11. Truckin' (Garcia/Hunter/Lesh/Weir) - 3:17 - (single version)

Bonus Tracks Live

 12. Friend of the Devil (Dawson / Garcia / Hunter) - 4:21


Fillmore East, New York, NY
 13. Candyman (Garcia / Hunter) - 11:37 


Winterland, San Francisco, CA
 14. Till the Morning Comes (Garcia / Hunter) - 3:20


Winterland, San Francisco, CA
 15. Attics of My Life (Garcia / Hunter) - 6:31


Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
 16. Truckin' (Garcia / Hunter / Lash / Weir) - 10:10


Legion Stadium, El Monte, CA

Hidden Tracks

17. Ripple (Garcia / Hunter) - Single version
18. Radio Spot

American Beauty musician List - Grateful Dead

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Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Ron "Pig Pen" McKernan - keyboards, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Mickey Hart - drums

David Grisman - mandolin on "Friend of the Devil" (FOTD) and "Ripple"
Dave Torbert - bass on "Box of Rain"
David Nelson - guitar on "Box of Rain," and "Ripple"
Howard Wales - Organ on "Candyman,"  and Truckin'"; piano on   
      "Brokedown Palace." 
Ned Lagin - piano on "Candyman"

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American Beauty notes - Grateful Dead

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Released - 1970
Reissue - 2001 
Tape Archivist - Davis Lemieux
Article - A great interview with David Lemieux where he discusses The Golden Road

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