Shakedown Street
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Shakedown Street Review - Grateful Dead

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Shakedown Street  Shakedown Street




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Shakedown Street Review - Grateful Dead

Shakedown Street review

Note: A re-mastered version of Shakedown Street was released on Oct. 26, 2004, with bonus material that was initially only  available in the box-set, Beyond Description, The individual CD's are now available. The re-mastered versions include loads of bonus material. Be sure to get that one. 

My review is on the original album before the bonus material. 

Shakedown Street was certainly not Bob Weir's best moment. Of the three tracks that he takes the lead vocals on one is an original and two are cover songs, and none of them go beyond average. He did co-write "France" and that is really a very good song. It offers a nice upbeat groove, mellow acoustic guitar and keyboard phrases. But better than that is Donna's lead vocal, and even better than that, the duet singing between Bobby and Donna. 

Garcia and Hunter collaborated to pen a few exceptional songs, "Shakedown Street," "Fire on the Mountain," and "If I Had the World to Give." Add on top of that a well done cover of "Stagger Lee." All the tracks come across sounding good in studio format.

It is uncommon for a band at this stage of their career to release a studio album with so many cover songs. Nevertheless, the overall flow to Shakedown Street is good and for the most part bright and upbeat. A few gems that did not get performed live frequently include "If I Had the World to Give" and "France." 
by Barry Small
Grade C +

On the Grateful Dead's DVD Closing of Winterland, they brilliantly perform five of the tracks from this album. Unfortunately "Shakedown Street" is not one of them. Though, a great version was performed the evening before at the Pauley Pavilion.   

Shakedown Street Tracks - Grateful Dead

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Shakedown Street

1. Good Lovin' (Clark/ Resnick) - 4:51
2. France (Hart / Hunter / Weir) - 4:03
3. Shakedown Street (Garcia / Hunter) - 4:59
4. Serengetti (Hart / Kreutzmann) - 1:59
5. Fire on the Mountain (Hart / Hunter) - 3:46
6. I Need a Miracle (Barlow / Weir) - 3:36
7. From the Heart of Me (Godchaux) - 3:23
8. Stagger Lee 3:25
9. All New Minglewood Blues - 4:12
10. If I Had the World to Give (Garcia / Hunter) - 4:50

11. Good Loviní (Studio Outtake) - featuring Lowell George
12. Ollin Arageed (Live)
13. Fire On The Mountain (Live)
14. Stagger Lee (Live)
15. All New Minglewood Blues (Live)

Shakedown Street musician List - Grateful Dead

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Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Keith Godchaux - keyboards
Donna Godchaux - vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Mickey Hart - drums

Matt Kelly - harp
Steve Shuster - Horn - on Heart Of Me (Arranged by John Kahn)

Shakedown Street notes - Grateful Dead

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Released - 1978
Label - Rhino (Original album -Arista)
Produced by Lowell George

A re-mastered version was initially released as part of the box-set, Beyond Description on Oct. 26, 2004 on Rhino.
Released individually March 2006

A reader submitted review
Close to the nadir of the Grateful Dead's studio efforts, only Built To Last is more full of weak songs than this album. Many of these songs would be hundreds of times better in concert. But there are just too many questions to answer: Why record "New Minglewood Blues again"? Why put "Serengetti," two minutes of drums, on the album? Why make "Good Lovin'" so slow and boring, unlike how it was performed in concert? Why give Donna Godchaux yet another solo spot? That being said, "Fire on the Mountain," "Shakedown Street," and "I Need a Miracle," while not even touching the energy these songs would approach in the live setting, are strong highlights, and "If I Had The World to Give" is a rare emotional Garcia ballad. This album is just so unnecessary, I would only recommend buying it if you hate yourself. 
by Zach Smith
Grade D

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