Anthem of the Sun
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Anthem of the Sun Anthem of the Sun

1968 (2001)



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Anthem of the Sun Review - Grateful Dead

Anthem of the Sun

Anthem of the Sun shows the Grateful Dead vastly improved from their first album in  both in their development as musicians and songwriters. As far as personnel they added a second drummer to the mix, Mickey Hart.  Interesting, this album is a compilation of different live performances and studio tracks meshed together.

Where their first album is primarily cover versions Anthem of the Sun is all original material.  The compositions like "New Potato Caboose," "Alligator" and the "Cryptical Envelopment" suite are complex and open ending. The songs were perfect for in concert improvisation, which is the Grateful Dead's forte. Overall the tone of Anthem of the Sun is psychedelic and is often referred to as primal Dead.  

Certainly the 1968 era of the Dead has it's fan base.  However, it is probable that if the Grateful Dead did not change their tone from a psychedelic and blues they would have been another forgotten 1960's San Francisco band.

The bonus material included on Anthem of the Sun is a perfect complement not only to this release, but to their double live CD Two From the Vault. The additions were recorded at the same venue one a day apart from this classic release.  The 30 minutes of "Alligator" > "Caution (Do not Stop  on Tracks)" is one of the best versions of the song.

For fans of Primal Dead, Anthem of the Sun is a nice addition to a collection. For fans of the song "Alligator" this album is essential.  by Barry Small  

Original Album - C +
Bonus Material - A
Final Grade -
The remastered version of Anthem of the Sun is available in the box set The Golden Road.

Anthem of the Sun Tracks - Grateful Dead

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Anthem of the Sun 

1. That's It for the Other One: Cryptical
     (Constanten / Garcia / Kreutzmann / Lesh / McKernan / Weir) - 7:40
     I.  Cryptical Envelopment (Garcia)
     II. Quadlibet For Tender Feet (Weir)
     III. The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get (The Grateful Dead)
     IV. We Leave The Castle (The Grateful Dead)     
 2. New Potato Caboose (Lesh / Petersen) - 8:26
 3. Born Cross-Eyed (Weir) - 2:07
 4. Alligator (Hunter / Lesh / McKernan) - 11:20
 5. Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)   
     (Garcia / Kreutzmann / Lesh / McKernan / Weir) - 9:50

Bonus Tracks (8/23/68)
 6. Alligator (Hunter / Lesh / McKernan) - 18:43
 7. Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks) (Garcia / 
     Kreutzmann / Lesh / McKernan / Weir) - 11:38
 8. Feedback (Constanten / Garcia / Hart / Kreutzmann / Lesh / 
      McKernan / Weir) - 6:58
     Recorded August 23, 1968, 
     at the Shrine Exhibition Center - Los Angeles, CA

Hidden track
 9. Born Cross-Eyed (Single version) (Weir)

Anthem of the Sun Musician List - Grateful Dead

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Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Ron "Pig Pen" McKernan - keyboards, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Mickey Hart - drums

Anthem of the Sun Notes - Grateful Dead

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Released - 1968
Reissue - 2001 
Tape Archivist - Davis Lemieux
Article - A great interview with David Lemieux where he discusses The Golden Road

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